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Soi Bukhaow or 3rd Road Accomodation suggestions?

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Hello Friends,

I hit up Pattaya twice a year and stay approx 10 days on each trip. I have always stayed in Eurasia Boutique next to Tukkom, since that was the place my buddy introduced me to 4 years ago but I am looking for a change. Over my last trip, my daily commute to Soi Bukhaow and Soi 6 prompted me find something in these areas rather than commute everyday. Its only $2 but id rather stay closer to the action.

Any recommendations. Need a fairly large room if possible since I do spend quite a bit of time there with Wifi and AC/ Hot water etc without any hindrances in visitors. Price range under 1000 baht a night? Soi Bukhaow? 3rd Road? Appreciate any help. 

Just a reminder, I cant stand the small ST esque rooms which are quite common nowadays. Bed, wardrobe, TV and bathroom, a large space and wifi would be nice. Theres so many options down these roads, I could spend a whole trip finding the best accommodation, then I decided to reach out to the community for help. 

Eurasia is approx 1000 baht a night, quite a hike and wallet buster for its location but the room size with balcony is atleast 45 sqm ++ / 480 sqft ++

I have a buddy who lives a few towns over who can go and drop in a deposit if needed so online resv/ credit card and general payment issues isn't a priority either. 




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Plenty of places on Soi Honey, Diana ,Soi Chaiyapoon & Lengkee

I stay in Room 2 above the Chow Soy restaurant on Chaiyapoon, 700 baht a night...it has big everything and even includes it own desktop computer


chow soy.jpg


chow soy11.jpg

chow soy12.jpg

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I must admit I felt a little uneasy

When she bent down to tie the laces of my shoe

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I am starting  in the chaiyapoon  inn 2nd floor  600 baht a night the 3rd and 4th floor  have a balcony  and are a little more expensive but under the 700 marke, same soi as dukes  Chow soi joint. 

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also check out Soi Lengkee off soi Bukhao (one soi south of soi Chaiyapoon) a few good value places :Opey de Place, Le Trafalgar, and J&P court come to mind 

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