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  1. Sensations Bar (Action Street) Wednesday 5th October
  2. This was Jay from back then. (pics courtesy of either SLBT or Bumblebee or both)
  3. Not as much as me mate, should have barfined Jay when she worked at the old Baby Boom all those years ago, regretted it ever since Hopefully that will be rectified soon
  4. Good to hear, I do like the look of Kong But there is another girl who works there who waits me
  5. Soi Buakhao (on the corner of Soi Boomerang) , it used to be called Asia Backpackers.
  6. This Ladyman is currently in Saigon, very nice
  7. The £ against the $ only really effects me when upgrading to Premium Member on Thai Friendly when I'm going to Pattaya. Still, I suppose its cheaper than paying for Lady drinks and Barfines though At the end of the day 'it is what it is'
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