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Alternative State Quarantine

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Repatriated Thais can stay in Quarantine hotels for free or pay extra for Alternative State Quarantine.  When borders first open to the farang long stay tourist, I suspect Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) will be mandatory.  Here's a list of the current ASQ hotels and their prices.


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18 minutes ago, Quietguy said:

It might be ok for long term (6 month) visitors to spend 14 days in hotel quarantine, but not worth it for anyone wanting to visit for 30 days or less.

I had been holding onto hope that maybe It would be OK for travel come this November but as I can only get a Month away at a time even if I could get in as you wrote QG it just isn't worth the effort.


At the moment, only select groups of foreigners are allowed to enter Thailand. They are mostly business people or special categories of the well-heeled including medical tourists seeking expensive surgery in the Land of Smiles. But they can’t just book an air ticket and arrive at the airport with a suitcase, a clutch of paperwork and a hopeful smile. Those days are gone. Probably for longer than we think.

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