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  1. Given the amount of boozing you would think there would be more fights. But with most guys in Thailand being sexually satisfied that puts a lid on anger and aggression. Or perhaps the angry and frustrated use forums as an outlet to blow off steam?
  2. Welcome Starman! Here are some links to the Romscar Club and Hitler videos. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/forum/142-the-2019-2020-romscar-awards/ http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/8459-other-custom-videos-with-hitler-or-other-themes/ http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/forum/217-off-the-wall-trip-reports/
  3. Looks like her dream was so vivid she started fingering!
  4. In almost all countries schoolchildren are taught to revere nationalism, patriotism, and the legitimacy of the wealth of the elites. In many countries religious conditioning also exists.
  5. Good question Quinn! I only know one out of the closet Remoaner in Pattaya although there could be some who stay silent due to peer pressure. So I am making an educated guess. Merits further investigation!
  6. A British tourist found in only underwear near North Pattaya Beach Road claimed that he was robbed and beaten by four men after drinking heavily with a woman he met two days ago. The incident occurred at noon on July 6th. Officers and an interpreter from the Pattaya Police Station met with the 29-year-old victim Mr. Farnie (last name withheld due to his privacy), who sat on a footpath near North Pattaya Beach Road in boxers, looking bewildered and terrified and still recovering from intoxication. According to the Pattaya News reporters, the victim was dressed in his underwear and suffered several bruises around his body. Via an interpreter, he explained his grievance that he got robbed and stomped by four men after getting drunk with a Thai woman he met two days prior. It was unclear, however, exactly why the men attacked him. The victim claimed he did nothing to offend the men or warrant the attack. The suspects took his phone, backpack, and money before fleeing while he fell unconscious. The victim said he had no inkling of how he ended up on a footpath in North Pattaya, according to the Pattaya News reporters. Mr. Farnie admitted that he knew the woman only two days ago, according to The Pattaya News reporters. He claimed she worked in a bar in Soi Chaloem Phrakiat 25. The victim was then hospitalized at the Banglamung Hospital. He filed a report against his assailants and the woman today, July 7th, while police promised him to capture the suspects as soon as possible as the incident was a disgrace to what they called the outstanding family friendly image of Pattaya. https://thepattayanews.com/2022/07/07/intoxicated-british-tourist-allegedly-robbed-and-beaten-by-four-thai-men-near-north-pattaya-beach-road/
  7. Dollar is rocking and rolling against all currencies due to a hawkish Fed! The 36 baht level was breached and headed towards 56 Philippine pisos and parity with the Euro.
  8. For clarity, Duangjai Bar on Soi Chaiyapoon is a ladyboy bar. Duangjai Bar on nearby Soi Lengkee is a lady bar so easy to go to the wrong Duangjai and wonder where the cock went.
  9. Pdoggg


    Cum coloured. It's coming all the way from his ballsack!
  10. Pdoggg

    Bar Rock

    The Paul Jackson Band. I've seen them at seven different venues. Their shows are different depending on the venue and the crowd but they play fun, upbeat party music. I like them best when they are playing Chuck Berry style tunes.
  11. The following are the details so far of the Pattaya Musical Festival 2022 in August. There will be some road closures in Pattaya and Jomtien gents. First Week (three stages) Date: August 5-6 Location: Pattaya Beach (Dusit Turn/North Pattaya Beach, Pattaya Soi 5-6, and Central Pattaya Intersection Beach ========================== Second Week (one stage) Date: August 12-13 Location: Multipurpose field on Jomtien Beach ================ Third week (one stage) Date: August 19-20 Location: Central Pattaya Intersection Beach ========== Fourth week Date: August 26-27 Location: Central Pattaya Intersection Beach
  12. Pdoggg


    Seven inches of Swedish sausage!
  13. Pdoggg


    The Three Mouseketeers will leave her to a guy with more baht than brains.
  14. Pdoggg

    Bar Rock

    Bar Rock is now a ladyboy bar. Located on Pratumnak Soi 5 close to Berney Music Bar. Btw, the best band in Pattaya is playing at Berney's on Thursday, July 7th so you can kill two birds with one stone. Cheap Bolt ride from Jomtien or Pattaya. https://www.google.com/maps/place/BarRock/@12.9117733,100.8609553,20z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x3102965b4945d53b:0x6392175045f9b288!2sBerney+Restaurant!8m2!3d12.9117733!4d100.8612289!3m4!1s0x3102957e6bd786d1:0x18b5e5a81f327df8!8m2!3d12.9116375!4d100.8609219
  15. Our beloved Grunt is the master of the Art of the Tease!
  16. Pdoggg

    Busy Bars

    Delirious always seems busy. Herberth runs a good bar! Duangjai doesn't seem to have lots of customers but a nice complement of ladyboys. Duangjai seems to be more of a groping/short time joint rather than a place to hang with mates.
  17. Pdoggg


    Perhaps good for those who bareback?
  18. Pdoggg


    Get plenty of sleep and keep hydrated in addition to the other advice. The 4 jabs should help! Get well soon and you should be shaggin in no time!
  19. Pdoggg


    I'm sure he will appreciate the graphs!
  20. Pdoggg

    The Big Breakfast

    I have the opposite problem as American bacon isn't always easy to find in Pattaya. After trying lots of places recently, my clear favorite both overall and also value for money is Ye Olde Rogues Retreat near the top of Pratumnak Soi 5. I find all ingredients and condiments to be top quality and only 110 baht. If you want a second cup of coffee from the Bon Cafe machine it is 20 baht extra. Very friendly service. Indoors has strong aircon. There is also an outdoor area. Excellent TV screens too. Perhaps Robin Hood is as good as Olde Rogues but their brekkie is no longer remotely close to the 99 baht it was a year ago. Nicky's is probably your best bet for full monty. I haven't tried their breakfast as the special ends at 1PM which doesn't suit my schedule. Note,Irish Wolfhound recently raised their brekkie to 129 from 99 but I had already shifter to Olde Rogues.
  21. I'm a little confused Aitch. I'm talking about the USA Medicare program for Americans. It is not available for Yanks in Canada. There might be some minor exceptions such as a North Dakotan with an emergency if the Canadian hospital is closer than the American one. The 15% under the Canadian plan is 0% for Yanks under USA Medicare even though we have paid into Medicare via payroll tax all our lives. The biggest financial uncertainty for many older expats living in Thailand is health care costs. The cost becomes prohibitive for octogenarians but that's when health care is most likely needed. That sabbatical sounds pretty good! You can run through lots of ladyboys in two years!
  22. What a drag it is getting old! Old Yanks receive their full Social Security no matter where they live. But Medicare, the almost free health care scheme for old fogeys, is only available in the States and Territories. Guam is the closest place to Thailand where it's available. Of course a band loves it when they can feed off the energy of a crowd but my favorite band adapts their playlist based on the venue and vibe. If the place is packed lots of party music. If the place is empty they switch to the blues.
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