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  1. Interview with Dean from Witherspoons PART 2
  2. As SP said two of the owners (Youngone and Jolski) will go ahead and open Sweethearts up again (with a name change) as a GG Gogo/Club whilst Pad Thai Boy has dropped out. It will be having a major renovation and amongst the changes will be a Dancing Stage, VIP/Private area and a Dungeon themed ST room, they also don't anticipate opening up again this calendar year. The 'livestreams' will continue on a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (9-30pm - 11-30pm Thai time) and Jimbo will continue as its Host. The seven staff can continue to live above the Bar, free of charge. As for Katoeys 'R' Us all three guys will still stay on as partners.
  3. duke007

    4th Wave

    So what do you reckon PD, could it now be 2023 before those that are 'pining' for a return to Pattaya are allowed back in?
  4. And Nick is trying to escape Pattaya
  5. You better batten down the hatches PD
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