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blind boy grunt

Lazada internet shopping

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just  a heads up.

A couple of weeks back i ordered something from Lazada. Absolutely no problem with the goods or service.

I used an old email address, still obviously in existence but no longer used for general stuff such as personal emails.

Lo and behold i had a look at that address yesterday to find over 40 incoming emails.. most of them from  dodgy russian sites... many of them showing names i knew, in fact from a well out of date contact list from the email address.

even more lo and behold...another 11 today.

now, i dunno much about these techy things, so correct me if i'm wrong... but it seems that Lazada are possibly selling email addresses?

no big problem but perhaps people should take care if giving lazada debit/credit card details? pay cash on delivery only guys!

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14 minutes ago, blind boy grunt said:


Thanks for the heads up BBG!   Beats me though as I rarely look at my Spam Box.   But it wouldn't surprise me if a company were to add another revenue stream by selling email addies.  But then I guess it could come from anywhere.

Hey guys, in case it's new to you, Lazada is like Amazon for Southeast Asia with quick delivery.  

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1 hour ago, blind boy grunt said:

... many of them showing names i knew, in fact from a well out of date contact list from the email address.

It may be the way you've written it, but from my unserstanding of what you've written this would leave me suspicious of the email address being penetrated, especially if contacts from that email address have been used in any way.

Personally, I'd change the password for that email address and perform a thorough scan of the system.

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Never had a problem with Lazada - no spam etc. Their website not the best in the world - and here's a heads up - if buying footwear choose a size larger as the goods are usually made in China.

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Hi all.

Normally i wouldn't specify Lazada as of course, it could be anyone and i could be being unfair to them. it just made me suspicious though as the email address hasn't be used for over 2 years. it's kept alive by me checking into it every month or so. The first email received for 2 years was from lazada. but, i suppose one never knows. my address could have been obtained from someone's mailbox or contacts  i guess.

main reason really for my post was the credit/debit card warning. apologies to Lazada if i'm wrong!

DC... password changed , system scanned but nothing found.

Quinn...  the shoes... i ordered exact size and they were fine. Mind you  i ordered a shirt too.. now in England i'm a medium but i ordered large... still too small...

it's all pot luck really. probably depends on the manufacturer. Think i'll stick to buying local!

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