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    Used to kick off my jollies in an airport bar but that was many moons ago. used to drink on the plane but that was many moons ago. I just drink less. IMHO its not wise to drink a lot on the plane since the atmosphere is so dry. Alcohol dehydrates you even more and makes you feel crappier as a result. I can NEVER drink enough water on a flight-especially if i am trapped by the window as I dont want to get up every hour or so to go pee. but thats just me.....
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    We sorta know about pay toilets when we visit here. No excuse for crapping on the bar's floor. If paying to use the toilet is such a big deal, don't go to Thailand
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    I don't drink alcohol at the airport except for having a couple of Guinness once at Manchester Airport and a pint of Carlsberg at Abu Dhabi once many moons ago (£7), I don't want the risk of continuous pissing on the plane through beer and I'm more content with a Burger King and a coffee ....lol But Flying Long Haul I can enjoy my fair share of 'free' Red Wine on the planes which suits me fine...
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    Only issue with this is I believe the term Ass Clown is 2 words. LOL
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