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Next live stream. Monday 1st February...9 p.m Thailand time.

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Breaking news !!! All bars are open Starting this 1st Monday But only has to close at 11pm
   And 1st Monday at 9pm I'll do a livestresm too.

I will post livestream on my personal Facebook page as follows.
- My Facebook
 -Page facebook Emmy's bar

Forum :  LBR. (here)

  If you want support us You can give ladydriink for us.
Only € 3.5 or 120 Baht for 1 drink
Pay at this link


or My Paypal = tutubas85@gmail.com

 After you pay. you can PM. to me . I will know and say thank you to you.

     if anyone wants to come to the bar to watch or have a drink, the chairs and tables will be outside as usual. But please remember that the kittens will have to be inside when the livestream is on. Tuesday all will be back to normal.

Thank you very much for support us

See you
Emmy and the gangs


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Some tech details:

The Livestream will be on both LBR and Facebook.   If you get onto the LBR Livestream fairly early it should continue for its entirety.   However if you refresh the page or click elsewhere on LBR then you may lose the stream.

A way around this is to have 2 tabs of your browser on LBR.  Don't touch one of the tabs but you can do what you want in the other LBR tab.

I can't explain why it works this way but that is what has been happening.

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