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    Is anyone aware of an archive of old ladyboy life and scenes photographs. Would love to see pictures from "back in the day" of ladyboys, ladyboy sectors of cities, and what the scene looked like from 70's, 60''s and even earlier. My first experience (if reading a book is an experience) with ladyboys was when I was sixteen, I was in the George Washington University library, and I found a book on human sexuality (don't ask what a 16 was doing either in college library, or reading sexuality books), but in this book there was a one picture that is still blazed in my memory. It was a photo taken in Bangkok during the early Vietnam war showing 3 ladyboys posing on the hood of an Astin Martin. Would love to see other images from this time period and before. Hoping someone somewhere has put together a collection of this "ladyboy" and mongers history.
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    Alas Duangai is up for sale and according to the owners they are not going to relocate. Hunny bar (name?) a bit further up Soi Chayapoon was a good spot also after you left us. Bit more of a hard sell than Duangjai regarding lady drinks, and Leo was 80 TB rather than 60 TB in the previous bar. Some nice staff all the same.
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    Nights out are rare for me but did a mini bar crawl tonight. Here is a quick summary. Met up with a few guys at the Hideaway to start out, hospitable, relaxing, and a good cup of coffee. Baby Boom is around the corner. Good bar if one is hunting though probably not the best joint for a chinwag with mates. On to to New Bar for Petsie's birthday bash. Packed house. Then to Duangjai. Think Duangjai's location has allot going for it. Soi Chaiyapoon reminds me of the way Victory Hill in Sihanoukville was a few years ago before the Chinese casinos completely changed the entire town almost overnight. Think a dark unpaved soi is perfect for a ladyboy bar and cheap drink prices are a plus.
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    earlier than this is impossible..Sleeping Hermaphroditus at Galleria Borghese in Rome....haaaa the greek & romans....and we think we were pioneers in the 60's
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