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Old Geezer Busted for Thailand Trips!!!


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is this referring to someone on this site?







My husband disappears to Thailand weekly, spends hundreds — he won’t tell me what he’s up to

It sounds like a bad dream. But for one woman it is the very sad reality of her marriage.  A 70-year-old woman has shared on UK television that her husband of almost 50 years “keeps disappearing” to Thailand and sending “hundreds of pounds there monthly”.  Speaking on a segment called Dear Deirdre phone-in on This Morning, the anonymous caller who went by the name ‘Julie’ said he leaves without telling her and is tight-lipped about where the cash is going.  His response when she inquires where he is going is equally charming. “None of your business,” she says he retorts.   


A 70-year-old woman revealed her husband takes weekly trips to Thailand and won’t tell her what he’s doing there. “It’s normally on a Wednesday night he goes,” she said. “I just come home, there’s no note, nothing, passport, gone clothes gone.”  Deirdre strongly urged the caller not to “carry on putting up with this”, slamming the husband’s behavior as “appalling”.  Julie, you need to see a solicitor. Get him gone. 


  “Of course what your husband is doing is your concern and funneling out hundreds of pounds of family income – that is terrible,” she said.  Host Philip Schofield made no bones about it too: “He’s got someone else,” Schofield said. “He is going to Thailand to see someone – male or female.”   Tweet Social media users urged Julie to end her marriage. @leehotmess/Twitter Social media was equally outraged.   One tweeter was frank: “Julie f–k him off,” she wrote.  What do you think? Post a comment. There was speculation about why he was in Thailand.  Sara, a self-described military wife, advised her to see a solicitor. “Get him gone”, she wrote.     



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