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  1. I really enjoy Geoff's videos, even his cooking segments. He's really trying to make a go of his new found Pattaya celebrity status it seems. In one of his more recent videos he's now diversified into selling t-shirts. I guess it can be lucrative if you get a good following. I was surprised to see Rob from 20 Seconds in Thailand makes ~$1000/month just from his Patreon donors. I wonder how well Youtube pays.
  2. Page 10 has been my go to hotel for years, they know me there by now and the manager and staff are quite friendly and do their best to look after me. Though I do miss Donut's presence. However after my recent stay in Feb, I've had similar thought's as Premier. The hotel is getting a bit run down and is not well maintained. A slap of paint on the walls and some spotty repair jobs. I got a good deal and tried it again this November. My feelings were confirmed. Although far from a dump, I don't feel it justifies it's price point anymore. I like the location so I'm considering ot
  3. I'll make sure they are on my packing list, and by the sounds of it I'll probably need to add a few more trips to the gym before my departure as well. I still haven't booked my hotels yet, I need to get my butt in gear.
  4. Loy Krathong coincides with my trip every couple years. My nights have always been pretty much the same as any other, except for the LBs being dressed in the traditional wear, which I love. So I'd probably be checking out Lita's and LaBamba as well. And Jim's suggestion of Jomtien sounds like a nice relaxing and enjoyable day. Two years ago I spent the night boozing it up at the GG gogos with SLBT before watching them launch krathong and light lanterns like the good third wheel I am. A romantic I am not, but it's always a good laugh watching the girls in high heels navigate the floatin
  5. I still have a long list of places to see and things to do in Thailand. I've been going there for almost 8 years now and only scratched the surface. Since getting bogged down in the trenches of Pattaya, I've only ever made it to Bangkok and Phuket. My first trip I was there mainly as a tourist and squeezed as much into a week as I could. Then I found Pattaya and it was downhill from there. I really didn't want to spend my two weeks a year sightseeing when I could be balls deep in Ladyboy's instead. About the only thing I've seen in Pattaya is the Sanctuary of Truth. However I've re
  6. I definitely don't mention Pattaya either. And even though I've never been, I also use Hua Hin as my destination, as xyzzy mentioned I get that dazed looked. But people seem to want to do a Google search on where I'm going, which can still lead to some interesting results if they are just a wee bit interested. I might need to switch to Jomtien as well. Sometimes they also want to know about the hotel I'm staying in, which can be tricky too..I usually tell them I look around for a place to stay once I arrive. I'm starting to realize I create more of a back story than I thought. Aft
  7. I tried to use a cover story years ago, but it backfired on me. I now just tell people I'm heading to Thailand and deal with whatever comes my way. While there is still the occasional twat at work that wants to give me sh*t, most don't say a thing. Those that have known me for years just say "Again? When are you going to try someplace else?" I usually respond to the "Why Thailand?" with - I can live for two weeks in Thailand for the same price as one week in Mexico or the Caribbean. Plus I love Asia, the culture, the food, the cities, the beaches....blah, blah. I ramble on ad nause
  8. Guess Big C didn't find it funny either...the article has been removed.
  9. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I totally agree. View ticks all the right boxes for me. I usually don't care if a particular LB is still around when I return for another visit as there is so much choice in Pattaya, but she has me keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. I used the 69 B package last week. I found the codes online and just plugged them into my phone, didn't actually go to the store. They say it is unlimited, but you get 750 MB at 3G -- which was more than enough for a week. http://www.ais.co.th/3g/en/package.aspx?id=4&type=mobile_package#tips
  11. I just stayed at the Page 10 and can only reiterate how horrible the wifi is there. So bad in fact, I went to TukCom and spent 80 Baht for a 5m Ethernet cable. Which allowed me to work on my computer at a nice 100 mbit connection speed. However that doesn't help a tablet, phone, or kindle. Page 10 has gone down hill in general while their room prices continue to climb. For the prices they charge, it should have solid wifi. I started to look for other options while I was still in town.
  12. That sign gave me a bit of a chuckle, though it maybe working, I haven't seen any of those types of posts in a little bit. Maybe it's my Tom Selleck mustache or simply saying hello on the way in, but I I never experienced the feeling of being ignored. Even though most remain outside as advertised there was always the clatter of high heels on tile of someone following me through the door. They'd set me up with a drink and stay around for a chat if desired. Would even get a few drive byes to say hello. All very hassle free and enjoyable.
  13. I had a few nice visits to LaBamba recently and must say there are some cracking girls at the bar these days. Good times. View is even more beautiful in person than her photos. No doubt she'll be sponsored out again soon. I'd have let her drain my bank account had she only asked
  14. Hoot

    Lita Bar

    Quite possible that may have been my trio that you saw roll in. (with me playing the role of 3rd guy) A very nice lineup there at the moment. Sorry I saved the visit till my last night. Just don't get down to walking street much these days.
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