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  1. Just found the answer to the above question in a preceding post. Thanks.
  2. I'm pretty sure Nancy from La Bamba is the reigning, undisputed LB HUGE cock Champion for all of Thailand although I'd love to be shown otherwise... ;~} Jasmine also is mentioned a lot. To the best of my knowledge she still operates out of Soi 8 at at Blue Dragon I think it is. Like Nancy there are pictures of her online. Just google & you will find them. in BKK so far nothing to match the Pattaya girls... ;-{ Nice from Obsessions has a long thinnish cock but is robotic in my book. Odette (Not sure where she's at now) Bee (F/L on CL has a nice one), Cindy (Charades) is not the biggest but certainly one of the most perfect cocks you'll ever see. Biaw / Jame (DC-10 I think) has a bit of girth but is by far the worst LB experience I've had. Moody, selfish & a total waste of time & money. Maybe you will find her different. I don't have personal photos with these girls as I don't bother with them. All I can relay is my experience so far. Most of these ladies can be googled or images found on the various forums. I am sure there are larger ladies onBKK but I'm not a seasoned veteran & don't know them. I still think Nancy holds the crown though overall. It would be lovely to unearth some new talent here. I will follow with interest....
  3. Gutless, cowardly, dog turds! I hope the BIB show them the full extent of the "law" on their capture. Execute these unscrupulous murders of the innocent & feed there vile remains to the pigs....Disgusting, lowlife filth. NO EXCUSE...
  4. Hiey there, Posted last back in Nov 2015. Just wondering if there is any updates on the extremely sexy Noon? No responses to my last post so my hopes are not high but if anyone has any info it would be nice to know if she is still on the scene & where. Many thanks.
  5. Happy Valentines day to all the beautiful ladies at La Bamba...!!! Good luck also to View, I can understand why there are some punters disappointed to see her move on. I guess it may only be temporary as many of these situations seem fickle at best but she is not only beautiful on the outside....Really nice lady. I haven't seen Nancy feature regularly in La Bamba photos for some time. Is she with La Bamba, has she moved on, maybe being sponsored these days? Finding anyone to replace her would be a BIG job...
  6. I agree with you Luung. I could however have been more eloquent with my words. I have zero problem with anyone who is gay (that old chestnut again...) & this is the last place for any sort of bigotry intended or otherwise. If a few thoughtless words have offended anyone then you have my apologies. For mine if you want a LB that's what you go for alternately if you want a boy go for it. For a LB to downgrade her femininity is not an option for me. I need to sustain the overall illusion of womanhood hence no silicone, no play. . In this crazy in between world of Transgenderism it is I guess one of liquorice all sorts. Whatever floats your boat. We all have our preferences. Your coin, your life, your choice.
  7. Yes, it matters big time. Absolute deal breaker for me. So she starts wearing men's underwear, what comes next? No makeup, facial & body hair, short back & sides, more men's clothing, changing her name from Som to Somchai. I am not attracted to masculine & even though we all know the "girls" are really men with in drag, once that pretence is dropped then so to is the "lady" leaving you only with a boy. If that was what I desired "boys town" would be a more appropriate destination. She stops being feminine in mind , action & appearance the I kick her hairy, smelly srse to the kerb pronto!
  8. Dada, by about 2-3 inches & about as many extra cup sizes...
  9. Hey Stoker, Interesting question I think. Easy for me. S/T = max 2 hours, no less than three quarters of an hour. So whatever you can manage in that window then good for you. If she enjoys it & wishes to stay then she can prove it by staying at no extra charge. I will happily buy her breakfast in the morning & give her a worthwhile tip & taxi money if the fun continues. In my experience it the ladies are treated with respect, feel like they are heard & paid a little extra attention they are almost without exception happy with this arrangement.
  10. Agreed, I think Jimslim"s post on the 29th Dec & Luung's post on the 30th Dec are right on the money... I remember a quote from the Monkey TV series of years gone past which goes as follows "The lord Buddha must have loved fools for he created so many of them".... I doubt there are many finer examples to be found than in the case of some Farang"s visiting LOS. Naivety can be forgiven but ongoing stupidity is hard to swallow. In many cases I think it comes down to a deep seated sense on inadequacy. Sadly it affects everyone else as the girls develop a sense of entitlement when once again they are proven right by the actions of a daft few when they say that Farang's are nothing but stupid Water Buffalo. I would love to be a Real Estate agent selling one of these imbeciles a house. I can imagine a Monty Pythonesque conversation going something like this. "Aye, wot's the price then Guvnor? Wot half a million quid? Your joking ain't ya, its worth three quarters of a mill if its worth a pound" I wont buy it for less...!!! They make the rest of us look better & it is quite funny to be giggling with a girl as you bed her for a 10th of the price some clown she holds in contempt paid for her....
  11. No can do, Bad attitude in the bar does not auger well for any bedroom gymnastics to follow. Life is to short to be wasted on pain in the arse drama queens with attitude when there are so many lovely ladies with just the right outlook. Cindy for example offers the best of both world's Having been with both Nancy & View / Wiew? as well as a few other La Bamba ladies I agree with Sylvester. I have heard pretty much nothing but good things about Nancy on this forum so maybe its me but I get the feeling not only is her cock to big for her panties but she is getting a little big for her boots. I will take a pass next time. View on the other hand is not only more beautiful externally but also internally in my experience.
  12. My two bobs worth, The pushy ladyboy scaring off others you may well be attracted to is a right pain in the arse (not of the enjoyable genre either... ). I agree with Jimslim on this one. The chok-dee I also find bloody annoying. So what, you brought me one drink. Keep doing so without annoying me & you will receive the appropriate tip later. I never buy a drink for a lady who does this as I think its impolite. I understand they too want a piece of the action but this is bad manners & gets no reward from me. I am happy to pay my way for me & the lady I choose. Also I will leave a tip if the service is good & the lady friendly. I no longer buy drinks for "friends" of the lady I am with. I worked out a while back that on most trips the best part of two thirds of my drinking money was spent buying strangers drinks. Over the course of a few trips this was in effect costing me an additional trip each year. I no longer have a problem saying no. I would rather occasionally be thought of as a key-neow farang than a stupid one.
  13. Ummm...Jell looks good to me too. I will be checking my Xmas stocking to see if Santa really has looked at my wish list...
  14. Is Noon Back at the house or taking a break? Amazingly proportioned girl but havent seen much chatter about her for some time.
  15. Hey thehousebar, you post Sept 1st "we having new girls coming this month and specially a very big big tools one haha I will post photo later for the ones who like" Did the girl with the big tool come to the House Bar? If so, could you please post her picture & give us a name as I am sure she will be in demand . Thanks guys,
  16. I would like to think a man, but if someone like Nancy is welding the weapon then a mouse in comparison...
  17. Shocking, That the price these women have to pay for being themselves is to run the risk of being alienated, brutalised & murdered. What courage they must have. Its a hell of a price to pay for the ignorance & intolerance of others. The fact that they are still prepared to risk all shows that it is by no means a "lifestyle choice" rather that they have no choice. They ARE trapped in the wrong body & have every right to live their lives being afforded the same respect & tolerance we all allow each other. Too the filth that perpetrate these cowardly, pathetic attacks your are not showing strength or character rather weakness & repression of your own inner desires. You are savages with a twisted view who will also be brought to account one way or another. I don't believe in God but I suspect many of these animals do. For them God is waiting.....& I doubt he will be impressed.
  18. Shes a doll, Would recommend her to anyone. Went S/T with her last time was in LOS. Baht well spent, still smiling...
  19. Awesome, Wow, this post has brightened up my morning. Stiill gorgeous! This ladyboy seems timeless. Thanks for the pics. Is Yoyo currently at Temptations?
  20. Only noodles I want are in in my Tom Yum...
  21. Many thanks TRIGG. Will be sure to look her up on my next trip. Cheers
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