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Found 24 results

  1. This year's Miss International Queen contest has been announced for March 8, 2019 in Pattaya, Thailand, to be held at the Tiffany Show Theater. A few introductory videos are ready, Miss Vietnam, Miss Laos, Miss Korea, and Miss Japan.
  2. Who do you like most in some categories? Beauty? Thai or Fil ? Why? Body ? Thai or FIl ? Why? Communication Skills? Thai or Fil? Why? Loyalty / Honesty ? Thai or Fil? Why? Personal Hygiene? Thai or Fil Why? share some of your experience and we will appreciate it... I made this post not to compare or have competition but just to know or share experience of farang men here ... Thank you...
  3. Hello all - make men happy video-1538795935.mp4
  4. Amazing how fast time seems to go by! The 2018 Miss Tiffany Contest is launched again, with the final being on Aug 31/18, at the TIffany Theatre in Pattaya. Here's a video of the announcement of the final 30, selected from over 80 eager applicants held at Central World in Bangkok, on May 29, 2018. My Thai girlfriend says that each year these "new" generation lbs are more beautiful and passable than ever due to hormone use at an early age, as well as better plastic surgery techniques. As per my post from last year - some of these contestants are pre-op, some are post-op, and likely very few are p4p (not full time anyway), as there is screening done of the contestants. There will also be the "reality" show concept again this year, which should be interesting to follow.
  5. Due to the official mourning period Miss International Queen 2017 was rescheduled into 2018 - and for those of you in Pattaya on the first week of March - it's a treat as this is probably one of the most beautiful group of contestants vying for the crown! There will be some promotional events before the final on March 9, so if you're in Pattaya keep your eyes open and watch out for a chance to see them for free. With this group of contestants it will be tough for Miss Tiffany Universe 2017 - Nong Yoshi to win the crown and since it is rare for a country to win consecutive titles the odds are stacked against her. Here are the 28 contestants for this year - their PR photos look great, will be interesting to see more of them when they do their introductory videos. Nong Yoshi is one of my favorites, but seeing as the odds are stacked against her, Vietnam, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and Japan look pretty good!
  6. A question for the Thai Veterans. When would Hi and Low Season be. I'm thinking about visiting for the first time in Jan Feb 2018.
  7. Due to the official mourning period, the MTU contest this year has been scheduled for Aug 25, 2017 - this is several months later than usual. You can follow the official news on their homepage: Miss Tiffany Universe, and their Facebook page of the same name. Here is a Youtube video of the selection of the final 30 - out of probably 100 or so aspiring beauty queens.
  8. Hi gang, I just joined LB Reviews, and I am so sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I figured because it is LB related (and related to the scene in general) I I would be ok to post here. I am coming from Melbourne, Australia hopefully on 2nd August and staying in Pattaya (most likely LK Empress). It's the first time I have traveled anywhere alone, I'm totally bricking it, and would really love someone to show me around a bit, have a chat, and just steady the nerves somewhat, before I go ahead and sample Pattaya. Ideally, I'd like someone local to Pattaya or someone who regularly visits, but none of this is set in stone. Some kind of support for a fellow LB admirer please? :-) Thanks so much in advance!
  9. Welcome to the very sexy Lisa!
  10. Almost another year has passed, and it's time for the Miss Tiffany Universe 2016 contest at the Tiffany Theatre in Pattaya on May 13. This is the biggest beauty contest for lbs in Thailand, with the winner going on to represent Thailand in the Miss International Queen contest in November. For those in Bangkok on April 20, at Emporium Mall in the Quartier Gallery, M Floor there will be a promotional event with the 31 contestants starting from 6 pm - 10 pm. Here are introductory videos and selection video of the 31 contestants - when they talk about their family they get pretty emotional. From my observations it seems many of the contestants this year have less plastic surgery done on their faces than previous years. Selection of the 31 contestants Introductory videos of the 31 contestants If you are in Pattaya during the week of May 13, there are Miss Tiffany promotional events going on that are free to the public - so a good opportunity to see some of the best looking lbs in Thailand!
  11. Getting a free trip to Thailand through work and will be staying in Pattaya. Have had strong desires about being with a ladyboy, but have never been with one (or guy....only find the female figure attractive, but a cock on a pretty Asian lady does intrigue me). This forum has been a great wealth of information since I found out about this opportunity. The problem being that I'm traveling with others as well as a customer will be there on top of the 10-12 hours days I'll need to spend working, so my time to spend in public at the various LB establishments....or to be seen with one in general is extremely limited. I already know what I'm looking for and where most can be found, but just curious if anyone had any suggestions so that I may limit the amount of time finding the "right one"? I may really only get one chance at this. Here is my ideal ladyboy: -Petite - like like 5' would be ideal, but anything sub 5'5" would probably work -Dark skin - I dislike the pale Asian look and like a dark/golden brown color -Tits - real or fake anything above an A cup but want to better fool myself into thinking it is actually a girl with a dick and not dude with long hair -Passable - clean shav'n is a must, and from a short distance the LB should still think you are looking at a GG -Versatile - my fantasy involves going both ways here for mutual satisfaction -medium-large endowment - obviously for the above it needs to be fully functional, but I also want a slight challenge. Something from 6" (15 cm) to 8" (20 cm) would be ideal with good girth, but I realize this may be a bit hard to find Something like the lovely lady below is about as ideal as I can find at the moment. Any insight and information is greatly appreciated here!
  12. We've probably all used them in Bangkok, but have you ever used a Taxi-Meter in Pattaya? In all the years I've been coming, I can safely say I never have. Seems like attempted changes are afoot.
  13. Im the brightest star in the Universe... Agree or not?
  14. It's that time of the year again, and Miss Tiffany Universe 2015 kicks off March 25 at Central World in Bangkok. The article is from today's Bangkok Post
  15. So you are sitting on public transport, a bar or a cafe etc back in farangland and you notice a guy nearby checking out a ladyboy themed forum on a phone/tablet, what if anything do you do?
  16. I am sure at some stage we have all taken an LB out of a bar or some other venue and thought "Shit she is dressed like that and I'm going to be seen with her...in public." It's perhaps more an issue for guys new to the scene or maybe some of us just never get used to it. I recall walking home with a well know LB many years ago and basically her bare arse was showing as we walked up Pattaya Tai. I was sober so it did feel a bit funny with all the stares. So come on guys what have been your awkward moments with a scantily clad LB, or perhaps you even enjoyed the attention..
  17. The Miss Tiffany Universe 2014 contest will be held on May 2, 2014 in the usual location - Tiffany Theatre in Pattaya, Thailand. There will be activities the week of April 28-May 2, so keep you eyes open if you're in Pattaya, you may have the chance to see the contestants free at some of the PR events. Some Youtube videos about the event: The Tiffany Queens from 2001-2012 at Central World (I think) in Bangkok Here are some of the applicants in the process of selecting the 30 who will be in the finals The 30 who will compete in the finals
  18. Gents, I am wondering if anyone here can identify this insanely good looking ladyboy. Name could be Atom Mixx. I am trying to determine if she a bargirl, as in works at the new bar called Babyboom. And if so (or if not) what kind of lady she is. Normal? Nutty? Sane and sultry? Crazed and loony? She professes to be a model and I certainly believe so, having looked at some of her photos. But I believe she is also a dancer and bargirl (not that there is anything wrong with that), which she is not being forthcoming on. I'm new to this forum so if this is posted in thre wrong section please forgive and move it where it needs to be. Thanks. And here she is with a ladyboy friend... I'd love to see more of her.
  19. I am spending a week off during a business trip in Pattaya and I had a nice time with Polla from Stringfellows. She is a nice girl and I think she deserves a separate topic. Few weeks before arriving here, I had started chatting a bit with her on Thaifriendly. She mentions there that she is working at Stringfellows and as I have been regularly going there, it was for me sort of seal of quality! Her profile is http://www.thaifriendly.com/polla99 She looks exactly like her pictures. She is versatile although I think she prefers to top. Medium size cock that can get hard easily. No silicon. She like kissing and smooching a lot and has a very nice attitude, very affectionate. I have told her I will be coming to the bar after 23:00. She was waiting for me and she was immediately very kind and gentle. So I barfined her for a LT and we went out for a couple of hours drinking in some bars, listening to music and playing pool. She came out of the bar dressed like a normal girl and light make-up, the girl next door type. Back to the room, a very nice slow and long session. A repeat in the morning as a wake up call! She used to work in restaurant in Bangkok and she recently joined Strinfellows in Pattaya. So she is still very fresh and with a positive attitude. I told her I was a butterfly so she has not been too clingy but I guess she is GF material and she should be looking for BF as it would be the best for her. Sorry, I did not take pictures. I guess personalty report and vibes on the persons are at the end what is more important to get a good experience once you are there! I have just attached 2 pictures that really show her as she is. One from her Thaifriendly account and the other one from Stringfellows website So, if you look for a nice GFE ladyboy, look for her and be kind with her!
  20. This TR covers 3 weeks spent all over Thailand during April 2012 with much of the adventures shared by Kendo - see his TR of the same name: This is actually my 4th Trip to Thailand, if the feedback is favourable I may go one to post my previous TR's. Prologue When I went on my previous excursion to the Land Of Smiles in December 2011, climaxing little over 3 months prior to this most recent trip, I was resigned to the fact that it would be my last in a long while. I've been dating a really great girl in the UK since August 2011 and have known her, albeit vaguely, for a few years prior to that. I'd booked my December 2011 trip to Thailand long before we started dating and expected that in 2012 we'd be going on holiday together. Shortly after my return to the UK I asked if she'd like to go on holiday together, stating that I intend to go on holiday in 2012 and would prefer to go with her but if not my friends were wanting to book some holidays and I'd go with them instead. After mulling it over for a couple of weeks she told me, for financial and commitments reasons, that I should go on holiday with my friends. I did offer to pay to take her on holiday but her response was that she wanted to pay her own way. Around this time a fellow BM on another site, Kendo, mentioned the vacation he'd got planned for April 2012 and his proposed expedition up to Isaan for Songkran. So once I was given the green-light I discussed with him about teaming up for a mission in to the Northern territories and then booked my holiday to overlap his. Going in April would not only provide me the opportunity to see Thailand at a different time of year but would be soon enough to minimise the risk of my "free pass" being revoked.
  21. http://www.pattayadailynews.com/en/2012/08/29/pattaya-plans-free-wifi-at-1000-spots/
  22. Hi there. I'm planning a trip to Pattaya in the next two weeks, looking to stay at the Marriot which I gather is ladyboy friendly. As this will be my first time to Pattaya I was wondering if you all could give me some guidance; Where are the good ladyboy bars? How much do they cost for a ST and LT? Is it safe to travel by myself? Things I should be aware of? Is picking up a ladyboy freelancer safe (am i at risk i terms of my safety and health? Your advise will be greatly appreciated.
  23. Police rounded up 30 ladyboys from Walking Street and Beach Road last night and fined them 100 baht each. Their pics are in the link; maybe someone you know. http://www.pattayaon...-street-police/
  24. From the Pattaya Daily News: http://www.pattayadailynews.com/en/2012/07/10/pattaya-ladyboy-gang-beats-three-people-and-chases-them-on-motorbikes/
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