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  1. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Mos, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/LadyboyXMos Busty Ladyboy Mos offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/ladyboymos?c=2
  2. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Emmy, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Ladyboy Emmy offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/emmy_monika?c=1
  3. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Anastasia, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Tattoed Ladyboy Anastasia offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/anastasiatsthai?c=1
  4. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Candy, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Candy19989 Ladyboy Candy offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/candyasia
  5. Find the best Ladyboys from Thailand @ Twitter: Our Main Account: https://twitter.com/Thai_LadyBoys_X
  6. Good Looking Trans & Freelance Model Photoshoot. 164/53/34C . Available South Jakarta ( Kuningan ) Whatapps : +6283838783412 | Instagram @its_jessicawijaya
  7. She cant even fry an egg i dont know why i keep her around :)
  8. The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party opened in Beijing on 16 October 2022.[1] 2,296 delegates will represent the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s 96.7 million members. It is believed that Xi Jinping will be re-elected as the CCP general secretary for his third term, or will be newly elected as the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (a title that has not been used since 1982, and the highest position held by Mao Zedong). In the opening day of the congress, Xi gave a speech during which he defended China's zero-COVID approach to the coronavirus pandemic, said that Hong Kong had "a major transition from chaos to governance", advocated for Taiwan's "peaceful reunification" but vowed to not renounce the use of force, advocated for "common prosperity," and denounced corruption. (Source : Wikipedia). I am not used to deal with politics and don't allow political comments in my clubs. If anyone wants to comment Chinese politics for what they are, please comment in Seven's topic dealing with China. Regarding ladyboys, I found it challenging to look for Chinese ladyboys and try to date them during a trip. BUT, China's zero-COVID approach to the coronavirus pandemic (that has proven unefficient to eradicate COVID) will doutlessly result in highly restricting possibilities to travel to China and to jump for a province to another. In other words, I fear that it won't be possible to go to China and monger ladyboys as long as Xi will remain the boss over there. I had a dream but I don't think that this dream will come true.
  9. This forum these days contains hundreds, or more likely thousands of beautiful ladyboy photos. Of course everyone has his own favorites, but somewhere there is a shared preference. So I propose to make a small contest, to see what’s the ‘All time favorite ladyboy photo’, in the following categories: ‘general’, ‘erotic’ and ‘kinky’. Some ground rules: 1. The photo has to be taken by yourself; 2. Asian ladyboys only; 3. Mention girls name, location and approx. date when you made the photo. In a few weeks, I will collect all entries and put a vote together, where all BMs can participate and determine who can call himself the most creative highflyer behind the lens. So for those on the ground, get to work . And for the others, time to take a deep dive into your personal archive
  10. A lot of us don't know how much ladyboys spend on plastic surgery - here's a Youtube video that interviews a number of Simon Cabaret Phuket showgirls and how much they have spent. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles, but it is pretty clear what most of the surgeries they are talking about and how much they spent. This is from 2018.
  11. Have you wondered what ladyboys do when they go back to the family farm? Here's a video from Youtube vlogger, Serena. She was working as a showgirl at the SImon Phuket Cabaret Show on Patong Beach. However, since the show closed in April, with no news of a reopening date, many of the performers have given up and moved back home, unable to afford rent. Serena's family farm is near Buriram, which is part of Isaan, northeastern Thailand.
  12. A ladyboy food seller loses her trading license at a Chonburi market for not wearing a face mask properly during a Facebook live stream: www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=210498817913185&id=104796931816708 https://www.dailynews.co.th/news/569083/ https://aseannow.com/topic/1243005-foul-mouthed-ladyboy-with-mask-under-the-chin-gets-her-marching-orders-from-chonburi-market/
  13. Guys here it is... Given a chance to date a ladyboy anywhere in this world... What would you choose? Pretty and Sexy but not sweet and no converse at all with you... but shes totally appealing in public and head turner... or Not so Pretty nor Sexy but totally smart , funny and make u smile laugh anytime you go out... but people look at her differently... What do u think guys? Mmmmm....
  14. This is a good segment from Wannabe, a reality Thai TV show. In this segment the host (a gg), wants to be a showgirl. This is because her ladyboy sister is a showgirl and she was thinking it was a glamorous and exciting job. Of course in Thailand only ladyboys are cabaret showgirls, but she got permission from the Mirinn Show - a newer cabaret show in Bangkok to join them and film her segment. This has English subtitles.
  15. Who do you like most in some categories? Beauty? Thai or Fil ? Why? Body ? Thai or FIl ? Why? Communication Skills? Thai or Fil? Why? Loyalty / Honesty ? Thai or Fil? Why? Personal Hygiene? Thai or Fil Why? share some of your experience and we will appreciate it... I made this post not to compare or have competition but just to know or share experience of farang men here ... Thank you...
  16. Ok, so after much indecision (I was considering Bali) and battling an army of worst case scenario demons, I just booked my flight to Cebu. Will be there from May 22 through June 4. Besides shagging as many ladyboys, girls and femboys as time, resources and this old meat suit will allow, I plan to do some diving, which i have not done in years. I will also be exploring the possibility of finding a spouse. I am on both PinaLove and FilipinoCupid. Lining 'em up ahead of time . . . The attention I've gotten from both of those sites has been quite overwhelming. Very refreshing, since what I remember of my online dating attempts in the US was crickets, tumble weeds and constant rejection. Trip report with pics to follow.
  17. Hello folks I'm Andi 23 from Cebu Philippines and working as a Sales Call Agent. I am a new member and hoping to find the man of my dreams, the loving husband and the love of my life. I've joined several dating sites and got a chance to meet new people but not all so good to me. Then there was this one time around June 2010 I met a guy online and he is living near my place. We used to talk, exchange numbers and fell in love but unfortunately something bad happened to him back home.that was the darkest part of my tunnel but I have moved on; Last year I decided to join another dating site and very hoping I can feel the same love i felt last 2010. Ive got new friends, chat mates but nothing serious. they're only into 1nightStand, Camshow and meet for a blow and its not so me!! Do you guys know where all the good and serious boys for ladyboys go? Kindly tell him I am just here waiting for him. ♥
  18. There something erotic about ladyboys eating ice cream cones. It's looks like cocksucking practice. Here are some lovelies from Lita Bar on Soi BJ in Pattaya with their cones.
  19. This 2011 documentary was screened at the Toronto Asian International Film Festival and the Samsung Women's International Film Festival. This is a good documentary about the transgender life in Thailand - and although it is only 22 minutes long - helps us understand lb life a bit better.
  20. So what gets on your tits the most in an LB bar? Note: In this Poll the votes are Public
  21. A little bit of fun for you guys. We are going to have a competition and have a face off with some of the girls from the various Ladyboy sites. First off are Aoh and Lala. You can see more photos in the links. Aoh Aoh Lala Lala
  22. It is the place of choice for many when a late night ladyboy is on the wanted list or just a bit of fun with friends is the order of the night. So how often do you frequent the place for a bit of late night/ early morning shenanigans?
  23. I am traveling to Phuket in September and looking to meet Ladyboys that are active tops. Does anyone have any info on any sexy ladyboys that love to top. Or where is the best place to meet them. Thanks in advance. Read reviews on Brothels and Massage parlours in Australia on www.yourbrothelguide.com.au
  24. So you are sitting on public transport, a bar or a cafe etc back in farangland and you notice a guy nearby checking out a ladyboy themed forum on a phone/tablet, what if anything do you do?
  25. Hey guys As my friend and I are due to visit Pattaya on the 13th of March 2014, for 8 days, I have made up a Google Map of some of the places I wanted to check out, and as some of the information has been 'gleaned' from this forum, I thought it only best to share the information. As I am equally interested in the Ladyboy and Thai Girl scene, most of the bars and clubs on this map are equally geared for both groups. It also contains information on the top LB and TG friendly hotels provided by some of the guys on this forum. I will also be adding places to eat, shop and other points of interest too. I have already added most of the bars on Soi 6, where information has been provided by CartoonMan and LaaMok, from the Pattaya Addicts forum, and will contain other bars based on maps for West Pattaya, namely Walking Street, LK Metro, Soi Diana, etc. that have been done by CartoonMan. It also references the lesser known East Pattaya, or the Darkside, again, also provided by the ever illustrious CartoonMan. Obviously, as I've not actually been there, some of this information may be out of date, or flat out wrong, so if you find that, please let me know, either via this topic, or via PM. Alternatively, if you want to become a contributor, let me know, and as long as other leaders of this forum are OK with it, I can sort it out. Please feel free to check out my twitter account, and my Tumblr blog too. I sincerely hope I haven't ruffled anyones feathers by doing this, and if I have, please let me apologise. I hope you enjoy.
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