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Websites in Brazil

Pulci Gorgon

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OTOH, if you happen to know of a great forum geared towards the ladyboy scene in Brazil or Spain or elsewhere please post about those forums as it would be useful information for our members.   


Brazil Shemale Forum - Powered by vBulletin

Forum Travesti, Transex e Bonecas Brasil - Gp Luxuria (forumgpluxuria.com)

Forum Travesti, Transex e Bonecas Brasil - Gp Luxuria (forumgpluxuria.com)

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16 hours ago, wastyhank said:

Brazilian forum 


There was also Elite Acompanhantes Forum but it seems to be down


And P&G, those two sites on the list aren't Brazilian. They are Portuguese



Thanks and congratulations for your first post in the forum. The above add websites came from an old list of mine and I hadn't seen the mistake when I had done it. I haven't checked again. When I saw Portoalegre in one of them, I had thought of Brazil. 

Let's keep your post for Portugal. The first URL was already in this thread, but the second one needs to be added. 

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Good evening folks.


The little map attached gives some localization info to the information that i'm about to give; all right, this is the "baixada santista" region, which is named after the port of Santos (located at the largest & most important city in the region); I'll spare you the whole story, after all, we're not here for that (although I can talk about it too)... anyway.

Besides being a port city, it is also an university city, where people from all over Brazil (& sometimes around the world) end up flowing for various reasons; maybe, for those particular reasons, Santos holds a huge amount of shemale (also women) beauties who charge for sex.

A small detail before we continue, obviously there are local shemales (as well as crossdressers, femboys & ordinary gays) & not all of them are looking for sex in exchange for money, but to find these "locals" who are looking for the most diverse kinds of relationships, it is necessary to be more involved in the dynamics of the city (neighborhoods, nightlife, school/university life, etc); to be honest, as far as i could know, some of them end up, for various socio-economic reasons, "corrupting themselves" & also offering sex for money...

As you all may know, living in a big & "prosperous" city has relatively high costs, so living in the vicinity can bring considerable savings (keep that in mind when we think about prices); in the old days, there were specific places where shemales were "available", not mixing with ordinary girls most of the time for the sake of competition, in large red-light districts, throughout the port, but concentrated close to the Santos Customs.

Today times have changed, technology has increasingly helped to bring potential "customers" closer to their "service providers"; there are even some bars & clubs that have some shemales in their squad, but nothing worthy of much attention &, also, the issue of not being a local can bring risks to the safety of those who want to come & enjoy these sexual services, without being accompanied by an acquaintance who speaks Portuguese and who is minimally interacted with what happens in the region.

In the neighboring city of São Vicente (the topic name), the story changes a little; very famous for concentrating large numbers of shemales offering their sexual services in specific points of the city, it came to be considered by lovers of shemales as a Mecca to be visited; exaggerations aside, they tend to concentrate in the afternoon at bus stops on Av. Presidente Wilson, Tapetão do Itararé, Fishing platform & boardwalk at Biquinha, Av. Captain Luis Pimenta, Av. Antonio Emmerick & Rua Freitas Guimarães, Av. Quintino Bocaiuva, but, as I stated above, there is always some risk.

So, to save time & avoid stressful situations, the safest then ends up being the use of reliable websites to arrange meetings; here are some really good ones:




Once you choose a shemale, arange the date (most of them travel around the cities of "baixada santista" region, asking for a little extra $$$ to do so) & either you go to them with an taxi/über driver that you trust or they can go were you're staying; I want to emphasize that I'm not against "going hunting" but, if I don't know the place very well, the habits of the locals, it's better to play it safe than to regret it later, because unfortunately Brazil is a country where "taking advantage" has become something more & more common.

I might be kind of rusty with the spots in São Vicente & Santos but, that's all pretty much; bye & take care!


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