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Based on feedback from our members, we have increased the daily quota of Likes.  I'm not sure exactly when the day begins and ends though.

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11 hours ago, blind boy grunt said:

it does that! but no idea what it means.........

It means you've launched the missiles from every nuclear submarine at sea*, obliterating major cities and tens of millions around the globe... Oops! :blush:

(* hence the up arrow)

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On 2/12/2020 at 12:08 AM, Duncan said:

What does this Upvote button?

The Upvote Button is an option that became available on Invision forums a few years back based on the popularity of Reddit.   

In the Questions subforum you have the choice of sorting posts within a thread by posting date or by Upvotes.   If you had a question such as. "where's the best place to exchange money in Pattaya" and the thread had hundreds of responses and our forum members all used the Upvote button then it might make sense to sort by Upvotes so that the best responses are near the top.

But for the majority of LBR threads, most readers prefer chronological order.   Last year, you could sort by Upvote in any subforum but after some upgrades and updates it doesn't appear that you can do so outside of the Questions subforum and we never looked into why as we believe there is zero demand for sorting buy Upvotes here.

A rather long winded answer.  If you like a post you can either Like it or Upvote it. Up to you!

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