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Milk [Report]


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Milk is a Thai ladyboy that traveled to Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, this forum is woefully short on reports so guys can make good $$$ decisions, but I will share my experience so others may benefit.
Name: Milk / Milky
Contacts: WeChat - milky2542
Line:- mil kberrylove
Web: https://www.ts-dating.com/escort/milky0506

Face: Similar to the 1st photo in her Ts-D profile, but with some blemishes.
Body: Good, but she is a solid girl at 5'8-9". Don't believe the 7.1" cock non-sense. It might have been before transition, but now, a slim 4-4.5".

Her ad in HK was dropped from 1000 hkd to 800 hkd for bottom service, so I jumped on it. Agent wanted to bump back up to 1000 hkd. I said, no, 800 with possibility of tip.

She's sexy enough in clothes and good naked, but service is mid-range at best. She definitely received the much better BJ, so a bit of a minus for service there. Topped her in CG and doggie and got to a good groove to finish.

Room was small and below average.

I paid the agreed 800 and reluctantly paid 200 additional in case I wanted to revisit the agent again. As far as Milk, there is no need to repeat in my mind. I probably should have refused the tip, but maybe I am weak in that respect.

I have paid twice as much in HK and BKK, but those ladyboys were better looking and offered a better sessions.

I hope this helps guys in the future as the make monetary decisions.

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