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Who was the best experience of LOS?


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Reflecting back on my quest while in LOS, I have many great memories. The 3some at the Grand Suk, the balcony at NANa plaza, and of course the shagging at the PBR! What was your best moment that you could never forget( the one you have been trying to top ever since)!! :hot:

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Good idea for a thread Neo! :drinks:

I remember being picked up at my hotel in bangkok by two women in a car and brought to the undisclosed location, for their privcay and secuity, of Chateau Jade for a 6 hour S&M session. I'm not even into S&M, just wanted to see what it's like.

Also remember taking two ladyboys out of the now defunct Limmiquai and watching one penetrate the other.

And a longtail boatrip from Ko Taratao to Ko Bulon as the sunset and the sea got ugly. These islands are not that close. Man was I happy when we landed.

But these are really memorable experinces rather than best. Gotta think about it somemore.

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Seeing as how I started this thread, I guess my 2cents could fit. So here we go!

It was one earily morning I could not sleep, seeing as how I was in Bkk for the first time and the jet lag and time difference was still messing with me. I walked down the main road (i forget name) just off Soi 4. There was this lil beer stand that seemed to be the late meeting spot after the Nana herds have cleared. I saw a beauty that seemed shy and totally fem. She smiled as I pasted by and I thought what the heck. I turned and offered to buy her a drink. She smiled with a soft "Kai pom ka!" Her smile and look had me really thinking of what might be. I continued walking down to the electronic stands and then started back toward my room at the Darwin. As i passed by the stand again the girl serving stopped me with a rose :give_rose: and said that shy LB give to me. I then blushed alittle as I didn't know how to take this. I made my way over to her and she said she thought "chocolate man was cute!" We sat and chatted for about 30mins about how she had worked at Nana but not like so many girls. I asked her about her time at Nana and she give me good idea of who I should think about trying. I then decided to offer a ST with her. She just smiled and say "ok, we go ur room?" I was still fresh to this seen and not knowing how my new friends (girls at Darwin frt. desk) would judge me, I ask her about ST rooms. We go to I think rooms close to Soi 11 and we cuddle and kiss for the first 30mins or so. Then she say go shower and I follow instruction as she joins me and washes every part of me. She then wash herself and say "hun let me have moment to get ready!" I take my towel and dry off in room. Few moment later she comes out in her towel. She has this smile that makes you wonder what was really going thru her head. So soft and her was so light that you felt like you had on Thai Silk! She gave the best BJ I have ever had, then mounted me and rode me for what seemed like forever. I never wanted to leave that tight lil hole, but I finally explode. She pulls off condom and proceeds to kiss and nibble on my now re-awaked "Mr. Goodbar!" I pull her up and she does soft nose kisses and she say that me very nice man and not be rough with her. She tell me that too many guy try to be mean and rough with her because she not like to argue and fight. I tell her that I respect her and not just see her as piece of meat! That must have been the magic phrase, because what happened next was amazing. She would not let me rest for the next 4hrs as she would kiss and stroke me until I was rock hard. We shagged in every position that I could think of and she only wanted me to continue. Time passed and knock on door came she would go to door and ask for "lil more time pleas," as she would say. I guess she knew the room staff as the guy would just smile and say "ok few more min, then have to pay more time if want to stay." We exchanged numbers and for the next days that followed I saw her at least 5 more times and she was apart of my last night in Bkk as well. Damn I wish that she is still around when I go back, I would consider taking her on a short 3day trip somewhere. I have enclosed a pic, she has peace sign up! (note to self, remember Neo you came 6x in 4hrs! No more lil blue pills in Bkk!) lol lol :spiteful:

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