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Who knows these two HOT LB?

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Hi guys!


First, I am not sure this is the good section in the forum for this topic so if it isn't, sorry!


So, who knows these two LB?











Obviously her name is Donut, but I don't know where she is (BKK, Pattaya, which bar etc.). Has someone already had fun with her? She looks so hot, it is incredible..












Obvisouly her name is Em, but like Donut, I don't know where she is. If somone have had fun with her.. What a beautiful cock and saggy balls..



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The first one I have never seen but that doesn't say much ...


My first encounter with Em was back in 2005. I met her outside Linda Bar and we had a memorable (for me, most prob not for her ;-) LT ... she was really sweet. I kept running into her on Beach Road until about 2 years ago and we had a few ST repeats ... she is still a nice gal and I will keep an eye open for her when I'll be in Patts in mid-Oct but I also read recently that she had problems with substance abuse ... might explain her absence but as said, I read it and cannot confirm. She was always nice and accommodating.


BTW, Em has breast implants by now.

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