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    Looks like jomtien.enjoy your night in Cambodia...always wanted to visit
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    You know, much social progress has been made since Stonewall. I think, this is mostly for the better. Though, personally, I cannot understand why so many gays are so keen to get married and join the fucking military, ugh. This drive or need to be just like the breeder normies I find truly puzzling. Gimme the freaks, baby!
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    I'm not interested in football, or any sport, but I happened to switch tv channels and caught the last 10 minutes of last night's game. I was hoping the US team would lose (nothing personal you US guys!), but then after the finish the commentator mentioned that Megan Rapinoe refuses to sing the Star Spangled Banner, and says she won't meet Trump if the US team wins. So now I kind of hope they will win - if the UK doesn't of course. I did quite like watching the women playing, more than watching men. But don't think I could manage a whole 90 minutes. I might watch the final though.
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    Are my Eurobuddies enjoying the heat? It's hotter in France than in Cambodia. Tonight is my one night a week out . The weather is coolish and I'm looking forward to a few brewskis!
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    Friday was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and Sunday is the NYC Pride Parade. It's amazing how quickly things change. Stonewall was raided simply because it was a bar where gays congregated, a haven for sodomites. And this happened in one of the most liberal cities in the USA. In the following decade there was a proliferation of bars with glory holes (wouldn't be a bad name or theme for a Pattaya Ladyboy Bar) and backrooms. Fast forward to the next century and gays can get married and run for president of the USA. Here's some Stonewall pics.
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    I'm with strocube on this - why can't there be a society that lives outside the social norms but is fully accepted?? Everybody is in too much of a hurry to have there preferences recognised as "normal". We don't want normal, why not have something that is a little bit "wrong"
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    Its hotter in Europe than a whorehouse in Bkk without A/C at the moment. I like it, we need this, soon the winter is coming.
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    Also good to see representatives of both police forces on the island marching together for the first time.
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    I think the Stones have passed the test of time. Here's a song about New York.
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    He doesn't allow any pics taken and you can get thrown out for violating it. I snapped these though. Lousy photos( iPhone 7) but you get an idea of the venue. Is that an aura around his head? He sits at his piano 90% of the gig, gets up and do some strange crooner moves a few times. Did say one word. First four songs were Things have changed, It ain't me, Highway 61 revisited , Simple twist of fate. Like a rolling stone and Blowin in the wind came later on. He was actually very good this evening. His band is out of this world. Who knows if there will be a next time. €100 for the ticket, best seats in the house worth every satang, imo.
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