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  1. Another very cute ladyboy: who is she and where does she work please? Thanks!
  2. Your answer enables me to find her name: she is Gop, from So What Bar Pattaya soi6 indeed ;) Thanks!
  3. Hi everybody, Who knows this LB (on the second photo she is the right one): Who is she, where can we find her.. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! First, I am not sure this is the good section in the forum for this topic so if it isn't, sorry! So, who knows these two LB? First: Obviously her name is Donut, but I don't know where she is (BKK, Pattaya, which bar etc.). Has someone already had fun with her? She looks so hot, it is incredible.. Second: http://join.ladyboygold.com/track/lbrlbr. Obvisouly her name is Em, but like Donut, I don't know where she is. If somone have had fun with her.. What a beautiful cock and saggy balls.. Thanks!
  5. In fact at the beginning I chose Bangkok but I doubt now! I read that ladyboys in Bangkok were much more beautiful than in Pattaya, but I don't know if it is so sure now... Are in Pattaya much much more LB than in Bangkok ? Because if I stay over there during a long time it could be more interesting to go in Pattaya than Bangkok if there are much more LB than in Bangkok. Billy, why not to keep the same LB more than 3 nights max? Of course I will enjoy several diffent LB but why? Tomcat, the prices in Bangkok you give are very expansive!
  6. Thanks again SiamSam ! Billy, the prices you give (1000bht ST and 1500bht LT) is for Bangkok or Pattaya? Are ladyboys from Bangkok more beautiful than in Pattaya ? And, for a newbie, what is better, Bangkok or Pattaya ? Have you already obtain the ladyboy's phone number after having sex? Is it possible? Yeah, questions, questions..
  7. Thanks guys ! In fact, I think I find most of ladyboys too beautiful to be real I think about coming in Bangkok first. Not in Pattaya. I read some guys here who say they pay 1000 bht for ST and 2000 bht for LT with a 600 bht barfine, in Bangkok, and not more. Is this price reasonable and right ? It depends on your speech or your face ?
  8. SiamSam, I really thank you for your answer and your advice. I would like to know "all" your experience most particularly at your beginning. In my case, I will be able to stay in Thailand during several months on holidays. I know, I am a lucky guy.. What advice could you give to me ? Concerning the photos on web, it is why I have always looked for photos taken by "normal" people who report their travel in Thailand by showing their OWN photos. Like that, I am pretty sur the ladyboys are in reality like on these photos. Unfortunately, this kind of photos seems to be rare, most of photos
  9. Hi everybody ! I have read this forum for a long time, and sometimes on the net I read some people who say that ladyboys in real life are not as beautiful than on photos. They say photos on the net are very photoshoped, and of course I know it is "normal", common, but I would like to ask to people here who have gone to Thailand if it is true ? What is the truth ? :) My question may be direct :) but I find ladyboy on the net are very very beautiful and I like them, their face, their body, so, I would like to have opinions from people who have already gone to Thailand. Because I am n
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