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  1. Hola amigo El-Sith, I did say in my OP (and quote above) I used to see the Apeman in Pattaya holding hands with GGs on Walking Street and once at that big mall towards sois 1 or 2 (was it since demolished?). To spot him, one had to pay close attention because he had the going-bald look while on his movies he wore a thick head of hair wig. From what I observed from the distance, he seemed like the typical farang punter being attentive to the GGs with a view to enhanced quality sex... There was nothing in his public behavior that made him stand out relative to the other farangs on the prowl .
  2. I (Rom) started this thread because, like The-Sith, since covid I turned to GG sex partners absent trips to ladyboylands… but, unlike The-Sith, my partners have been on a much more modest scale quantity-quality-and-costwise. All have been women close to my age cohort, including a homely pinay maid who got very attached and wanted to move in with me and may have moved on for good… I am also seeing an ethnic Indian lady who has led me to redefine what I lust for in bed namely her short and chubby curviness with saggy tits and a belly gut. I can’t get enough of her exotic MILF unshapeline
  3. It is with much personal joy that I hereby award the first Romscar of 2021 for the category of BM-Ladyboy Couple of the Year to a very special couple who just tied the knot in Germany last week after over a decade of Pattaya trips and 3 sponsored stays. The chivalrous groom is none other than LBR’s own BM Duncan, who is also a well-known Advanced BM at PY despite associating with the likes of myself, cherjam, and other free-thinkers … The gracious ladyboy bride goes by the name of Mod and all I know about her is that she is tiny and sweet. Duncan & Mod are now legally married under
  4. Hi Pdoggg those are monger-relevant scholarly insights, which at first I thought were your own that you had formulated in getting a masters degree in the past. They are NOT Pdoggg's ... The post above is a Thai-to-English translation of what seems to be the thrust of an academic master thesis written 10 years ago by a "Mr. Chuwit Kamolvisit, a former politician and famous night businesswoman (sic)". He seems to advocate a more explicit, supportive government policy towards commercial sex workers (CSWs), which he claims account for over 1 million Thais as prostitutes including in what he
  5. This may at first come across as an ominous induction into the Hall of Legends, but it is a fully deserved one that was forthcoming sooner than later to the bar owner who took it to the next level of in-bar mongering experience: I am talking about Josh Pitstra the quiet, unassuming Dutchman at the helm of Baby Boom A-Go-Go that, while it lasted (2012-20), was Thailand’s wildest ladyboy bar ever. Josh’s business model was simply allowing staff and customers to have FUN without caring that he might be giving away too much of a good time for the price of a few drinks. This made for a one-of-
  6. I, like all other BMs, may be entangled in the "Am I gay ?" conundrum that dominates the multilogue in ladyboy boards. But "Am I a party bottom" ? No way Sanchai ! I will however hand out a Romscar to one of the BMs who admits to being one. The-Sith: do you want to add to your Romscars collection ? RandiUno2: did I read you right that you are a self-admitted party bottom and proud of it ? Regarding my own "Am I gay?" wonderings, I asked one of my ladyboy groupies in AC and this was the answer I got:
  7. Nice discussion gentlemen. Not many threads on our Board make it to page 2... Tool kit and Justin Bieber funny stuff aside,... I would like to highlight 2 reactions posted above that made me think we may best self-ascertain our gayness on a deep instinctive level 1 - P&G suggested adding to the questionnaire whether we prefer to wake up in the morning with a GG or ladyboy. As much as I like the rock hard morning erections of my ladyboy sleepovers, it does not compare to waking up with a GG wrapped around me. The bonding is instinctive and I never feel like that with ladyboys.
  8. That's news to me The-Sith ! Ever since your candid TR post at PY of how you were "raped" (your wording) 6-times-to-1 in the course of an LT and left to bleed "curling up" on the shower floor, I held you to be our community's proud "Pass Around Party Bottom" (and, at the time, toyed with the idea of giving you an ad hoc Romscar for it). Now from your questionnaire results and self-evaluation, you come across as a regular pussy loving macho man monger only interested in sissies for lack of more readily available pussy. Go figure ! ... As to the other BMs who posted so far, I appreciate y
  9. Mine and The-Sith’s covid-induced switcheroo to GGs to make up for sissy deprivation (total in my case; fragrant ones in The-Sith’s) has ressurrected at our Board the existentially gut-wrenching “Are we Gay?” ladyboy mongers’ dilemma that is more characteristic of autocratic Boards where it is used to distract membership from the fact that their moderators have tiny penises … Being the introspective sort of BM, I devised this self-diagnosing test that other BMs may also find useful to ascertain how queer they are… Basically, I paired 20 comparable sex acts that can be done with ladyboys o
  10. Rom

    Three times a day!?

    Later this year when it's time for the 2021 Romscars, I must remember to give Jimmy one in recognition of his gushing prowess... Long time, no post here Jimmy. Welcome back to the Board of the Free ...
  11. Holy paleo-anthropology ! The-Sith has just unwittingly figured out one of the greatest mysteries of mankind... why the naenderthals that ruled the earth 250,000 years ago became extinct: they stopped breeding with women for the sake of naendertranny ass... Great post The-Sith. Especially the part about the stinky dwarf sissy. But I will believe it when I see it. Hope you took a picture and share it with the homies. Hope also you tossed the dwarf... Well done The-Sith! Pussy can wait... r
  12. I guess I started this thread as a group therapy for myself to overcome the guilt I am starting to feel over supporting my PI friends in exchange for them sending me something naughty. They really seem to be striving to earn such support and are sending me pics and vids without me even asking or paying... maybe it's me, but they also seem to be having fun with the nude dancing and with the staged sex... Anyway, this thread has been sailing too close to the wind for my taste (and probably moderation's) so it ends now. Please don't flatter me or dare me into showing off more stuff. Bec
  13. After what randiuno posted, I don't really "feel free to post more videos like that" ... but what the heck? one more just for you; stoolpusher.mp4
  14. Regarding what RandiUno2 posted... I am concerned also. I know the lankier ladyboy well and he is well over 20. But the other one and the GG are pals he brought along and I have no idea who they are. They look old enough to me and I would have let it slide. But since RandiUno raised the issue explicitly, I will delete the vids in a few days, just in case... In the meantime, here's another one dedicated to P&G... I think they are having fun,... but maybe it's me who is too far gone off the deep end... cheers. r march4 (1).mp4
  15. You may recall that in the first months of covid I posted here in the Board several pictures of PI ladyboys with their friends and family posing with messages written on their skins or with cardboard signs (“Thanks Rom for saving our village”) . This was a way for me to send them a little money and make them (and myself) think they earned it. Then at some point I stopped posting here in the Board for several months so I never posted such media again, but it kept being produced as the PI requests for support in exchange for more pictures and videos kept coming and I could not find it in me to
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