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  1. ciobha

    4th Wave

    I fully agree with everything you have just said BBG, and like Seven, I really fear for the younger generation now who will probably now live the rest of their lives in a media induced fear bubble, and be subject to lockdowns (called for by cretins as you describe them) every time some fooker sneezes. But I also feel a bit sad for some older folk, like my dear old Dad. Touching 80 years of age, he is in reasonable health, despite suffering a stroke last year. He says he wants to live out the rest of his days, knowing they are limited, enjoying his health while he has it, and that means going full hog to the best of his ability. He can't stand the fact that all things he enjoys have been forcefully taken away from him by some fucker scientist, telling him it is for his own good.
  2. I concur with Big Tel's sentiments, I am happy us guys have those memories to reflect upon, built up in the golden era when what we did was new and exciting, and pretty much all the guys we met and became friends with were/are a great bunch. The scene changed several years ago and the newer guys, although this seems new and exciting to them, had no idea whar it was like 10 to 15 years ago. It would blow their mind. I am booked for Xmas this year but am now resigned to the fact this will not happen. New stories will be forged in Pattaya at some stage, we will all meet up again and laugh over a few beers while some hottie is trying to rummage in our undercrackers, but until then I won't dwell on what could have or might have been. The Golf Courses around Ireland are doing magnificent deals at the minute, so my holiday time 9of which I have plenty built up) will be used on the fairways, with my hand on a different type of balls.
  3. Would it help if I told you the videos are short but absolutely magnificent and would give a corpse a hard-on? Maybe that will cheer you up and not feel so bad for not being able to see them??
  4. My sentiments entirely Tel, Scott is one of the good guys, always has been.
  5. I don't agree with it being a hoax JSG, it is a serious pandemic that affects primarily a certain demographic of society (i.e the elderly or the medically vulnerable) and I am sure everybody on this forum knows at least one person in that category who would be in danger if they contracted the virus. Maybe why people see it as "nothing more than the flu" is because they can't or won't look directly at those statistics, and choose to see only the effect it has on the younger and healthier generation. But one thing I will say, perhaps slightly diluting what Duncan has stated, is that I believe that certain authorities and establishments have taken a medical pandemic and tried to turn it into a political pandemic, to work in their favour. Something we could debate all night, but I would rather do it as friends, chatting over a cold beer or several in Pattaya, than on an internet platform.
  6. All well and good JSG on the assumption that the world leaders have your best interests at heart.
  7. Quite right Woodie. I recall a commentator here recently stating about Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Officer) and Patrick Valance (Chief Scientific Officer) - "These guys should be looked at as nerds in bad suits, providing the Government with factual data, and then going back to their office and let the elected officials decide on our course of action based on the provided evidence. Instead, they are rolled out day after day to each press conference, like rock star celebrities, and they are beginning to enjoy the limelight a little too much"
  8. Kind of typical to what I see here from time to time. Power hungry nobody's who have become the self appointed Covid Police, believing they now have some sort of power over people. Usually happens at my local Tesco. I feel sorry for them in a way, the people who exercise this unfounded sense of overwhelming authority are generally high school failures, whose lives haven't turned out anywhere near how they had hoped and this is their last bastion of trying to be important in society.
  9. Ahh come on bother Seven, I promise to go easy on you!!
  10. I would have agreed with you up until a few weeks BB, but already I see the wheels being put in motion for the goalposts to be moved yet again. The set agenda and promise of "get the vaccine and everything will be back to normal" is already being reneged on, with reports already coming out of "the vaccine alone won't get us through this, we are going to have multiple waves with a number of different variants" etc., all from these so called experts from science and medical advisory boards, who IMO have a personal set agenda and don't give two shiny shites about peoples livelihoods. The Government needs to grow a set and limit the powers of these attention seeking buffons. Yes, take their advise on board, along with the advise of experts from various other fields, but advisers are there to advise, Governments are there to decide, based on ALL the evidence.
  11. Nope, same Bar, same management and same seating. I have to say Poppy bar was a lot more appealing, especially for those nights sitting outside sipping a few cold beers, Poppy had good comfortable seats and a custom built outside area. I believe Nok was made an offer she couldn't refuse to move back across the street, so grabbed it with both hands.
  12. The Bumbar girls are heading back home. Yes, they are now moving back across the street to the La Bamba location, and vacating Poppy Bar. Party on Tuesday night to celebrate their return.
  13. Talking to Sindy today, she seems to think the bars will open again on Monday. One thing struck me though, she and the rest of the girls in the bar are scared, and I mean petrified of this virus. They seem to be of the opinion that if they get it, it is a death sentence!! I tried to re-assure her that given the young age and lack of any underlying health issues, they may get a little bit sick, but it is certainly not a death sentence. However best to be cautious anyway for the next few weeks, better not having it at all.
  14. Happy New Year to you BBG, at least you have the warmth to keep you content - I am freezing my balls off here (although to be fair I live practically at the top of a mountain so it is cold all year round) I think we will the EPL again this year mate, but will need to buck up our ideas on the last few matches!!
  15. ciobha


    At that rate Dukey, you will have had more tests than Phil Tuffnell.
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