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Hotels for Pool Party & LBWVB:Areca v Cocco

Areca Lodge v Cocco Resort  

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  1. 1. Have you stayed in either and what is your opinion?

    • Areca Lodge
    • Cocco Resort

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Well the two big water themed events of the year are fast approaching and what better way to enjoy the fun than having a room ring side for the two occasions. Both hotels where the fun and frolics take place can be found in the links below along with lots more places convenient to the bars, beaches and restaurants in the place we all love but won't mention in public back home. :biggrin:

The Cocco Resort is the location for the Pool Party on 3 November and room prices are very reasonable and gives you the comfort of somewhere to change out of your wet clothes.

Click Here To Book Your Room At The Pool Party

The Areca Lodge, besides being the venue for this year's LBWVB on 7 November, is also a great location on Soi Diana in central Pattaya with most of the famous ladyboy bars all within a 10 minute stroll. You can book the Areca Lodge Here

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Only a couple of weeks to go to the 2 big events of Party Season 2015. I see the rooms in Cocco Resort have gone up to 790 B now but not sure if that's an indication of demand or just a seasonal rise.

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It's probably not fair to compare these hotels because they are so different.  The only real similarity is that Cocco Resort is hosting the Ladyboy Pool Party on November 3rd and the Areca is hosting Ladyboy Water Volleyball on November 7th.  These are both fantastic events which will probably be the highlight of your holiday in Pattaya!    :yahoo:


The Areca and the Evergreen Wing of the Areca where the Volleyball tournament is being held is centrally located with an entrance on Soi Diana and an entrance on 2nd Road Soi 15. You ca cut through the Avenue Mall for this entrance.  It's at the higher end price wise as to where most sex tourists stay.  A bit of  a warning, in prior years I've heard that they required ladies to be 20 years, not 18 like most hotels, to go to your room. Does anyone know if this policy is still in effect?  I don't think it is.  I've looked at their rooms and they are quite nice.


The Cocco Resort is about a 5 minute walk from the baht bus route that goes from Pattaya to Jomtien.  Personally I like the location because it's easy to get to Jomtien Beach but most mongers prefer to be in the heart of the action i Central Pattaya. I've never see the rooms but a good friend told they are quite nice and they are also quite inexpensive, a real bargain!


You can book a room in either place by clicking on the links in the first post which will bring you to our sister site, Asia Hotel and Travel. 


So difficult to compare these hotels since they are so different geographically and pricewise.

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