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  1. I don’t know much about Trump, but when it comes to thighs, I know that the Japanese are big fans of it. Two neuroscientist, named Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, write about it in their book entitled "A Billion Wicked Thoughts”. On Youtube you can find an interesting 48 minute video of a lecture by them. Ogas and Gaddam examined the surfing behavior of millions of people and thus got a good idea of the actual sexual interests of both men and women. Incidentally, with a remarkable result when it comes to ladyboys / shemales; namely that gay men are not interested in shem
  2. when you are looking for a LB with very beautiful tattoos, you will not get around Som. Som works from New Star Bar, Soi3 Pattaya. Especially the tattoo on her belly is special. It concerns the image of a man and woman fucking. Given the quality of this photo, it will probably have been taken by LurSaluces. This one I made myself in November 2017.
  3. Here’s the rest of the list. At No. 6, Brazilian Leticia Vlasak. Leticia’s birthsign is Scorpio. She has a scorpion tattoo on her right hip. Muito muito sexy ! Link: https://shemalez.com/videos/1339/yummy-brunette-tgirl-tugging-dick/?promo=11914 And of course, how could I make a list without the famous Amy (Amour) ? Here she is on No. 7. I saw her so many times in Pattaya, first time in 2005, but never dared to approach her, as she has a bit of an attitude. One night on WS, sitting on her stool, I heard her shou
  4. Very likely I can be described as oversexed. Maybe as a sexaddict. I like sex and watch porn a lot. (movies and Chaturbate). Going to Thailand for holiday the last 15 years is a big proof too. At least in combination with the previous 2 statements or confessions. I am into GG’s and LB’s. I want to present you my All Time Top 10 Ladyboy Pornactress List. (or - Shemale Pornactress List, as 6 out of 10 are from Brazil). I realize most of them are a bit vintage and some are long retired from making X-rated movies. The order I present them to you is
  5. This one always makes me laugh out loud
  6. Very nice pics Bumblebee. I knew Lily and DaDa looked stunning. Good to see DeeDee in bikini for the first time. Didn't see before as she is a freelancer in TJ's and doesn't participate in the shows. She looks beautiful !
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