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  1. Nice one amogo , I have my second AZ jab on June 4th so have booked a holiday abroad for June 8th, it's a wee 3 night trip to a City called Edinburgh , really looking forward to it with all its history and whisky bars. Costing only £20 for a return rail ticket from Manchester and with 10% off plus a free upgrade staying at the Grassmarket Hotel with my 'genius' status with Booking.com, its an absolute bargain. Also been looking at a Corfu trip end of June (dependant on Boris's traffic light system) and Turkey at end of September. Pattaya is almost certainly off my radar
  2. Good lad was Dieter, also hung out with him in BKK what seems many moons ago now. We also shared a few beers in my local boozer when he was over for business in Manchester from Munich.
  3. Streamed 'live' from The Hideaway earlier
  4. I found this interview pretty interesting
  5. There will be a 'livestream' in 30 minutes on the re-opening of Nick's Ass Edit Click on above to watch the video, Adam Judd is interviewed at the beginning from a slightly 'pissed up' Nick
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