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  1. Hey mungry mates! I was recently browsing through a pickup website. Think of it as online-window shopping. When Im home in the Middle East, I tie myself to a subverbial leash, not the bdsm kind but the caged animal kind. (Is there a difference) But I dont indulge in girls here, since its home! And I often run into people whom I dont want to be seen around. Im no fool, im sure they feel the same way. I went to see how the Russian market was for beauties, top notch as usual so I clicked on a few girls just to gaze. Heres the part which prompted me to post here...I was reading a comment/review a fellaleft which summarized his evening with the dame as "girl was average, she did not look like her pictures, the face was hers but the body wasnt as slender as in pics posted" (get ready) To which the lady replied " 100 € in Moscow is the price of a light dinner in a cafe for two peoples,even without vine, this is a purely symbolic sum. For that money you do not need in time of our meeting to include your charm, (if it is also available),+ you getting quality safe sex with elite condoms,including taxi,+an English-speaking partner, and you are still unhappy. As if for 100 € you choose your wife for all future life. And if Prince Charles with his millions were unhappy in a marriage with Diana, what miracles are you waiting for in this world for 100 €? " Both are completely right here and in her defense, you can check the link below, the face was clearly photoshopped over a different body. https://massagerepub...s-100-night-200 This prompted me to inquire, anyone else have great wisdom..... heard on someones elsesexpense perhaps?
  2. Thanks xyzzy. I always confuse my way down those streets. Im too busy looking at their chest and waistline packages hahha. But thanks for the rep up tell, duke and pdogg. Amongst the many that i did not mention, a girl Sunday. Shes at So What in Soi 6. In addition, i totally agree. Many people have different experiences and im not naive to only think the girls mood swings all. I prefer to get in the mood of patt city by perusing forums and thaifriiendly right before a trip. Ive noticed no matter how hard ive worked. Im usually attracted to girls whom i can already find at a joint, whether a massage or bar. Ipso facto. I belong at bars, not between the screens of a phone. Mind you, ive only learnt this after 2 full trips of pattaya with thaifriendly . With the law of “Different strokes for Different folks" if you are more attracted to non bar girls, thai friendly is great. Its near perfect Im hoping to come down in march try the new talent on thaifriendly. Despite my reservations, ive learnt the nature of girls and the flags which i can use moving ahead.
  3. Hello Everyone, here is my extensive guide and experience of Thaifriendly and the girls! Theres a lot! Ive only hit up the LBs there.... My first trip using these contacts was a hit! the prices were approx 1000 bht in the slower season, all the girls were very responsive. When I went back during NYE, my usuals barring one or two were very eager to meet, yet the newer ones just assumed I was playing with them despite being very responsive and even calling from my end, could be just my experience but I have concluded to hit up the popular LB bars and take it from there. Below you will find mostly misses but thats because of my most recent memory of them, I had a big list of 16 for my NYE trip and surprisingly knocked out 7 in the first day....yup! they just did not respond or something ticked off! I even have the conversations to prove it! I usually adopt the strategy of a first timer, even text them from my local # to prove Im in town and not playing around. I know its the standard excuse! but it must be the Hormones.... Needless to say, Ivelearnt its a lot of drama, back to the college days of playing them and making them horny...Some of them were amazing dont get me wrong but from my experience in the busy season, you cant keep up with their fits! In terms of prices the girls at massage parlors went upto 1500 baht but if I called them after hours or before work in room they closed around 1000-1200 baht. Let me preface the below by saying I havent once been accused of bargaining or bargained. Hell they were reasonable to begin with and my calculations included the money im saving on drinks and taxis since they were happy to come to my room so money was never an issue. Their attitude on the other hand.... https://www.thaifriendly.com/Atesea Works at Zaza, we chatted a bit on whatsapp before my trip but when I arrived, there seemed no replies nor answers to my phone calls. I knew where she worked but did not want to barge in. https://www.thaifrie....com/LadyDaaDaa Works at Master Massage, good chunky body, alright sex pretty standard https://www.thaifrie....com/0843526425 Blue Dragon Bar: Once again, very responsive before my trip, but suddenly very non responsive once I arrived. https://www.thaifriendly.com/09136950 We have been on and off over the months in terms of conversation, she speaks/types near perfect english for a Thai. Something ticked her off and just went rage mode. I mentioned to her Im there for a week, does she want to schedule a meet or just message the day of. She said that Im her on mongering business, better to contact her when Im definite I want to see her and we can meet that very evening...Well I did not message her for a couple days and she assumed Ive left town. Went on a rage, they all begin with "you liar" etcetc and after calming down, I tell her Im still here, I cannot meet tonight so I did not message her yet.. Nope farang is a liar here!!! https://www.thaifriendly.com/cake21 My kind of girl! I wanted to hit her up! Once again once in town no responses on phones or texts or whatsapps. She messaged me to find her in Top10 bar outside WS!!! well thereisnt a listing on google and in a city of tens of thousands of bars how can I find it? No response https://www.thaifrie....com/Gkdyjhstih She too works at a massage parlor in Soi Honey, Her name is Emma/Emmy. I ran into her on the way to meet anotherlb. She cornered me and tried the puppy face and desperate voice. Very fine. My type indeed. She sent me a pic of hers with a condom on, she wasnt that dark! but her appendage was. Aww man! im glad she sent me that pic, it good be a bad pic but damn there were cuts and bruises beneath the condom and clear as day! Glad I dodged that bullet, just a huge turnoff! https://www.thaifriendly.com/Pearva26 I have been an admirer of hers, but she is quite unresponsive. So I ran into her once on Kings Bar in Soi 6, I had just left out of a sesh and did not have enough juice in me! She seemed very fine and well worth for a ST. https://www.thaifriendly.com/Mooly1212 Very seductive and good tall body with good rack! Very responsive before I arrived to Thailand, hit her up on my first night and asked a meet up at her apartment for ST at 8-9 pm. She was completeyonboard, infact postponed it from 7 to 8, I obliged and then...thats the last ive heard of her.......Strange Last mention for Lisa/Llisa/LisaClassy Shes a stunner! huge silicone and good face. Queen of starfishes whether cowgirl or missionary. She is in constant paranoia of you cheating on her, not with LBs but not showing up or lying to her. Works in TaBacione across from the Hospital. Always with a guard on and the most handful of all the girls Iveexperienced with. Shes so fine and her body is completely my type! safe to say she has dettered me from this TF game! I velearnt instead of all the time texting! I could have done away with the drama! I mean it is a tool which is very popular at home and in places where you can find girls organically, for fun! but you are still taking part in a transaction, if you are getting it for free! RUN! Not all were misses, heres the responsive ones https://www.thaifriendly.com/palmy009 She works on Soi Honey at one of the LB massages. Omg! that body! Shes my kind! Tall, not plump but a great rack and very thick. Tits and Ass oozing out of her dress. Silicone but I like the frame. Her massage was awful! not that I was excited for that bit, but great cock and amazing to grab onto during cowgirl! https://www.thaifrie....com/Mayneesuga One of my first LB experiences. Very tall, petite and sweet. Broad Shoulders and very sweet, did I mention that already well double it! Met her inside Fantasy Lounge and had a good time. Medium to small appendage but small fake silicone tits, look a little odd with those broad shoulders but enjoyed my time. https://www.thaifriendly.com/paula456 Paula works at one of the shows in Pattaya. She is great! Tall frame! Good english, very horny and responsive. Shows up on time and keeps in touch all year round. Understands the game and just picks up and leaves! Both times I dint even ask her she just started dressing up! Doesnt like LT which I prefer if they too are upfront. A friend drops her off at the hotel doorstep and she motorbike taxis back. Shes got some very revealing dresses and pictures which keep you warmed up all year. Good cock! little odd face with some hormones or surgeries but a good gal. Thers a lot more that were hits or misses! I cant seem to recall or they have deactivated their profiles so not relevant anymore. I just skimmed through the first 10-12 pages of TF to provide as much info as I could. If people want any more information on my interactions with any of the above! feel free to reach out!! Eurojay
  4. Hello Friends, I hit up Pattaya twice a year and stay approx 10 days on each trip. I have always stayed in Eurasia Boutique next to Tukkom, since that was the place my buddy introduced me to 4 years ago but I am looking for a change. Over my last trip, my daily commute to Soi Bukhaow and Soi 6 prompted me find something in these areas rather than commute everyday. Its only $2 but id rather stay closer to the action. Any recommendations. Need a fairly large room if possible since I do spend quite a bit of time there with Wifi and AC/ Hot water etc without any hindrances in visitors. Price range under 1000 baht a night? Soi Bukhaow? 3rd Road? Appreciate any help. Just a reminder, I cant stand the small ST esque rooms which are quite common nowadays. Bed, wardrobe, TV and bathroom, a large space and wifi would be nice. Theres so many options down these roads, I could spend a whole trip finding the best accommodation, then I decided to reach out to the community for help. Eurasia is approx 1000 baht a night, quite a hike and wallet buster for its location but the room size with balcony is atleast 45 sqm ++ / 480 sqft ++ I have a buddy who lives a few towns over who can go and drop in a deposit if needed so online resv/ credit card and general payment issues isn't a priority either. Thanks Eurojay
  5. Freakspni

    Thai Friendly

    I have been hitting up tf for quite a while to reach out to new and old lbs, sometimes I don't have the time to reach out to all the hotspots by foot so I keep some in my side pocket. I do occasionally run into lbs around town but a little preplanning doesn't hurt. If the girl doesnt respond on tf/line/whatsapp, or her English is weak, her photos look different etc, any alarming signs, I can rule them out. Whereas the pics and others go, in my case I am happy to share a standard photo of mine first, usually they oblige with theirs or need a gentle nudge. Most times it would be a bridge to dirty talk and leads to their packages . Why I'm very happy with tf ,is we speak occassionaly and depending on their mood they will try to keep you reeled in with a pic of their own every now and then. The best part of tf is seeing the lb in transition. If any changes that put you off personally from your last exchange you know whom to ignore and whom to woo , with baht of course.
  6. I may be being picky but are there any more? I come by for 10 days or so and would love more options.. Much appreciated again!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, will def check it out, been reading a lot on it...
  8. As the name suggests guys, any you know of? Ladyboy soapy/body massages in pattaya?? I usually visit in December and will be doing so again. Cannot wait!! Much appreciated....
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