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  1. This was not an option on the dog training class that I last attended!
  2. All I can add to this BB is that I am just delighted that I don't appear to have a shelf life myself. Every time I wander around the soi's of pattaya I still turn heads and have both lb's and gg's calling out to me in order to try and snag these boyish Scottish good looks :)
  3. I must admit to being "confused" about people bragging, admitting or professing shock at particular bar bills. Sometime when I have spend an evening keeping an entire bar open on my own in Soi Cowboy for example (see what I did there
  4. Moved on about a year after we met her bb. She also worked as a hostess in one of the nightclubs on WS. No idea where she is now. She is a cracker and funny with it.
  5. BB and myself spotted this one serving at one of the bars outside the entrance of the PBG. I went back the following trip and we had some nice chemistry and spent some lovely time together. So soft to the touch, lovely gal :)
  6. She used to freelance around the The House about a year ago but not seen her for a while and can't for the life of me remember her name .... dammmm you drink!
  7. Last year I wandered into 69 bar for the first time. Order a drink and spotted Spike so I moved the 3 feet across the bar and introduced myself, polite I am :) Anyway he was ok and went round the bar introducing me to the assembled mass (about 6 punters). Anyway he introduced them by their forum names, padthaiboy etc, I knew most of them tbh but when they asked who I posted under on the forum I claimed to know nothing any forum .... the welcoming smiles disappeared and I was left adrift to talk to 3 rather nice ladies which was my plan all along. They really are wankers and love, as someone has already posted, to hear you saying how amazing their forum posting are! Left with 2 ladies and didn't go back to bar. I also don't bother with Sensations also due to the "club" mentality.
  8. I very much agree. The last time I was in CIB, Bee quoted me 4k!! I had to check in the mirror to confirm that I was still handsome man! Decided to leave it at that and headed down to Darkside with some lovely ladies and better pricing!
  9. Well my plans are leaving from the UK on the 18th April and fly into Bangkok for 2 nights then to Pattaya for 6 nights. Suits me and I have had the same routine last few trips. My work means I can never really have the chance to stay longer but I do manage 3 or 4 trips a year at least
  10. I still smile to myself when I remember walking back to my hotel with Oa from So What bar (bb will confirm that I have a thing for Amazons!) anyway close to the hotel a Thia kebab vendor stepped back and into Oa, he spun round and jumped out of his skin as she towered over him standing in her thigh length boots (Mmmmmmm....). He cried out somethibg in Thia and his friends all burst out laughing. I took her hand and we walked by them whilst she had an almost shy smile on her face. People have said this a lot about Oa, great girl.
  11. Back to the original plan then
  12. Hi Samantha, just a quick note to let you know I think you are looking both cute and sexy which is hard to pull off :) you almost have me looking to change my travel plans in April to pop back the the Philippines in order to see you! Looking great girl :)
  13. I will be following this thread with great interest - only to follow the fellow BM's sleuthing mind nothing to do with tracking down the details of such cute and sexy girls! I might even have to open a FB account now!
  14. Dixon, just my view in reply to attending LB bars and non LB bars. I enjoy variety in my life as a whole, be that people, bars, music or sex. I personally feel to pigeonhole yourself to a "scene" is not my thing at all. This is one of the reasons I enjoy both the company and banter of this forum in particular. When on the ground I am happy to meet the guys here as I have found that unlike a lot of the other forum appointed experts on the scene, don't expect to get their cocks sucked by having to tell them just how great they are! I do enjoy and spend a lot of my time and money in LB bars but I will not ever only go to LB bar as that only means I am restricting my own experiences/fun which I would not be inclined to do. Cheers
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