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  1. The lb in Saint Jack were trans. The two in the hotel room were post op.
  2. mikel1


    Right wing tin hat paranoid bullshit.
  3. mikel1


    The UK & US had all these in abundance before the virus.
  4. mikel1


    The Lao PM has recently praised the work being done to finish a high speed rail link from the Chinese border into Vientiane. It will be a disaster for Laos as thousands of Chinese swarm in - Cambodia & Sri Lanka are realising, too late, what it means to deal with the CCP. The biggest concern is the bat munchers getting their hands on all the gorgeous Lao ladyboys first!
  5. mikel1


    While living in a nation whose President is the son of an actual Nazi. How did America come to this?
  6. Ts Foxxy Jessy Dubai Joanna Jet Jane Marie Allanah Starr Ts Celeste Alison Dale Gia Darling Miran Delia DeLions Aspen Brooks (there'd be a threesome in there so I've squeezed 11 into a top ten)
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