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Pattaya Budget Hotel


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During Covid there were some really great hotels deals which are mostly gone.  Right now one of the few good deals left for a decent place under 500 baht is the Tycoon


It's about a minute walk down a quiet soi off Pattaya Tai.  It's on the good side of 3rd Road, a short walk to Soi Buakhao.  I used to be a long term tenant.   

The Tycoon is usually listed on Agoda for 399 baht.




Tycoon on Agoda



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32 minutes ago, Soju said:

Perhaps I misunderstood your post... I just plugged in some random dates on Agoda (Sept 7- Sept 14) and it was 770 baht a night.

I find that the price of the really good deals jump around significantly even within the same day.  Right now for me using random dates it is showing as 645 but possibly it will be different in a few hours or a few days.  But 13 hours ago it defo was showing 399 for me.  The final price for Pattaya hotels on Agoda increase by 17.7% when you go to pay though making the final price approx 470 baht if the 399 reappears.

Tycoon on Agoda

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On 8/17/2023 at 11:54 AM, Soju said:

I find Agoda irritating with the "base price per night" crap and just go by the price that comes out of my pocket (final price).

For Pattaya and Bangkok just add 17.7%.  But I agree irritating, especially because their algorithm probably starts with the final price and backs into the seemingly lower price.   

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Sometimes the initial price for Holidays Home is just 399 baht on Agoda.  It is conveniently located across from the Mosaik in the Day/Night area less than one minute from the backdoor of Tuk Com.  The main drawback is no pool. If that's not a concern it's a good choice.  A friend stayed there and liked it.

Holidays Home On Agoda


Holidays Home

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