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  1. My birthday is Sept 5th .....If anyone feels an urgent need to send me money. Just sayin' .
  2. Sorry to hear about Sunny losing her job. I chat with her very occasionally on Fartbook and she didn't mention it, or her birthday last week. She's never asked for money (well, hinted once or twice). If she really is skint it wouldn't hurt me to send her something - Not much, just what I can afford. But I'll feel like a total wally doing it if she's already got sponsors overseas ... Anyone here prepared to admit they donate to the Sunny Benevolent Society? 555
  3. I hope it's still okay to be thinking about having sex, which is all most of us manage in these times anyway!
  4. Give me an inch and I'll take the bloody mile ... "Enterprise logbook, year 2371 - Our long quest for Sunny's ripped shorts in space ends with confirmed sighting of new celestrial (sp?) bodies in the cosmos. Twin pointy golden globes at one end, and a perfectly formed arse at the other. Setting course to dock between arse cheeks in 2372, Sunday afternoon (about tea time). Crew is excited. The vitamin pills are on me!" You're welcome ..
  5. I love Lilly's tits, they're like beacons lighting up a dark universe and north stars guiding the weary and lost to homeland. Her bum ain't half bad either.
  6. Has Emmy done a C&W themed livestream yet? It could be a full production number... wagon wheels, tumbleweed and a couple of lazy cowpokes (BBG and Quinn) loitering in the background, the girls in Dolly Parton wigs bursting out of tight shirts and daisy what's-it shorts (cue for Sunny to grace us with her presence again with her special patented shorts *Sigh*) Time for a hoedown . Grunt you're allowed to say "Yee-haw!!"
  7. It stopped being called country and western music about fifty years ago, Grrrrr! And for that little faux pas I think you should be made to suffer through this
  8. I have (or had) those shorts ... but not the thongs (flip flops). I'm not a complete heathen! Last year in my Aus state (Victoria) we had full lock down and mandatory mask wearing. One day on an utterly deserted street standing alone at a bus stop I had some mad bitch stalk me in her car because I had the mask down. Truly unhinged an deranged. I'm with BBG on this one...
  9. There's rampant poofery on all those sites. Best stay away from them.
  10. Good grief! Have a go with these - My suggested play list (the cheesier the song, the better...) Delilah, Tom Jones (no wait...What's New Pussy Cat!) Jolene, Dolly Parton You Light Up My World, the Boone bird Your Kiss Is On My List, Hall and Oates How Deep Is Your Pool (er...Love), Bee Gees Islands In the STream, Kenny Rogers I Should Be So Lucky, Kylie Minoque Hello, Lionel Ritche *the rave finish* Whole Lotta Love, Led Zep.
  11. Noooooooo! I was thinking one of the kittens purring the old Dusty(?) chestnut, I Only Want to Be With You.
  12. My days as jose 'quick draw' cargo shorts are well behind me...... too many show downs, too many up and cummers calling out at high noon for a challenge. I hung my spurs. Even with Sunny in the frame I reckon only a shot (and a bit), then a lie down with tea and biscuit and a copy of Viz. I must say Sunny looked very happy to be there last weekend - a very happy livestream camper. I think she'd be back in Jomtien in a heartbeat if she could make some coin. Livestream idea..... karaoke? too lame??
  13. Ahhh the passing of the days, or not passing... My boob about the 17th. I hardly know what month it is. Can you believe it's been more than a year we've had this virus scare? I worry the kittens will be pensioner age (very elderly cats) before visits are possible again. Not happy!
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