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  1. Found a full view pic of Tin cup place. Credit goes to Bangkok112.
  2. Me neither. Was dreaming about it since December(when i started planning the trip). It was one of the first bars on my to visit list. :-(
  3. Hello everyone. Before everything id like to state that I'm a first time visitor to Pattaya. I'll be staying for 6 Nights 7 Days starting from 9th may 2017.Travelling with a buddy. Having heard a lot about pattaya & my main goal is to indulge in as many BOOM BOOM as humanly & walletly possible in my stay. With that in mind i have decided to book a hotel on soi 6 or very close to it. Now the things i'm looking at while booking are as follows. The hotel should have an AC & WiFi. Don't care much for TV. Should be guest friendly(which i assume most of them are) I or my guest should be able to smoke in the room.(I have a Smoke fetish) Lower the price the better. But again not so low that the hotel is bad. Good quality Bed. Soft and big. Balcony or window opening towards soi-6 (low on priority) I have already looked at QueenVictoriaInn(standard rooms) and that is currently ranking high on my booking. But are there any other alternatives i should look at. Could only find Ruby-Club room prices online but their rooms are not smoker friendly so they are out. Looking on google maps street view i did notice that most establishments offered room but couldn't find any information online. It would be very helpful if you guys could suggest a place that i fits my requirements. Thank You.
  4. Sunny sure is a stunner. Anyways a girl or ladyboy smoking instantly flips the ON switch for me.
  5. Having a ladyboy dominate me is on my To Do list.
  6. Who's the lady in the printed bikini? Can I still find her at sensations?
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