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Due to the passage of SESTA/FOSTA laws in the USA, there has been a major reconfiguration  of the P4P and Hook-Up websites in the US.  Basically, any site that might have had girls soliciting for funds has closed down, or eliminated their TS dating pages. Thus, Craigslist, Backpage and many other US based sites have either shutdown, or stopped with a personal ads section.

As a result the escort dating sites now are all off-shore and run out of Europe or some non-US jurisdiction.  It seems like the biggest in the US are 1) Eros.com Guide; 2) TS4Rent.com/TSMasseure.com; and 3) TSEscorts.com.

I recently did a search of TSEscorts.com for girls in Asia.  GOLDMINE

There are literally thousands of girls int he philippines on the site.   Given the sheer number of girls on the site, and the fact that the site charges for girls to advertise, it must be a premiere site in the Philippines market.

Given that we don't have many members on this site on the ground in the Philippines, will probably have to wait to the pandemic is over to get review of the site's effectiveness in the Phillipines



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Pleased to read this info, sir. I'm thinking that the PI is possibly going to become the new Mecca of the P4P world in Asia due to the restrictions proposed for LOS once COVID is brought under control.

I've visited the PI on a number of occasions, Manila (mainly short stays) & AC more often. Those were GG days. Now that I've become inclined to the "3rd sex", I actively considering the PI as a place to visit and maybe reside. I note that you are pretty experienced in the PI over the years and have read your comments with interest. Too bad that Stealth is no longer a commentator. We need a new man on the ground to update the information Stealth so generously made available.


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