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  2. Yes mate. In moments of deep thought I sometimes go to call him, and then it dawns on me. Life can be a shit!. By the way, D actually responded to a message, so that's something.
  3. Yes, the English language isn't always clear. Brett was one in a million, and I miss him. A great friend.
  4. I misread, "Not too many like Brett, unfortunately" as "Not too many (blokes) like Brett, unfortunately" instead of "Not too many (are) like Brett, unfortunately" Probably the many beers I drank last night impaired my understanding.
  5. Not in the slightest, just misread your post as 'Not too many like Brett unfortunately', ...as you said to Pdoggg the 'wrong end of the stick', easily done sometimes.
  6. Are you guys trying to stir up my comments?. Or is my English not clear enough?.
  7. Pdogg I think you have the wrong end of the stick. I said he was a great guy!
  8. Same same, met Brett a few times myself and shared beers and messages...
  9. That surprises me as I thought he was a really likeable guy. Good company for sure!
  10. I wrote this after a post I made re the passing of Brett,(Stoolpusher). It is coming up to two years next month. I miss him like mad and just wish he was still with us. Still brings a tear to my eye. I know his passing only affected a small number on this forum but those that were including Cobber 32, Bumblebee etc., think the way I do. Not too many blokes like Brett unfortunately. What's that old saying," the good ones go first".
  11. I wandered down that way on Monday evening, that old dust bucket was no longer there alas.
  12. Yes, but BB you pick up on those things BECAUSE you have imagination. Most people don't have that gift. In the past I did have an interest in photography, but it seems to have passed me by. A shame really as I have a lot of what I consider to be great photos. One of the best relates to your country. It is an old type manor house that had been abandoned. The front was covered in ivy and there were two horses standing in the front doorway. Just a pity it was in the pre digital days so it was a print from a negative. A particular one of yours that I remember is that of the old fishing boat tied up to the jetty.
  13. This reminded me of something a now sadly deceased member of our community said many years back when he was diagnosed with his terminal illness. He had discovered the joys of ladyboys in his latter years, and realising it was about to be taken from him said. “….and just as life was getting interesting this happened” Sam Harris talks about the now in that video, and that’s one of the joys I get from photography. While out and about with my camera, I’m tuned into the now, things that many people wouldn’t give a second thought to become objects of fascination to me as I imagine capturing them in a flattering way. Sitting, standing or walking, I focus on the ebb and flow of what’s around me, studying it in degrees of detail, waiting for that fleeting moment to capture it in a personal satisfactory way. An everyday regular walk can become a visual adventure and I appreciate all that’s around me and the time I’m am there.
  14. I was just having a contemplate my navel moment. Scrolling through posts and came across one I had written re Brett (Stoolpushers), passing away. That lead me to this video by Sam Harris posted by Sylvester. Funny how one thing leads to another. I have watched Sam Harris in debates with Richard Dawkins etc. This is one that I had not watched. Not really deep, but it gives some perspective on what is our life cycle. As he says, not a hell of a long time really. Make the most of it. Dont waste time thinking about the past. As you get older it dawns on you that life is finite. It does not appear that way when you are young. You think you will live forever. Not trying to be morbid, just accepting the fact that life does not go on forever. Without trying to be too flippant. Go out and fuck LB's!!!!. (while you can).
  15. Nice tribute, mate. I lost my best mate about 2 years ago. He died suddenly of a heart attack, aged 57. We’d been friends since our early twenties in college. Death sucks, but I find it is also sobering. For me it’s a reminder of how short and precious life is when someone I care about dies.
  16. Sorry if I am repeating myself, but this relates to the passing of Brett, (Stoolpusher). It is one year on Tuesday the 25th Oct. I still cannot believe that he has gone. I only knew him for a few years but he was the best friend you could have. I am writing this now as I will be flying on the day of the anniversary of his death. We met through this forum. Saw that we had similar likings and got together. We did go out for drinks etc., but like me he was virtually a tea totaller. Only coke and juices He used to drink in his past life but realized that it made him angry and aggressive. Gave it up!. We never had a cross word which made it hard for me to believe that he was ever aggressive. Funny what alcohol can do!. Discussed things and could agree to disagree but that was it. He had met Dao before I met him. She was his goddess. Everything he did he did for her. They had built a really nice house and tended a farm. Also bought another and was in the process of working that. Bought a ute and a tractor. They were his playthings. Very proud of them. Befriended a stray dog which became his pet. Unfortunately that dog disappeared. He thinks it was dispatched by other dogs. I had plans to visit him after covid was over but that was not to be. At the end of August early September he told me that he was losing weight rapidly He visited doctors and after various tests he was told of his disease. With his sudden demise it seems that it was in a blink of an eye and he was gone. I messaged him and he answered for a while, then I could see that he had read them but no reply, then nothing. That was over a few weeks. Cancer is a shit of a thing. Not fussed on who it affects!. Of course with covid, there was no way I could get to see him before he was gone. I think of him every day and hope that with my visit to Pattaya in November that I can catch up with mutual friends and raise a glass or two. It wont bring him back but it is all I can do at this time. We have all lost friends and relatives, but for me, losing Brett was just the worst. Sleep peacefully brother.
  17. Hard to believe another year has passed so quickly it seems.
  18. Well it is coming up to a year since Stoolpushers passing away. There is not a day that goes past without thinking of him God it hurts. This song helps me a bit, but also makes me teary. I know there are a few Dylan fans out there.
  19. it's the least of her troubles. It will be easy to find someone to mechanically harvest with payment based on the harvest. It's nothing. She now has to look at the rest of her life without a man who would give her his all. The farm will be ok. I HOPE Dao gets emotional support from the girls at the massage business and can throw herself into rebuilding it after the "opening up" of LOS. I hope she, or the other girls there can find a man with a big heart to make their future days good.
  20. I have gone back over some of SP's posts from this year. We were never to know that it would end up the way it did. I still cant get over it. One of the major hurdles for Dao is that the rice crop is ready for harvesting. I have no idea what will happen about that. I don't want to ask. I am guessing it will be up to her dad or perhaps a neighbour to help out. This will be an ongoing problem. I feel so bad about her situation.
  21. WTF??????????? he died??? either *I* am remiss or the site is in not making this front page news. BUT as they say here, he died with his boots on. Can't do better than that. I'll miss this tread, because without him it WILL die. It's an important part of the Thailand we love...maybe THE most important part as without the hardship of the families trying to bring in a crop none of "ours" would BE in the bars we wander into. Goddamn sad moment. Guy had a heart bustin OUT with caring. I nominate the guy for Monger of All Time.
  22. Thai stick back in 74 or so was THE BEST tasting and a very nice high. Rumor had it that it was sprayed with opiate. I don't know but it was arroy MAK MAK ! I always wondered why that export was so SHORT lived. It was the best. After that the best was Colombian gold and red...a pale substitute. As to the "extensive care and vast knowledge, even more so than growing durian"...that would not be such a great problem IF Thai geniuses did not spit upon and SHIT upon anything "old" and worship the new and high trendy. They throw the baby out with the bath water every day, thinking old is BAD. Old was the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of countless previous generations of experience...NOT what some sack of shit on a website says is THE THING. If they sent out gov boys kowtowing to the old they would find the Thai stick making secret and wipe the field with it.
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