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    Outside Central festival 2nd road side
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    Observing the comings and goings at Katty's, I think most of their guesthouse customers are not into the ladyboy scene. I've seen str8 couples. I think Katty's compares well to other Jomtien guesthouses. Soi 4 unlike other Jomtien sois has a divider so the Katty side is mostly used for walking and parking. and is quiter than the other sois. Katty's is extremely close to the beach. But I would be personally wary of booking a non-refundable long stay above any ladyboy bar in case you have a misunderstanding with a love interest who isn't thrilled with your butterflying. That said, the Katty ladyboys are rather relaxed and friendly. Imagine staying above Fantasy Lounge or Hi Boss? Contacting Emmy direct you might get a better price than on 3rd party websites. But if you are using Booking dot com, Hotels dot com, Trip dot com or Ag0da please use our links on http://ThailandTravelFun.com/links/ Skyscanner is there too and even if you are just researching and not ready to buy we would appreciate it if you use our links. I really like the layout of Skyscanner compared to the sites popular in the USA. Kharb khun khrap!
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