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    Many folks know the legendary story of how Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album was inspired by the former bandleader who devolved into mental illness and was replaced by David Gilmore. This former member turned up - uninvited and unexpected - during the recording sessions after a 10 year absence, and told the guys "I'm here to play my bit". Roger Waters was so moved/distraught/disturbed by the site of his former friend that he went home that night and wrote the lyrics for "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" in homage. Most folks know the legend, and know the name of the former band member. So: Who inspired the lyrics, and what was his real first name?
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    So true Mueller could've gone down in history as a savior of America.... but instead..... https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/bill-maher-robert-mueller-828277/ "for over 2 years America has had a crazy person in the white house and the democrats have done fuck all about it because they were waiting for Mueller" "over 400 pages detailing terrible crimes by a corrupt president, yet Mueller does not prosecute."
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    Tonight is the White House Correspondents Dinner. Trump has ordered people in his administration to not attend. Here's a clip from 2011 dinner where Obama skewers Trump. Seth Myers was the 2011 host. Michelle Wolf, who hosted the 2018 dinner.
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    But the problem is that as an ex-President he has lifetime Secret Service protection so he won't be raped in prison. The establishment media is promoting the narrative that centrist candidates are more electable. Is this true? Perhaps it is more true than usual in 2020 given how how much Trump is hated by 50% of the people. But what it ignores is that the Jill Stein type of voters are completely turned off by business as usual candidates such as Biden who continues to take lobbyist money. Most of these voters will wind up voting for the Dem candidate, but not all of them. Why would the media promote this narrative? Given that the mainstream media is owned by the rich and powerful, it's no surprise that the mainstream media would want to protect the rich and powerful. As far as I'm concerned, even if that narrative is true, Uncle Joe can go fuck himself. Most of my left leaning friends disagree. They are obsessed with getting rid of Trump in a way they wouldn't be if say Low Energy Jeb or Lyin' Ted or Little Marco were POTUS. It's easy to see why. For example, despite the phoney pretext for the Iraq war, I couldn't envision Dubya pressing the nuclear button in a pique of rage or attempting a military takeover of the USA if he lost the election. My right wing friends would suggest that these scenarios are nonsense and maybe they are, but since so many people see these as even remotely plausible suggests that anti-Trump voters will turn out in 2020 no matter who the candidate is. Even for a gay candidate or a Democratic New Deal Socialist. I'm for Bernie and would be fine with Warren. I think Gabbard is interesting. I also have a soft soft for Booker, despite his extremely cozy relationship with Wall Street and Big Pharma. I saw him speak to a small group of about 25 people long before he was Mayor of Newark. I also hope that Marianne Williamson makes the debate stage. She has a unique message and should be heard. Looks like there will be more than 20 candidates so it's possible that not everyone who gets 1% in the polls or has 65,000 unique donors will make the cut. Btw, I'm all for Supreme Court packing, a perfectly legal legislative maneuver, just as McConnell's refusal to hold Garland hearings was perfectly legal. just as Trump's breaking of presidential norms is perfectly legal.
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    Stab in the dark: both are descendants of Louis XIV? P.S. - Steely Dan was a band I abhorred in High School. Too jazzy, too “pop”. Now I’m obsessed with them. One of my favorites.
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    Salee (ex 69 bar now Bkk) was the winner
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    I am sure the Dems would agree to abolish the Electoral College and shift to the Popular Vote! Since a Constitutional amendment requires the approval of 3/4 of the states, that's not happening as states such as the Dakotas will nix that. Slightly more promising is a legal compact between States requiring their electors to vote for the candidate that won the nationwide popular vote. But I doubt that the Supremes would go for that especially with Chief Roberts now being the most centrist Justice. Is it true that Trump directed Cohen to write a threatening letter to the Electoral College demanding that they not release his grades? Unless the parties realign, the GOP is in trouble long-term as the Dem base is younger and has more babies. Even 2020 vs 2016, these demographic factors are in play. Perhaps this factor could amount to a 1% difference which means quite a bit in a close election The GOP's best strategy is a combination of voter suppression and appointing judges that will acquiesce to voter suppression. The mythical Undecided Voter vs turning out the Base? Of course both parties want to do both but I think turning out the Base gives you more bang for the buck especially in 2020 where there will be fewer Undecided voters than in 2016. Think in '16 there were centrist Soccer Moms that thought let's give a businessman a chance and see what he can do. I think this somewhat non-ideological woman is now totally turned off by Trump. There could also be some unforseen event that could shake things up such as a nuclear war or a new terrorist tactic like putting LSD in the water supply. Trump could also start a garden variety war such as an invasion of Venuzuela if the polling supported it. However, I don't think that war would have popular support.
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    I'm afraid this is right on the money.
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    Oh man, I hate to be Mr. Downer, but I have a strong suspicion that the orange tumor will be reinstalled as puppet prez of the land of fat and stupid in 2020. Looks like the Dems are working hard to make this happen. The horrid neoliberal clowns they are offering up are a joke. They are hated by the majority of people, and with good reason. They work for the big corporate donors who(bribe them) pay for their campaigns. Of course, this is true of the alleged “other team” as well. The mouth-breathing masses who support Trumpo the Assclown don’t care what he does or says as long as he pisses off what they perceive as “the left.” As long as he does that, and blames the poor and non-whites for their many problems, that’s good enough for them no matter how badly they are getting screwed. MAGA, bitches! Sanders was a sheepdog last go round and he’ll likely do the same thing again. Or if by some fluke he magages to get in, it’ll be because he is playing the oligarch’s game, just like Barry the Bomber did. You cannot dismantle the master’s house using the master’s tools. It does not work like that. https://blackagendareport.com/facing-2020-and-bernie-20-what-greens-must-do https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/six-thoughts-on-bernie-2020-c64d7cfd5d7e
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