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  1. I saw it coming , but Jimbo did not or pretended not to : 6 months later: was i right ? or was I right ? This outcome is precisely what I had feared and prognosticated: that the ladyboy livestreams generate such good revenue for the short periods of time that they last, that it makes more sense to just use a few ladyboys for 2-hour shows 2 or 3 times a week while reassigning the physical infrastructure (bar premises) for something else that generates more revenue on an ongoing basis: in this case a top-of -the-line GG go-go. I am not posting this to gloat about my prescience, but rather to vent my frustration at Jimbo and the likes of him who could be informing and discussing here at LBR at higher levels of insight and foresight than at PY where the editorial line is that the mongering outlook is always rosy, and covid is going to disappear in time for your next vacation, and Pattaya will never change from the glory days of Scott and Paeng... and if you say otherwise you get ostracized and eventually banned... Seriously Jimbo, why do we at LBR always have to hear second-hand via PY about your latest endeavors ? What would it take to get you to announce here at the same time as at PY ? Or just to post here once in a while without me poking at you first ? Do I have to make another video ? FYI, I gave up on the Sweethearts livestreams after 2 months... not because i did not enjoy them but because I got spotted and started to feel awkward ... good luck gentlemen with the GG bar. I will definitely be trying out the dungeon...
  2. Here are some more pics of Chalita at Boomerang Twin where we hooked up, went to her room (right above BT!) for an ST, followed by a change of clothes and a night out on the town together, followed by LT in my room, followed by breakfast…
  3. The-Sith is a perceptive and empathic brother-in-arms who has been PMing me kicking me in the pants to get me out of my existential slump (that has nothing to do with covid) and back to the flair-mongering I used to live my life by and post about with gusto. So far I got nowhere but holding hands in a Bible study group (long story! local pinay maids!) while The-Sith is posting how he is scoring more sissy ass than even in Asia PLUS more top-notch GG pussy than Hugh Hefner ever did… Shall I award him the Romscar for BM of the Year ? or for Show-Off of the Year? Votes please…
  4. How about the buck naked look ? Here is a pic from my archives followed by several that Chalita told me was OK to post, including the last one where she had pasted "Breaking News" and I added the corporate logo over that puckering wonder of an orifice...
  5. Thanks Bumblebee. How do you like these ones ? Chalita and I used to play naughty-naughty-schoolgirl-how-could-you? ... this is her reporting for roleplay ...
  6. I think we all have favorite Pattaya landmarks and routines that essentially bring us back to those first 2 or 3 trips when we were discovering the wonders of Pattaya in a crescendo of sex experimentation and life-changing exhilaration at just how awesome it all was. Then we keep coming back for more trips, some move there, and it’s still awesome but never quite again that original awesome of glorious exploration of a new galaxy… But we keep trying anyway. Like how heroine users get addicted trying to recreate the mind-blowing high of their first shoot. Or if you never did hard drugs: think Viagra! That iron rod you got for 3 days the first few times you took half a pill. It still works great afterwards but never the same … on your cock or in your mind ! In my case “my Pattaya” predates the globalization of ladyboys and the PY brain-washing of the LWVB, Sensations, Jimbo’s latest cabaret joint, Petesie’s bar, etc etc. None of that existed when I started going there. Not even PY existed. I used to stay at one of those 3 parallel sois where the Penthouse Hotel was built and it had right there more than I could possibly handle during my stays. 20 or so basic beer bars with fresh-of-the-farm Issan ladies and plenty of young ones at that; 10 or more gogo bars rivaling the best at Nana Plaza in staff numbers and quality; 4 or 5 legit-shady massage joints; and even the Boys Town soi, which was not my cup of tea but I could not resist peeking. For ladyboys I would walk to sois VC-Sunee or bike to Hi-Boss where I was often the only shopper of pristine hormone-free, no silicon sissies… During daytime, I would just walk up and down Beach Road shopping junk and spotting more places to explore… invariably accompanied by the overnight belle which back in the day all insisted to stay with me… Fast forward to now: The Penthouse sois - all but 2 or 3 of the beer bars closed and the 2 or 3 have only 1 or 2 old hoes who are not even interested in being barfined. No go-gos left. Boys Town all but dead with some Thai dudes older than me in white underpants.. Soi VC and Sunnee Plaza - No more twinks and ladyboys. Accommodation for the Islamics as far as I can tell. High Boss – closed like 10 years ago. Plenty of ladyboys to be found on soi 6, but almost all have bolt-ons, nosejobs, and duck lips Beach Road – The sea and the shopping are still there. But the front row bars with fuckable ladies stacked like sardines are but a beautiful memory. So is Tahitian Queen where I used to stop for my first beer & cop a feel of the day. LTs and clingers - Going the way of the dodo. Especially the GGs ... I think you get my point. Personal favorites aside, Pattaya has changed and it was because of globalization and economic development: MORE MONGER DEMAND, LESS WHORES SUPPLY. Covid has not reversed these dynamics and probably aggravated them due to bar closures and CSWs finding alternative livelihoods. There will still be enough whores when we go back but what we will enjoy the most will be the memories.
  7. OK I am posting some more pics from the Rom archives to see if I can generate a little more interest in the thread and maybe some business for Chalita. The reason for LBR's existence being to promote Emmy's bar, I thought I would show some pics of Chalita teamed up with another of my Pattaya supermodel favorites who made me feel like a rockstar when I would party the night away with the 2 of them ... The name of the other one was Belle and in-between boyfriends she worked for a while at Emmy's where in turn I paired her with another lanky favorite Mona but that would be a whole other thread... For now just let me share the pics of Chalita and Belle in matching shiny little dresses courtesy of sugardaddy rom ... Please don't hate me for not showing pics of the threesome parts but this is not a good time...
  8. When I started this thread exactly one year ago I knew the answer to my own question "is the worse yet to come?" was YES! What I did not know was that it would take this long to be confirmed. I also did not expect that the surge would come AFTER the availability of vaccines, which for the Thais dying now of covid amounts to a cruel "dying at the beach"... A couple months ago, covid infection rates and deaths started to edge up in Thailand but it would have been statistically premature for me to call it an accelerating trend as opposed to what might have been a temporary spike. Now (ONE YEAR LATER than in Europe or Western Hemisphere) the trend is clearly there for Thailand and whatever happens in the next weeks/months covid deaths will continue high as many thousands of vulnerable Thais are already infected, hospitalized and in the process of dying. Here is the data underscoring the accelerating trend: Source: Worldometers website; Thai authorities. I would like to share some further personal observations: 1 - I still find it unlikely there were so few covid deaths (less than 100) until April 2021. There was likely some covid death data supression by the Thai authorities, but there is no reason to believe the situation took epidemic proportions such as is happening now and is no longer possible to supress... 2 - The Thais (and elsewhere in SE Asia) did well and gained precious time. Even if thousands of Thais are going to die of covid in the weeks ahead, the toll will be far less than it would have been a year ago if the epidemics caught on earlier. One year later, many Thais are already vaccinated and medical science knows a lot more about treating covid... Relative to the population, the covid-death rates in Thailand will be a fraction of what they are in Europe (bearing in mind that it is the eldest of the elderly who die the most of covid and Thailand has lower life expectancy so there was no reason in the first place to expect death rates to be as high as in Europe). 3 - The Thai authorities only big failure is not prioritizing covid vaccines sooner and more widespread. I don't know their constraints but from what I read the rigid Thai bureaucratics and social biases are slowing delivery (@admins: if you d rather not see this posted pls erase the last sentence and this one). A lot of Thais are dying that could have been avoided. 4 - The sex industry should be Thailand's last priority and I actually think the Thais were excessively lenient to allow CSWs and sexpats to remain concentrated in Pattaya. The CSWs are a youthful population with no one vaccinated and practically all of them group-sheltering in small rooms where covid will now spread like wildfire. The sexpats and farang business owners are very lucky to be allowed to stay in Thailand. Most are promiscuous and continue to pay for sex during covid (I would have!). Thailand could easily lower the sexpat risk by not renewing visas and business licenses... In the process, they would also get rid of many low-budget farangs who no longer bring much value to the advancing Thai economy unless those farangs are pouring their live savings to build houses in Isan in the name of their Thai lovers ... 5 - Wishful thinking has been a constant here and at PY as to when we can travel back to Thailand and what we will find. Unlike BMs who talked about going back in the summer of 2020, then 2021, and now for Xmas/New Year 2021-22, my prognostics were never and are not good. I also don't prognosticate we will find Thailand the way we liked it, but that would be a whole other thread... PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS: Let's brace for the peak of the Thai covid surge in the months ahead. Sex tourists we need to continue to get laid elsewhere. Sexpats GET THE VACCINE THERE NOW or IMMEDIATELY FLY TO YOUR COUNTRY TO GET IT! You don't want to be hospitalized during the surge competing with hundreds of Thais for limited hospital care and I hope this post helps someone prevent it... R
  9. Holy Self-Promotional Material Chalita !!! ... The “You don’t understand poverty” pitch gave me a dry swallow followed by a wondering of repentance for my selfish monger ways… But back to business: the admins said it was up to me to leave this thread here at the Romscars Club or they transfer it to the Ladyboys Contacts sub-forum… Let’s leave it here for now and if Chalita continues to engage BMs on the thread after the initial interest stage, then we will transfer and she will be in full editorial charge … While it is here at the Romscars Club, I would like to share some of my own photos from 2017 when I first met Chalita shortly after she started out at Boomerang Twin (BT). At the time I was totally infatuated with another BT sissy (Minnie) who did not give a rat’s ass about me but had put Pattaya dibs on me along with her pixie sidekick (Nan) and the 3 of us had some great fun together on and off the sack. Then Nan got a sponsor and Minnie for some reason soured on me (“I don’t fuck old farang anymore”) and Chalita was there to save face and provide me great GFE sex better than the 2 others together ever did. At PY, I posted all the details of this silly telenovela with naked pics of all 3 of them, which got hoovered when the editorial geniuses running PY banned me. … and I am glad they did away with the pics, especially on account of the lovely Chalita whose long and arrow-straight rock-hard cock glued to the belly I was never worthy to expose … But I will share in this post some of Chalita’s glamour pics from my stash... She is just a wonderful person to be with and when I finally can go back to Thailand she is at the top of my list of old friends to revisit… R
  10. Greetings BMs one and all I am starting this thread here at the Romscars Club on behalf of one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE ladyboys who just became a BM here at LBR so she could be part of the most cutting edge ladyboy Board there is. The name is Chalita, Lita Chalita and she could pass for a James Bond girl with her supermodel looks. Her beauty is only surpassed by her good heart. I first met her at Boomerang Twin and now she is a rising onlyfans star and you may want to check her out. https://onlyfans.com/chalitalitaa Here are some pics she wanted to share and I am counting on you guys to welcome her to our Board. Big CHEERS for Chalita. Rom
  11. This thread is now way off-title and I would invite admins to break it off at The-Sith’s post and move the rest to the general area of the Romscars Club where the zeitgeist is more prone to discussing Pyongyang / PY / the other forum / LBP /whatever-you-call-it... The spin-off thread could be called “The-Sith Strikes Back at PY and Why Bother With It Here ”. My position is that I disagree with Duke’s (and some other BMs’) stance that talking here about PY should be avoided on the grounds of (as best as I can summarize it) “non-aggression”. Perhaps. But not talking here about PY is virtually impossible as it is the single most important international pillar of our ladyboy world. It is the closest thing to a Wikipedia of the ladyboy world and what happens there online is just as relevant (often more) than what happens on the ground. Let me explain by giving some examples: Take C&D/Sweethearts or Sensations: Without PY they would be just another 2 ladyboy bars with little known farang owners and much much fewer customers and staff. PY is THE reason for their success (and vice-versa as their star owners are major contributors to PY’s). Take TJ’s UberDiva Lily or soi 8 Big Cock Ploy: Without PY they would be just a couple more of Pattaya's well-kept secrets for a few mongers in-the-know. Thanks to PY, mongers from all over the world flock to Pattaya in search of them. Take the Romscars: Without PY they are meaningless. Here at LBR there are just not enough mongers or noteworthy mongering deeds to give out the Romscars exclusively in the house. For example: we get 2 or 3 TRs a year if that. Last year we had Snoop’s very Romscarworthy TR, but this year who am I going to give "TR of the Year" to? Same for Photographer of the Year: Is Bumblebee going to win here every year without any competition? Honestly, I don’t know if I will even do the Romscars anymore because I got to a point where I am too disgusted by PY’s petty tyrannies to even look there, but if I don’t keep up over there I won’t know who did anything outstanding to deserve Romscars… In addition: here at LBR we are all talking about what happens at PY whether we admit/realize it or not. For ex: when recently Josh was dying we were getting the updates via PY. Same-same for most bar openings and closures and new ladyboys arriving in the bars... Dissociating from PY for us would be like Mexico (or tiny Guatemala) dissociating from the US. Not an option. As regards badmouthing PY: I recognize that it is NOT the "non-aggressive" thing to do, but it is going to come up inevitably if we do things here differently than there. Take me! as an example: the Romscars Club (and perhaps all other clubs) only exist because I got booted from PY. Most of the media content currently at the Romscars Club is stuff I did for PY that they obliterated soviet-style when they booted me. What am I supposed to do? Pretend I did the Hitler videos to post here? Or that the Romscars Awards were started here not a couple years earlier at PY? When re-posting such content I MUST say it was salvaged from PY, which makes their mods look repressive and thick whether I say it or not. Same for when at the end of the last 2 years I tried to post the Romscars award winners at PY and they immediately hoovered it and then I reported it here so the winners would know I tried and their mods blocked. Again: they looked repressive and thick but it was their doing ... And if you think it is ungentlemanly of me to badmouth them here, how do you think I feel about the BMs here who post to say what great guys PY mods or the softdog are ? the same mods who arbitrarily harass and allow flaming BMs as a prelude to banning them as they did to me ? or the same softdog who chased me here to LBR to character-assassinate me with the vilest of insinuations and false accusations?... Not being so gentlemanly either are you softdong pals? To end this on a positive note: There are some areas where LBR has the edge over PY and it’s them who need to come here to experience it or talk about it there which they do. Definitely we are #1 at Emmy’s Bar, Hall of Legends, the Romscars, clues to Viet Nam, and … FREE-SPEECH and UNBIASED MODERATING ! Thanks admins for that and VIVA LBR ! Rom
  12. I never ever engage on 1-on-1 spats with other BMs. Not here. Not at PY. 2 exchanges is as far as I go. And only if I like the other BM sufficiently to acknowledge him. In the case of the rabid PY BM who The-Sith just busted, he used to attack me viciously and I would just completely ignore him. At PY and here where he joined right after I did so he could continue to heckle me. What I do is I wait for the right moment and use my weapon of choice: drafted WIT : Did anyone notice how I used it in my previous 2 posts above ? If enough BMs did, it will likely stick.
  13. After I raided there at the end of last year to announce the 2020 Romscars (straight on the root admin's face) I lost another account, which is no big deal but I still hate that they have the power to do it. I made it my New Year's resolution to not waste so much time there and once you start not checking a Board every day you kinda loose touch and interest. I could go there now and check (maybe I have) but I'd rather The-Sith posted it. I am sure he got PMs from the softdog's caretakers so perhaps he will give us more insight than I could get by peeking myself...
  14. “get over it ladies” ? I don’t recall you ever stepping in as the voice of reason “at the other forum” where BMs are routinely flamed, bullied, slandered … not once! But at least you never posted to side with the pricks either … coherence would entail not taking sides here either… I may be a mischievous sort of person, but I govern my life by a deep sense of justice and merit when it comes to relating to others. My nature is to defy unjust and incompetent authorities and “the other forum” is an exasperating showcase for both. To the point that I can no longer stand to even peek around there under one of my stealth accounts which force me to remain silent in the face of said injustices and incompetencies. I am curious what happened after The-Sith made that post about the softdog. @The-Sith well done! and what happened following your post ? Rom
  15. For all it's worth, I realized some kind of house renovation was going on... and while it lasted: I could not PM or type to post (not even in the Romscars Club) BUT I could start new threads by attaching a pic (since I could not type). More unexpectedly, I could see (some???) hidden posts including mods' justifications. I can no longer. I lost my-above-the-avatar denomination but I guess everyone else did. I would suggest if the decision was made to no longer show the reputation points to the left of BMs' posts, then please show the exact number of points in the BMs profile pages (as opposed to rounding to the nearest 100). Other than that, I hope the upgrade fixes the bugs with the tabular editing that weren't there until a previous upgrade late last year that has since made it impossible for me to lay out my posts as neatly as I used to ... As a rule, I am all for software upgrades and look forward to finding out how this one will improve the Board's functionality and multilogue. Thanks R PS EDIT: Right after first making this post I earned the Board title "Collaborator". WTF ? That's something to call the snitches and lapdogs at PY... not a rogue BM like me... PS 2 - The tabular editing seems fixed. At least the resizing function ...
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