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  1. Check in Bar is now a "restaurant"... I would give them ***** (at least for the effort...) I'd immediately apply for a job as cook (if only I knew how to properly cook...) https://restaurantguru.com/Checkinn99-Bangkok-2
  2. The picture below was apparently taken within the last few days inside Nana Plaza. I'm not 100% sure (and please do correct me if I'm wrong), but I *believe* it could show the construction process inside what used to be Mercury and - in the background - Mandarin bars. The wall that separated the two bars has been removed. Mandarin's red grandstand type of seats are still there but look now a bit lost inside the bigger bar space. Mercury was sold to Mandarin last year already and demolishion of Mercury begun in mid-2020. I haven't seen nor heard anything since about the construction progre
  3. Why Not? and other Nana area bars have now their shutters down:
  4. Another version:
  5. Fingers crossed, Sith... Here's a video that was uploaded yesterday but apparently was filmed INSIDE Nana Plaza shortly before the pandemic: at 0:50 and 4:06 (the lovely Faye with the green skirt and the white bra by the way) you can see some Casanova girls waiting for you and me: At 0:10 on the left hand side it's Mercury ladyboy bar which sometime last year already was sold to Mandarin next door. Mercury can also be seen around the 3:11 mark. At 0:22 and 3:20: Temptations ladyboy bar, aka 'Temps'. Temps is now also history and will NOT be reopening anymore... At
  6. Bars, pubs and nightclubs in Pattaya (Chon Buri province) will also have to shut down: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2096975/pubs-clubs-in-bangkok-40-other-provinces-to-shut-for-2-weeks
  7. OMG... All entertainment venues in 41 provinces, including Bangkok, will be ordered to close for at least 14 days to stem the coronavirus spread in the kingdom. Uncle Tu will sign the order tomorrow https://twitter.com/BangkokPostNews/status/1380022532699353090
  8. KC 2 - as in King's Castle 2 on Patpong 1, the GG bar right next to the more popular King's Castle 1, was closed until very recently. Apparently it has reopened a short time ago. KC 2 - as in King's Corner 2 on Patpong 2, the 100% LB bar, has been closed for about a year now. It was rumoured to become a GG bar. KC 1 - as in King's Castle 1, the GG bar in the middle of Patpong 1, the bigger sibling of King's Castle 2, has reopened after the bar industry was allowed to reopen last year already, after the first shutdown. KC - as in King's Castle, previously named King's Corner 1, the mixed GG
  9. Nana Plaza yesterday evening: Soi 4 is dead. Don't know about Why Not? and Chaos 9 further down Soi Nana. Thonglor, Soi Cowboy, and Ekkamai bars are also dead. Patpong is still open though, there was even a street festival on the Silom Rd side of Patpong 2:
  10. CIB girls Gigi, Ploy, Dream, Meena, Fiat, Bewty, Metinee, Alice Susi, Jeen, Opal, Mint, Nutty, Cake, Zaza, Rose Mimi, Boy, Anna, Bebe Source: CIB & Sebastian (FB)
  11. Nana Plaza including the outside bars (Big Dogs, Stumble Inn, Morning Night) are closed until April 19 according to Bangkok nightlife blogger "Stickboy" [emoji45]
  12. Seems that for the new gogo bar that took Casanova's place a Thai guy from Chiang Mai is looking for investors on Facebook: "Want to find a partner to open the best Agogo Style VIP shop in Nana. Model grader. If interested, contact. Line ID : roemkaow Tel: 081-0234517" https://www.facebook.com/apichart.sudthiviseschai/posts/4098308916858083 Anyone interested?
  13. Casanova's successor, called Club 69, is now open and as expected is a GG bar...
  14. He probably has more detailed information because - for example - on Amy Amore's profile page he lists only her very old Facebook account and not the one(s) she currently uses. I'm pretty sure he once listed them as well.... Wow [emoji15]!! 261 ladyboy profiles!! I assume your vndb isn't meant for the public eye?
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