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During my recent visit to Pattaya I needed a trim etc. As I was staying at the Klang end of Soi Bukhao it did not take long to find a hairdresser. First one on the right heading south. Sat in the chair as directed by the girl who turned out to be the owner. Very nice, I would say early 40's. She asked if i wanted a massage also as a bit of a stunner walked out from the back. Early 20's with her boobs exposed in a low cut dress. Now, was that a trap to wind me in ?????. Anyway, had the haircut and then it was suggested that maybe a colour would be good. The younger one took over.

So for 800 baht I got a haircut, colour, and a pair of 34b boobs in my face. Great job and the visual stimulation alone worth it.

Not 100% sure if she was a lb. Leaning towards being a gg. Said she had a bf from Canada. A great distraction for 90 minutes or so.

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I don't have enough hair to require colouring! I usually have a haircut and shave in the barbers in Jomtien Rompho, it's 120 baht for a haircut and 100 baht for a shave iirc. There are half a dozen barber shops on the left hand side as you come into the bar area. Four had lady barbers, and two had men.

Last time I went into one, I started taking off my sandals as I stepped in and the lady said something. I didn't know what she said so I pointed at my sandals and asked if I should take them off. She said yes so I took them off and sat on a bench to wait for my turn. The lady called another younger woman over who came with a box of various bottles of what looked like nail polish. They obviously thought I wanted a pedicure. I said no I want a haircut and shave.

When I sat in the barber's chair I repeated I wanted a haircut and shave. She started whipping up her jug of shaving cream with a brush. I thought she was going to shave me before cutting my hair, but she lathered up my head. I realised she was going to shave my head, but thought I would just go along with it.

So she shaved my head, then my face. A shorter hair cut than I usually go for, but it cost the same.

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