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  1. I m searching for words to compliment for the person who posted it
  2. It also shows the flaws in the web design which can be hacked for blackmail. Nowadays its a hobby for some people to hack and blackmail for something. Its better for us to get a nice secured simple web design rather going for lush costly unsecured web design. Its my opinion coz just now i m studying about web designed and loop holes in the designing part.
  3. Best of Luck to all. And keep the good work going on well. As i am unable to attend atleast i can wish for the success of the event.
  4. I need info about m2f transition I have many question regarding m2f and need clarification and help. Can a male become a shemale or female? What are the process involved in it? Is there any age limit applicable?, Time and cost required for transition process? And came to know that THAILAND is the best place for m2f process. If one want to relocate is it possible or any helping group or community can help relocate? Hoping to get as many answers coz it may be useful a bunch of people who badly in need and want to move away somewhere to lead a discreet life. (cos they dont get proper care and even not accepted by parents, relatives, and friends) Hope evenyone understand the situation and awaiting replies to flood as many as possible.
  5. Awesome thread. Can i also post any pics of shemale or ladyboys here. Or i have to pay something to post or view. clarify plz.
  6. Hi all, I m entirely new to this forum. I m a complicated soul having different feeling inside and outside and hope to get some help here. Suggestions appreciated.
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