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    I am from the northeast USA, have been traveling to southeast Asia for the past 15 years and really enjoy it there.

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  1. Oh, there's no question about that.....not to mention the burden of guilt and shame which had to be carried around by millions of people because of those ASSHOLE catholic scumbags. I would hope the yes vote was indeed a very strong rejection of their worthless dogma.
  2. Wow, this is great news! And was the first thing my news feed was telling me this morning, probably because my news feed is filled with Liberal websites who all support LGBT rights! I was super-happy for my Irish friends I have met over the years, and for all Irish people; this is a great day for love and unity. Hopefully this will send a message to every other country on earth.
  3. JaiDee

    Bruce Jenner

    This lady is a true American hero as well, and running for Congress! Best of luck Kristin. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/12/kristin-beck_n_6673744.html Kristin Beck, Transgender Former Navy Seal, To Run Against Steny Hoyer
  4. JaiDee

    Bruce Jenner

    Just wanted to add that I saw the interview and thought he was composed and came across very well. Best of luck to a true American!
  5. Found this beauty somewhere along the way, yummmm
  6. Black Moon will NOT be missed, those parties sucked. Although I will say their sound system was probably the best on the island.
  7. If you're living anywhere in Thailand meeting people on Thai Friendly is the easiest thing possible; in fact, in Jomtien last winter I closed my account after a week because I was getting too many responses to my profile! As in, 5 or 6 a day and certainly every time I logged on - there is a little green light which says 'online' - I'd get bombed by private messages. And I'm no prize, 15 years and 50 pounds past my fighting weight. 90% of them were hookers, and the other 10% automatically felt the need to tell me "I am not a hooker", which made me think "she's a hooker." As TB says, if you have the time and patience - I had neither - and live in the area you could probably meet someone decent from sites like that. But one thing I know for sure, after running what was essentially a dating site for ladyboys for a few years; they do NOT want to deal with people from overseas who aren't going to Thailand soon, as in within the next few weeks/months. Time-wasters and dreamers don't go over very well on sites like that.
  8. BB, you have always been an expert at capturing the true vibe of Pattaya! Your long strolls have produced some excellent photography over the years, I was privy to some of them last year and they were really nice. I seem to remember some fantastic shots of various full moons as well. But Ladyboys playing around on the beach is your true calling! Congrats, and keep up the good work lad
  9. Here's that gay Philippino boy who has recently transformed into quite a stunning lady, selfie taken Monday
  10. That's a good point, have you ever heard a Thai try to say a name like Michael? They have never learned how to pronounce a word which ends in the 'al' sound, which is why they pronounce Apple like Appun and Michael like Michun. I always made sure I used *many* names with the girls over the years, and used many names when dealing with customers or fellow forum readers, etc....a few used my real name but mostly I wanted to confuse people, constantly throw curveballs, etc......as trenton says, we never know their real names so why should they know ours?
  11. http://nypost.com/2014/10/06/chef-allegedly-kills-cooks-his-transexual-prostitute-wife/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPFacebook&utm_medium=SocialFlow ''A transgender woman murdered and cooked by her husband in their swank Australian apartment was a “high-class” prostitute using profits from sex work to support her family in Indonesia.''
  12. I think so as well, and I learned to say it on my 2nd trip to Thailand many moons ago when I shacked up with a gorgeous little LB for the week down on Phuket. Of course I was paying her all along, not making her rich {I was a broke backpacker back then!} but paying for her time and all food and drinks, the rooms, etc.....and she was in no hurry to leave. Anyway, on or about the last day she asked me if I could give her some money to send back to her mom in the country to "repair her roof", which apparently was leaking. Still being new to the scene and not yet aware of the stories [read; lies] some of these girls will tell to get money out of us, I still found it an odd request; as in, why on earth would I help your mom repair her roof? The girl would have had a better chance - but still would have failed - had she just said "I need money to pay the rent and buy some drinks and food for myself after you leave." Anyway, I told her no, not my problem; she was sad for about 5 seconds then it passed.
  13. There's a much easier phrase; no. Works every time.
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