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World AIDS Day, Pattaya Beach Road.

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I was out for one of my afternoon strolls on Beach Road today when I heard some morlan music pumping away in the distance.  As I got closer to the Pattaya Klang section I came across an event to mark World AIDS Day.  I remember there was a parade years back, so this must be keeping in with the tradition to some extent.  

Some ladybys in the mix, and they are the ones my lens concentrated on.  All very colorful and something to brighten up the afternoon even more.











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3 hours ago, Jimslim said:

:pic: A few familiar faces there in their best frocks, nice pics BB 

Being out of the loop on the scene these past few years I didn’t recognize any of them.

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24 minutes ago, Pdoggg said:

Is Alis still working for Sisters?

Last time I bumped into her she was handing out condoms at a morlam.

Didn’t spot her there and I think I caught most of the ladyboys present.

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