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Candy pattaya

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She has plenty of profiles on Thai Friendly and could be found at Sensations on Action Street. 

Regrettably she is going to be greeting a pair of bolt-ons soon so I've heard :sad0143:, hardly surprising though and I really hope she leaves it at that and doesn't go down the witches chin and big ass route, very pretty girl as she is.

She is up for threesomes too :wink:












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On 6/6/2022 at 10:18 AM, duke007 said:

Get there while you can :wink:


Indeed.  Sadly, Candy may be going down the typical road of so many ladyboys these days.  Silicone tits (usually too big and not well-installed) and way too much ink.  Boring.  Yawn.  Dime a dozen.  Move along, folks, nothing to see here....

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40 minutes ago, soiboy said:

way too much ink.

soiboy, I'm starting to like these over the top tattoos. Help please?

I removed my tattoo long ago, but regret it now. You have any?

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