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4th Annual LBWVB Charity Event - 2015

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Apologies for the delay in providing a complete update on this year's Charity tournament.

This year will be different with up to 66 LadyBoys participating.

  • 6 Teams releases more tickets for paying attendees which are always in short supply.
  • 8 or more teams was making logistics difficult with the hotel limits.
  • Every team playing every other team - unable to do before.
  • Paying attendees automatically included in the free Raffle - need to be there for the draw.
  • Prizes for best Cheerleader squad of 6 people.
  • Prize money increased for 3rd to 6th place
  • Teams have Names and Colors to add to the creativity and spectacle.
  • A New Independent team not associated with any venue.
  • New Champion, and Runner up - it could be any team's chance.
  • Initiatives to be more involved in the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans)

Please go to:


Please help make it a success by Sponsoring a team, buying a Ticket, Donating items to the Raffle.
In 3 years LBWVB and many of you have successfully raised 2,500,000 Baht for deserving Charities with minimal direct costs.

Success depends on commitment by all those involved.

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4th Annual LBWVB Charity Event – 2015

Please Sponsor a Team, Buy a Ticket, Donate cash or Raffle prize.
Saturday 7th November 2015 starting at 1.00pm
Areca Lodge, in Soi Diana, Pattaya.

The Event is about contributing to worthy Charities.

It is non profit making while enabling Trans gender to show their positive support to their community.

This year should be bigger, and better, with each Team having 5 players PLUS 6 complimentary Cheerleaders.

  • 6 Teams of 5 Players – opportunity for cheerleader squads to get creative:


  1. Red Dragons, Sponsored by Check In, Bangkok.
  2. Black Scorpions, Sponsored by Stringfellows, Pattaya.
  3. Blue Dolphins, Sponsored by TJ’s, Naklua.
  4. Yellow Canary’s, Sponsored by Cockatoo, Bangkok.
  5. Purple People, Sponsored by Kings, Pattaya.
  6. Pink Panthers, Sponsored by Independent, Laem Chabang.

Tickets and Sponsorships are now on sale - you will be given a receipt for your contribution.
Please ask for the receipt.

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Some :offtopic: posts were removed from this thread.  These posts can be found in a new Non Event Related thread.


This purpose of this thread is to promote the Ladyboy Water Volleyball charity fundraiser. 

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Plans for the 4th LBWVB 100% Charity event, on Saturday 7th November 2015, are progressing well.
Hope that you can help this year for one day that we can all make a difference together.
Sponsor a team, Buy a ticket or Donate
For PayPal go to:
Alternatively direct contact: 
Many thanks to all those generous people that have contributed so far.

  • 6 teams of 5 players + manager
  • Minimum 1,000 Baht/player in prize money to compensate their time and personal expense
  • Prizes for best Cheerleader squad (max 6 per squad) - winners invited to the evening.
  • Miss LBWVB award - to be confirmed.
  • Entertainment - hopefully a pleasant surprise.
  • Free raffle included in the Entry ticket
  • Auction of unique items - with the help of a professional auctioneer!
  • Limited to 200 daytime tickets 150 Evening. In 2014 there were just too many, to cater for, with the weather.

Actual final contribution, to Charity, is obviously dependent on funds actually raised. 
LBWVB has already pledged up to 200,000 Baht to each of 3 Charities who are very grateful and able to make plans.
  1. Pattaya Orphanage
  2. Baan Gerda - Lopburi - Orphanage for children with HIV
  3. Bamboo School - Kanchanaburi - Orphanage on the Myanmar/Thailand border
The Charities are attending the evening, to receive their cheques which gives you an opportunity to meet them.

LBWVB raises  funds so that these Charities can carry out significant infrastructure projects. 
LBWVB has already achieved a great deal, since 2012, over 3 non-profit Events:
2,877,000 Baht Gross raised
   441,000 Baht Expense (15%)
2,225,000 Baht Charity - see below for a detail.
   211,000 Carry forward to 2015
  • 125,000 - Pattaya Orphanage – The Deaf school - new roof and repairs.
  • 750,000 - Camillian Trust – helped to build the new extension to accommodate more children.
  • 750,000 - Heartt 2000 – Dr Phillipe not only treats HIV patients but has helped get the Thai medical system to treat patients more early which is both more economic and helps the patient.
  • 350,000 - Water4Life provided 100 + 250 Water filters that provided drinking water to 350 families in a remote areas.  250 in a Mangrove swamp region near Chantanaburi
  • 250,000 - Life Home Project in Phuket helping single mothers and their children.

Many people independently help all these Charities with Food, Gifts and treats (thanks to Hua Hin for his own personal example) but many of the Charities need larger sums to make a real long term difference. 
As an example. Food is an enormous help but they may also need a fridge and a stove/cooker.

Sample projects: New dormitory, Roof, wash rooms, class rooms, water pumps, medication, bedding, clothing.

These items are more expensive and require significant funds often beyond a personal donation.

By grouping all our efforts together a 'longer lasting' difference can be made. 

Pattaya Orphanage (Siriphen is the international coordinator) recognizes that they are fortunate to be in a city where there are many people who come to visit, with gifts and contributions, but they still need larger sums to invest for the ongoing future care.  Pattaya Orphanage need 275,000 Baht towards resurfacing access and playing areas.

Baan Gerda and Bamboo School are more remote orphanages, that do not operate in large towns, so get much less contribution. They really need our help. 

Bamboo school plans to use this year's funds for a Library and computer room. Education is a significant step out of poverty and isolation. If they have sufficient funds then they will also improve security lighting. A team from the US are providing a volunteer workforce in November so our contribution come just in time - materials etc.

Recently there was a report explaining that, when times are hard, Bamboo School budget 6 Baht per child per meal. Sometimes just Rice and Pineapple. This orphanage is in a remote area few of us have ever seen and run by a 65 year old lady, called Catherine, who also needs to fend off thieves and people attempting to molest the children.
Baan Gerda need help with Medicine, Schooling and other basic needs - bedding, clothing. Visit planned soon.

Many Orphanages already get help with food but that still leaves them unable to improve the amenities so desperately required. 

LBWVB provides us all with an opportunity to accumulate smaller contributions into an amount, which they would never probably receive from an individual, so that these charities can use it for a significant project. 
LBWVB seeks out Charities with a specific need normally beyond individual contributions.

Thanks are due to all the, mainly silent, individuals that personally help all these charities - without your basic support they could not continue their day to day work. 

Food, Ice creams, Apples, Toys, Sports equipment all help - but they are, in many cases, short term treats. 

Every recipient charity is asked to submit a project of how they will use our joint contribution. 
A visit & 'follow up' report will be published to show how they have actually used the funds.

These visits are freely done to demonstrate, in a visual way, how your donations were actually used.

LBWVB keeps costs of the event to about 15% covered by Tickets (Direct and Sponsor).

Nobody is expected to subsidize a party nor does it produce a profit for the organizers nor the participants.
No Professional services, nor miscellaneous, nor out of pocket, expenses are charged.
Auction & Raffle items and Team gifts are donated freely.
The auditor, from 2014, has agreed to perform the independent external audit for 2015.
The Event does not compete with commercial venues and, probably, helps generate more business for them.
It provides an opportunity, only once per year, to support Charity through LBs. That still leaves 364 days for parties.
Daytime is 1.00pm to 5.00pm.
The evening Event starts at 7.00pm and finishes at 10.30pm allowing attendees to still visit the bars.
Many thanks
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Apologies for lack of updates over the past few weeks.


LBWVB 2015 is


                          'Sold Out'.


In fact it is oversold so some renegotiation was required with the Hotel.

All is in order and the event is on Target to raise 750,000 Baht between the 3 nominated Orphanages.


People may still make donations but there are no more tickets available.


As before all expenses (Hotel, Printing and Prize money) have been restricted to 15% of overall income.

All expenses are more than covered by Tickets - both direct Ticket sales and Sponsors attending.


Nobody is subsidizing a party. Proceeds go to Charity.


There are 5 teams confirmed for the event.


Blue Dolphins, Pink Panthers, Purple People Eaters, Red Dragons, Yellow Canaries.


Stringfellows will sadly not be participating.

This also means that all teams will 'play off' in a 'round robin' tournament of 10 Matches of 5 Rounds.


After the amazing impact of Check In bar, last year, all teams will have Cheerleader squads to add to the carnival atmosphere.


Many thanks to all the supporters for this year.


Hopefully we can report back, as in previous years, on how the money was used, by each orphanage, in January.


The event contributes, in percentage terms, more than most Charity fund raisers because people give their time and donations willingly.


Terrific result and all down to our 'niche community' and some very positive company sponsorship.

Look forward to meeting all of the attendees - support your team.


Web Site:   http://lbwvb.com/

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Parties begin tomorrow


31st October - Red Dragons - Check In Bar - Soi 7, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

1st November - Yellow Canaries - Cockatoo - Soi Cowboy, near Asok, Bangkok

3rd November - Purple People Eaters - Kings Bar - Soi 8, Pattaya

4th November - Blue Dolphins - TJ's Music Bar - Soi 18, Naklua. The Pink Panther team should also be attending


6th November is  pre-paid Ticket Pick Up at Areca Lodge lobby between 7pm and 9pm.


7th November LadyBoy Water Volley Ball Charity Fund Raiser


After the event (10pm/11pm)

If winners - Pink Panther/Check In/TJs - party TJs - Soi 18, Naklua

If winners - Kings Bar/Cockatoo - party Kings Bar Soi 8, Pattaya


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LBWVB 2015 is over and it did not rain.

Winners were Blue Dolphins - TJs Music Bar - Soi 18, Naklua
Runner Up Purple People Eaters - Kings Bar - Soi 8, Pattaya
3rd Place - Red Dragons - Check In Bar - Soi 7 Sukhummvit, Bangkok
4th Place - Pink Panthers - independent team
5th Place - Yellow Canaries - Cockatoo - Soi Cowboy, Bangkok
What a fun packed day. The day started with grey sky and a chance of rain. 
The hospitality tents were erected and provided extra cover for everyone.
Fortunately after some early drizzle the rain went away.
Teams started to arrive about 12.00 and quickly got changed.
Suddenly the whole pool area was a blaze of colour. Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow and Pink.
Rotary Club provided registration and ticket duty.
The professional photographers took team photos and match play started on time at 1.30pm.
The DJ, with the referees, managed to keep the whole event on schedule.
The matches were played 'round robin'. Each team paying every other team.
Each round was made up of 2 matches of about 15 minutes each with a rest break between rounds.
Team managers supplemented the 2 experienced referees as line judges. 
Each manager was a line judge for the round that their team was not playing.
A number of volunteers helped out with line judge duty.
There was a new visible score card system in place so all spectators could see the score.
Quality of play has greatly improved.
The Final result was that TJs won all 4 of their matches.
Kings Bar won 3 of their 4, Check In won 2, Pink Panthers won 1 and Cockatoo 0
The Cheerleaders were a fun filled crazy addition with drums, air horns and incredible costumes.
Three teams excelled with their cheerleaders.
Best squad was easily won by Check In bar followed by Kings bar and TJs
As usual the Areca Lodge do a great job - the pool area was transformed.
The tents were illuminated and everyone was under cover in case of rain.
The evening buffet started a little bit late which rushed the FREE raffle of 19 prizes.
  • 10 Make up sets
  • 4 x 500 Baht dining vouchers Beefeater
  • 3 x 500 Baht dining vouchers Yamato
  • 2 x 850 Baht dining vouchers Sportsman
  • Areca Lodge Luxury room for 2
The raffle was followed by the Orphanage Oratorio, from Pattaya Orphanage, singing "You Raise me Up".
The Orphanage encourages the children to sing songs in English to help with learning English.
Our professional Auctioneer took over and the 9 freely donated items were auctioned for 29,200 Baht
  • 4 sets of Formula 1 items fetched 16,500 Baht. 8 Signed baseball caps/2 shirts etc
  • Painting 5,000 Baht - Thanks to Kwan
  • Photo album 5,000 Baht - Thanks to Snapper
  • Egyptian mystery 1,200 Baht
  • LBWVB Caps/Condoms and umbrellas 1,500 Baht
The children returned to sing and dance to "Thank you Very Much". 
The children have been rehearsing this for more than 3 months and were brilliant.
Next was the presentations of the three cheques for 250,000 each to the 3 charities who all attended.
Mr Gordon Niven of NB Surveys, our largest company sponsor, presented to K. Sununta, of Baan Gerda.
Mr Gordon Niven also presented to Father Michael of Pattaya Orphanage.
Mr Rod Charmers, of Rotary Club, presented to Catherine Riley-Bryan of Bamboo school.
The children did a reprise of "Thank you Very Much".
Finally it was time to reward all the teams. 
Prizes of gifts (Mary Kay cosmetics & Victoria Secrets bikinis plus cash) were presented by the very beautiful Miss Mimosa.
The last prize was to the Check In cheerleader squad of 6 (Cosmetics and cash)
The evening ended about 10pm with ' We are the Champions'.
Some attendees, including Kings bar team, visited TJs to celebrate with the winning team.
One attendee has also reserved a ticket for next year.
Huge thanks to everyone for their positive support and generosity.
Hopefully photos to follow soon.
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Provisional Accounts summary.

Subject to an independent Audit.


   211,002 - Carried forward from 2014

     43,493 - Donations

   310,000 - Company Sponsorship

   244,107 - Individual Sponsorship (60 Sponsors of whom 49 attended)

   145,680 - Tickets (96)

     49,200 - Auction. 20,000 from after last year and 29,200 at the event


1,003,482 - Gross Receipts


 (750,000) - Charity includes bank charge for cashier cheques

 (150,823) - Receipted expense - Hotel (73,200), Printing (25,594), Prize Money (38,500), Other (13,529). 15% of gross.

  102,659  - Net to Carry forward


Contributions such as donations (26,000), Auction (29,200), Ticket sales until/after the event - could not be included in the contribution to Charity.

If we had achieved net 800,000, prior to the event, then the plan was to have 4 charities at 200,000 Baht each

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Photos and Videos now available on the official site


On Home page next to the main LBWVB logo is a link to:


FaceBook  on the left

YouTube on the right - Select Playlist LBWVB - includes the Orphanage Oratorio.




On Photos Page are the Photos uploaded so far - True Gent and Snick. There are another 500 to upload.





Many thanks - if anyone has a photo of the Final score card that would be great.

If you have some good photos that you would like to share please let me know.

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