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Winterjourney 2012/2013 XXI

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Cebu third visit day 2

I was just heading for Robinson Mall to do some shopping when I run into Pamela.

The good girl wanted obviously be sure that I did not escape her and striked already early in the morning.And she had not forgotten her promise and had brought a ladyboy with her. Her stage name was Natalie and she was .......,but already a hard boiled Mango Square prof ( as I could find out later in the evening) .

So no shopping anymore, we went straight back to the hotel. Natalie was sent to the bathroom as Pamela seemed not to be fully sure about her hygienic condition and she intended to suck her cock, if necessary, to bring me in the right mood.

On the whole she directed the session and told Natalie what she had to do, but in my opinion the little one knew very well how to handle a cock in any condition.At the end she was since her childhood on the ladyboystrip and her main activity had been quick blowjobs around the next corner or in the best case in a car.

Many Filipinos enjoy blow jobs from young boys, it´s the easiest way, except police interferes, then there are two alternatives, either the policeman gets some money or also a blow job.

With me it was simple, Pamela blew a solo and Natalie blew after while Pamela gently licked my balls.There is no substitute for a professional who loves his job !

After a little more than one hour all three were calmed down and the little slut seemed not to be satisfied with 500 Pisos but Pamela called her to order:

Alodia had called a few times but for the next few hours I was well set.

In the evening I sat down again at the "Numero Doce" where I got the first table to the Mango Square, actually the absolute pole position. Besieged by a crowd of aggressive, underaged ladyboys I sipped my Wodka and would not have minded if Pamela would have shown up, but she was probably busy with a customer.

Also the little slut from this morning was here and suggested a repetition with one of her teenage collegues, but actually I was totally set for this day.









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You are without a doubt an absolute expert of the ladyboys. I don't think nobody comes close to having the experiences you have.

Congratulations on all your conquest and amazing adventures.

I have been to Thailand a few times, but I want to try something different and got plan a trip to Cebu next month. Love the girls you have picked there. Is there any chance of getting their numbers from you?  If not what do you recomend besides visitng Mango Square.  I checked the craiglist adds for Cebu, but seems like the selection there is very limited from some seasoned professionals.

Would very much appreciate any pointers on Cebu.


Thanks in advance.



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I give you here two contacts

Pamela 09154064722 and

Alodia alias Majirel o0339554408

both are good for any kind of moresome and can arrange whatever you like.

Pamela is extremely horny, Majirel gets more horny when she is on drugs.

you can find a lot of sweet fem&ladyboys on Pinalove

here is another one Jerrymie very curious to collect experience with white man

Jerrymie 09323031535

Pics 1 & 2 Alodia

3 & 4 Pamela

5 & 6 Jerrymie

Hopefully I get a nice report with some pics from you back !

Cheers&good luck !







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Thanks Ernesto.


Your advice and those numbers will make my trip memorable. I will definitively make a report and hopefully with good pictures like you do.

In that respect, I want to ask you how do you get the girls to pose hardcore?  In my previous experiences when I asked them, none of the girls have allowed me to photograph them nude. I love taking pictures of them both all the ones I have are with their clothes on. So would love to know your trick for getting them to that point?  Do you offer them more money?

I also think that you dress them up yourself on previously bought lingerie. I am right?  Do you bring some for them to wear for you?

Finally my last question to you.

On the 3some and moresomes you have made, have you gotten the girls to play with each other. This is one I had problems with in the past, since most ladyboys, are not into each other, so they have always refuse that.

Let me know. It would be great to find out from such an expert as you.


Thanks again.

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quite a few questions, let me take them one by one

1) hardcore pics

I almost never realized any problem, usually ladyboys are narcissists and love their pics.

But to be sure you can ask them before taking with you if you can make pics.If they refuse just leave them behind, there are enough others. The reason for refusal is sometimes they have a sponsor who send them regularery cash and thinks they are sitting at home ( lol).

Another trick is you make a few pics dressed , or just facepics, show it to them, they will like it and then go slowely down. When they get horny ( and I mostly get them there)they will not care anymore.A very few have asked for additonal money, in this case I stop the whole action, pay them the minimum fee and kick them out.


I have always a collection with me, but usually the girls have to return it after use.

In a very few cases I leave them a piece or at least stockings, towards the end of my journey

I am getting more generous (lol) and leave some of the lingerie.

In some cases the girls beg for a piece they want to use in ther webcam business, in such case I support local economy (lol)

3) Moresome play

Principally I let the girl choose the partner(s), its useless to start a moresome with girls they dont know or they dont like each other . So when you have found one enough naughty ask her if she has a nice friend for a threesome, and maybe also one whom she could suck or vice versa.There are quite a few who suck every cock, no matter if man or ladyboy. it is more difficult to find some who also fuck each other , maybe they are afraid of diseases.

Most difficult is to find a mixed crew ( ladyboys and GGs) as a real ladyboy finds a pussy disgusting,

with the girls are less problems, especially in the Philippines it is easy to find GGs who lick each other, this you can easily check, just let them exchange deep kisses still in the bar before taking them out.And ofcourse ask them if they will lick each other.

I tried to answer your questions to best knowledge

Cheers and have fun !

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One more thing Ernesto, I have been checking out pinalove. Tons of super cute fem ladyboys there, however they all seem to be looking for a LTR.  Is that a front? or are they truly all only interested on LTRs?  I want to have a good time with them, treat them right and make their time worth by compensating them accordingly, however not into any commitments.

Let me know and thanks for your advice again.



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well everyone is dreaming of a LTR and even better marriage,but almost no one gets it.

I never promise such , I tell them "let´s see when we meet , we can not talk about eternal love when we even dont know each other, almost everybody accepts.Quite a few have asked for " a little help"in advance, also refused, I tell them it is my principle not to send money to a person I have not met, also in most cases accepted. Those who dont accept a hardcore prostitutes and you may forget about them.

Most of the ladyboys from Pinalove are more than happy when you come there at all, even if it is just for a few days(sometimes hours) and for a good fuck. most of them are curious for getting experience with white man and have some good time.

its the better way to be honest and not promise them the moon. Also dont give flight data otherwise they pick you up at the airport and keep away all other ladyboys from you. If you want to meet more than one Lb in one town so let them come to your hotel , there you can also easily get rid of them again if they get annoying ( and sometimes they do !)

Ok thats it !

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Don't worry Ernesto I will have a complete report. 

Hey, one more question for you. Is it easy to buy Viagra in the Philippines?  I think I will be needing some with all the ladyboys that I am making contacts with.


Awaiting for your knowledge again.


And thanks in advance.

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I would not buy Viagra, its all faked, same as Cialis. If they offer you Kamagra (Indian made) you may be quite sure that it´s ok but they ask for rather high price. A local has recommended me a drug called "Inner Gy" available in convenient stores,I have described it in my report "winterjourney XX" you can read there the instruction for use, it worked quite well.

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