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  1. To prevent LK Metro from being completely overshadowed by the "Peachy Lily", let's create a new topic. No doubt many punters will visit soon, looking forward to some impressions. And ofcourse also the content from Youngone or others is always appreciated.
  2. This year will be the biggest and most extravagant contest for MTU, as they are marking the 25th anniversary. The finals night will be Sunday Feb 4, 2024 at the TIffany Theatre. Tickets are pricey, as are live streams pay per view, but the videos are also posted after the contest. This video is from the preliminary round yesterday. This year there are a lot of contestants from professional university studies. This year also had the highest number of applicants as it is the 25th anniversary. I know that very few board members are interested in these contests - but I think that you get a good idea of just how beautiful the Thai transgenders are now as compared to years ago. You can fast forward to the sections of interest I don't really have any favorite as they are all gorgeous Also note that there are pre-ops and post-ops in the competition, but their status is not publicized..
  3. On a sister forum, attached map was recently posted (hope it's okay to have borrowed it). Since I am not the Pattaya expert, I wonder whether punters who are more familiar in Patts, can enlighten me (and others) a little on bars which are not so often discussed here on LBR. I see bar names which are totally new for me ... and might even add the "Lucky Eye bar" (Soi MIT) which is not even on the map. I assume they are mixed bars (lbs and ggs), but then again ... just my assumption
  4. Some year back there was a ladyboy bar where most ofteh ladyboy have their balls removed ...it was located within walking street as far as i can recall ..may be some of you may remenber it . I found these girs very feminine and still getting hard. Does any of you have had expereince with such girl and do you still have some contacts.
  5. I have long lost that innocent brotherly joy of a sissy monger's first 2 or 3 TRs when he seeks and basks in the online peer recognition of fellow BM's admiration posts and bitter jealous non-posts. My first TR was 10 years ago at PY and a did a few more there after that and while I was posting them they were always the most viewed threads. But it did not end well for me and my PY TRs were all obliterated. Unique testimonies with 1000s of pics of an era lost for good but with the upside being that I didn't have to feel guilty anymore about the ladyboys I had exposed as prostis and intimately for the sake of more web-"likes". After joining LBR I did a few more TRs, but they never recaptured the enthusiasm and X-ratedness of my earlier ones. In fact the zen master of Enthusiastic-TRing the great Snoopdawg himself told me that in my last TR (from the perspective of my shirt can you believe I did that?) I came across as "desillusioned." I think he had a point and the reason I am still TRing is because I like to write and this Board can use my ramblings since no one else is TRing. So view this TR as my contribution to the Board's post-count since I am not so proficient at the few active topics. But it will not be a blow-by-blow TR like most BMs lik'em. It will be a loose collection of trip moments. Here is an example: I arrived yesterday in Manila at NAIA airport. It's safer to take the yellow metered airport taxis as your name and destination gets on record by the dispatcher who gives you a piece of paper with the taxi ID. Yet they still try to scam you. The one I took yesterday had the meter set like a slot machine. I reminded him the fare goes up by 4 pesos only every 300 meters. Not every 50. It got awkward. He reset the meter. The trip was only 270 pesos not the 700 or 800 it would have cost with the fast metering. In the end I still gave him a 100 peso tip. He had tried to cheat me but gave me the chance to bust him and tell about it here.
  6. or anyone in Pattaya the week of June 19, Miss International Queen 2023 is on again! There are 22 contestants from 22 different countries vying for the MIQ 2023 crown. Tickets are pricey, but there are a few events that are open to the public. You can check Miss International Queen internet home page, or check their Facebook or Instagram social media home pages for more details. Here are photos of the 22 contestants:
  7. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Candy, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Candy19989 Ladyboy Candy offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/candyasia
  8. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Memie, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/MemieLadyboy_TH Busty Memie offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/tsmemethailand?c=1
  9. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Mos, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/LadyboyXMos Busty Ladyboy Mos offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/ladyboymos?c=2
  10. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Bunny-Thai, based in Phuket & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunny_thai_xxx Bunny-Thai offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/ladyboybunnythai?c=2
  11. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Nancy, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/LadyboyNancy_OF Nancy offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/tsnancy/c1
  12. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Ida, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Thai_LadyBoy_OF Busty Ida offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/ida2xx/c1
  13. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Emmy, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Ladyboy Emmy offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/emmy_monika?c=1
  14. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Anastasia, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Tattoed Ladyboy Anastasia offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/anastasiatsthai?c=1
  15. Find the best Ladyboys from Thailand @ Twitter: Our Main Account: https://twitter.com/Thai_LadyBoys_X
  16. Welcome to the very sexy Lisa!
  17. Fire plume today in Pattaya: Burning trash?
  18. i am interested to know if it is possble to meet non asian ladyboy in Pattaya Any shared experience will be welcome
  19. Please support my patreon ladyboy vlog as I need to buy a decent camera,:) http://Www.patreon.com/cinederose
  20. After missing two years, the Miss International Queen contest is back. It will be held June 25, 2022 at the Tiffany Theater in Pattaya, Thailand. If anyone is in Thailand at that time, you have the chance to attend the contest and some of the free promotional activities the week prior to the finals night. Here is a Youtube video that was posted by Pageant Empress 9 days ago. It previews 18 contestants - but there might be a few more as the application deadline was March 31, 2022. A good number of candidates from South America this time. I am impressed by Miss Venezuela, Miss Vietnam, Miss Indonesia, and Miss Thailand. Quite a number of beauties this year - should be an interesting competition.
  21. They have started the preparations for Miss Tiffany Universe 2020, while I don't have the date of the finals yet, I am guessing it will be the in November sometime. Here is a video of the 100 who auditioned: Video of the selection of the final 31 - unfortunately no English subtitles, but if I can find some later I will post them. There were 100 applicants this year, and the field was narrowed to 31 who will take part in activities until the finals night.
  22. I guess , that most of you, i like to do photo shooting (essentially in teh room but would not mond outside). Some ladyboy are quite reluctant to be photographed and ask for extra money ..sometime to an acceptable level. Would be curious to know how you handle it and provide me woth some guidelines
  23. Chasing ladyboy is great ...however I woudl liek to add some exercise during my trip to Pattaya ..need to improve my gold practice Would liek to know the recommendations for gold lesson and pratcie : - what are the best place - is there any daily / weekly training with a Pro Can we rent the material there ... Thanks for the feedback and ny the way ..is there any good lookimg LB on the course ....
  24. I have seen over the year some very beautiful tattos on ladyboys (and girls too by the way) ; although i am not a fan of tatoos, i find them quite sexy on some of the girls. It may be good to share on this new topic, the best tattos you have seen so far on the pattaya ladyboy
  25. I never met too many pics while with the girls with the exception of some phone pics . I am planning to bring my camera and do some shooting. For those who have some some photo shotting when picking up a girl, do they charge more or they are happy to get the pics Feedback welcome
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