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  1. Mucky bugger , hope alls well with you mon ami.
  2. Lucky Diamond was there last November as I recall, I was staying at the Chaiyapoon Inn/Apartments and had a look in on my way up to Duangjai Bar (more or less next door) so it was not that close to the end of the soi.
  3. Just found one of their LBWVB shirts in one of my wardrobe draws, still unopened in bag.
  4. duke007


    At least At least he had a good Innings ( aged 90) and I particularly liked him in his roles mentioned above plus in Colditz and Sapphire and Steel. R.I.P David
  5. Not in the slightest, just misread your post as 'Not too many like Brett unfortunately', ...as you said to Pdoggg the 'wrong end of the stick', easily done sometimes.
  6. Same same, met Brett a few times myself and shared beers and messages...
  7. The former owner of The Spot Bar and Surprise Yourself Bar sadly passed away yesterday, I'm sure a few of you knew the French guy Kiki. R.I.P. Kiki
  8. Yep, I have a Wise account with Pounds, the transfers to Thai Baht seem pretty reasonable too imho.
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