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  1. 0f course i forgot to credit QG with the pic. well done Cowpoke! Must confess though, i preferred the old days when Sunny had 2 arms and could afford a proper bra. She's possibly now the only Ladyboy who can boast that her boobs are covid free......
  2. time for an up to date pic of Sunny, with Teya and Sara. Taken from a livestream of a few days back when Sunny made a surprise visit.
  3. I think it's probably more of an incentive for Jimmy 'six shots' Cargopants to break his record and become Jimmy 'eight shots' or maybe more... he's still a young fella.... me...i'd just hang them from the shelf holding my Annabelle bottle...
  4. yes QG..unfortunately my internet was iffy that day so i missed emmy's announcement. Sunny is looking well though isn't she? even in the 2 pics you took through thick fog.... Only Sunny could think of wearing two face masks as a bra.... at last a sensible use for them....
  5. anyone else with any ideas for Emmy to use in her livestream please feel free to post here. remember the limitations with the size of the bar and facilities though.But, all ideas welcome. All will be passed on to Emmy. Remember too you guys in Pattaya that when the bars re-open you can always sit outside and watch, you won't be on camera. The girls actually prefer having a live audience to act up to. And,don't think that by being there you are in any way commited to buying Ladydrinks, you're not, all that is entirely up to you. Same as watching the livestream on the net, of course Ladydrinks are appreciated but Emmy is pleased that she has a fan base of viewers. And.....Sunny was back last night...and i missed it!
  6. welcome back QG. i was getting worried about you being trapped in your Hazmat suit or whatever.... Good to see you back and catching uo with your job as CEO of the artwork section. Have you been out riding the range on your hoss?
  7. you are bang on with that comment PD... she's a darling.
  8. well, i shouldn't really speak for Quinn but i'm sure he won't mind. Tonights livestream was going to have a special premier, Quinn and i were planning on giving our Lambada and Riverdance very first performance. Now, we know that the Lambada is very much out of date nowadays. But, so are we. We are constantly told though that both of us are very lithe, snakehipped and sinuous. Ideal for the Lambada. So we may premier it Or, we could do the Twist, Watusi or Frug We might even try the Hokey-Cokey. I'm a bit worried about him kicking the pool table with that one though. Then again... we will probably do sod all... Watch and thou shalt see.
  9. yeah well...think yourself lucky, we were going to do the twist. But,talking about riverdance, i always loved it [to watch that is] and still do. i can well imagine Errol Quinn in his new sailor suit from his shop dancing the opening sequence in the vid with teya outside Emmy's bar...
  10. no wednesday show Quinn.... but hey, it gives us an extra night to practise the lambada....
  11. well said Woodie. A statement almost Churchillian in its diectness and to the point simplicity.
  12. nearly right...if teya got hold of him..it would be swashbuckling semen......
  13. well BB... if he wanted and promised to wear that silver thing with the black trousers.... i'd happily buy them for him.... upcoming livestream! Quinn fashion night!
  14. i always said that you are a fashion icon in Pattaya Quinn...
  15. yeah... but we were planning an alternate livestream Woodie, one where people buy us drinks to keep the clothing on!
  16. Quinn and I have already auditioned....
  17. don't be too hard on him Quinn, after all he's Australian.. next saturday Jimmy, but i guess postoned anyway due to the latest lockdown, travel ban, mass panic or whatever. i would think the party will happen after all is back to normal, whatever normal is ! No doubt Emmy will let us know when she knows.
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