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  1. Yeah yeah rub it in. I'm looking forward to a picturesque report over a few beers when you return. Have fun mate.
  2. The second one for me thank's BB and beautiful thank's sustra. Tomcat you have exquisite taste and your Japanese selections are usually exactly what I enjoy but Soc999's Myanmar import really did it for me. Especially the first couple of pictures which I found teasing. Victory Monument you say.
  3. Temptations in Nana Plaza has been a happy hunting ground for me. I don't know why, maybe the right place at the right time. A couple of years ago while enjoying a beer in there and casting a lecherous eye over the girls on stage I noticed, what I thought, was a rather cute diminutive GG dancing with the LB's. I began to wonder (naively in hindsight) why a GG would be dancing on stage in a dedicated LB bar. Some kind of gimmick perhaps?. Curiosity (and the fact she looked so damn cute) got the better of me so I invited her down for a drink. She told me her name was May, (I'm sure some of you know who I'm talking about. I don't have any pictures). I then unknowingly paid her probably one of the ultimate LB compliments and asked her why, as a GG, she was dancing in a LB bar. May then assured me I was mistaken and that she was a ladyboy. Seeing I was unconvinced she called the mamasaan over who also supported her claim. I was still unconvinced so May leant back, pulled her bikini bottom down and shook her lovely cock at me. I was amazed and impressed. She was so cute with her pouty lips I asked her if I could kiss them and she agreed. I then tipped her, finished my beer, paid my bin and left. WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T I BARFINE HER !. I haven't seen her since but I believe she's post-op now.
  4. I think it's more an individual thing rather than a grouping. I can recall some very enthusiastic jobs from LB's and some long, slow, teasers from a GG I used to see regularly. Having said that I'd rate LB kisses in the P4P game way above the GG's. For me there's nothing like the tonsil exploring kiss of a LB opposed to the usual GG peck on the cheek.
  5. Yes, I got quite the reality check the time I was introduced to a daddy and learned he, and mum, were younger than me.
  6. I've been getting it since I joined the grey whisker brigade a few years ago (I'm 58 this year). I also get "santa cause" or just plain pumpui. All are usually said in good humour so if it gives them a laugh that's fine with me. Being a papa in Thailand seems to get me a little extra care and attention so I'm not complaining. What is bothering me is that last week when catching a local bus to the shops the driver immediately issued me a pensioner priced ticket then after getting a haircut the young barber charged me the pensioner discount price. Maybe it has it's advantages or maybe I should shave my grey beard off.
  7. Uncle

    Phnom Penh update

    Isn't that the place we had our first beer together bumblebee (romantic eh) before moving onto the outside seating at 136 bar for a session of Angkor Draught ( I love that beer ) while being entertained by a mixed bevvy of lovlies. Where does the time go?
  8. I've experienced the hospital and temple excuses but my favourite was being woken by my chosen one to find her sitting crossed leg beside me on the bed. She looked at me sternly and said "You snore, I go".
  9. Just catching up with this thread after getting my computer back from the shop. What can I say, I'm hooked. Too many good one's too mention. It's usually asians or nothing for me but I'm finding some of the western types are also attracting my interest. Thank's again.
  10. I've taken great enjoyment from performing cunnilingus since an early age and I've learnt that the ability to give a woman an orgasm with your tongue gets you a friend for life (almost). Many women have commented to me they prefer to recieve oral sex over penetrative sex with one reason being it produces a more intense orgasm. I don't know if it's my waning sex drive or my ladyboy activities but the sight of a pussy dosen't excite me like it used to. I've also become more particular with a preference for a cleanly shaved vagina with the appearance of a badly packed kebab. I really don't like those inverted type of vaginas. When I was a young bloke you didn't see shaved pussies. My trips now are almost exclusively ladyboy with the exception of a GG in Phuket who I've been seeing for several years because the sex is excellent and she's no trouble. She has the ability to bring me to orgasm while I'm still inside her which isn't easy for me these days. Another reason why my trips are becoming LB exclusive is if I want a GG in Sydney I can go to multitude of local brothels for various prices where as LB's are a lot thinner on the ground and will cost me between $250 to $300 per hour. I find now I get more excited by the thought of what the ladyboy I'm having a drink with may have in her panties but I still enjoy an occasional pussy. Something else I've found is that I'm starting to find white women almost repulsive but that's a story for another day.
  11. Thank's again to all for the great pics and suggestions. I wasn't aware there was so much of this type available.
  12. It was my first trip to HH XYZZY so I'm not sure. The one I visited is marked on Soi Selekam on the map.
  13. Likewise BB, HH was OK but not somewhere I'd rush back to or maybe I was spoilt after Pattaya. On my wanderings I noticed up to 5 of ours at Sulky Bar as well as a gathering moving between Stone and Sukky Bar which are adjoining. In the end Face from Caddyshack convinced me to let her give me a lift home on her bike as it was my first time there and she was concerned about me getting lost. I was amused by the lightning fast ladyboy network there. I moved from Sulky to Stone to Caddyshack Bar where I had a drink with a LB who proceeded to tell me every bar I'd just been in and every LB I'd bought a drink for. Word obviously travels fast when there's a LB lover in town.
  14. I spent the last 3 nights on the NEP LB Bar treadmill mixing it up with a few GG bars. Anyway I dropped into one on the ground floor I think which had a LB working as a meet and greet and showing customers to seats. She was really busy so I bought her a drink on the basis of her hard work with no alterior motive. A large gay fellow then appeared and began to give me the third degree, she not speak english, you know she ladyboy, you want take her. Once it was established that I was aware she was a LB all was OK and I was informed how good she would be for me. What about Lollipop, I wasn't aware it was a mixed LB, GG bar until I was having a quiet drink with a GG and my radar started to ping and I'm sure I recognised a couple of ex Obsession girls. When I mentioned to her that there were a lot of LB's working the bar she emphatically denied it and said only lady here. I presume, as Tomcat said, they're now postop. I walked into Straps on the 2nd floor to find a lineup of LB's dancing then the next night it was GG's. .
  15. Just back from LOS today and straight in for my Shemale Japan fix (you'd think I'd have had enough for a while). I just love tiny titties.
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