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  1. Hey EM, I shall be in P from 10/16-10/24 ... happy 2 come along as a wingman if you'll still be around by then. Will be staying at the Mosaik. Cheers, CM
  2. The first one I have never seen but that doesn't say much ... My first encounter with Em was back in 2005. I met her outside Linda Bar and we had a memorable (for me, most prob not for her ;-) LT ... she was really sweet. I kept running into her on Beach Road until about 2 years ago and we had a few ST repeats ... she is still a nice gal and I will keep an eye open for her when I'll be in Patts in mid-Oct but I also read recently that she had problems with substance abuse ... might explain her absence but as said, I read it and cannot confirm. She was always nice and accommodating. BTW
  3. ... as far as I know Cindy has been a post-op for a few years already ...
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