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  2. IMHO, no one ver casted you a stone. We still hold you in high esteem but you rae becoming pathetic. In the ancient Egypt they used to delete from hieroglyphics the name of pharaohs who had proved unworthy of their responsibility. More recently, a nation like Germany decided to forget about their hero, the chancellor who had managed their reunification since he had embezzled money for the benefit of his political party. Stop wavering between your calls for a reconciliation that will not come and your harsh criticisms against PY. Delete them from your posts, be ready to retaliate against their attacks but avoid rubbing salt in the wounds. Is this really so hard for you to look for legends far from these assholes ? Neither Kendo nor LDP will ever come to LBR to thgank you for your initiative.
  3. i'm unsure whether you mean within the Emmy club or in general topics Rom. If you mean the latter, then it would usually be relevant to a post in a topic, not just an advert for Emmy's. And not that often. If you mean inside the Emmy club, well, at the risk of being accused of being the forum's new ace statistician... [who 's that?]..... since the Emmy club was started: Posts... Emmy Emmy 178. Posts Quietguy... 116 Posts Bbg... 181 now, please remember that a lot of my posts are what could be called administration or something like... e.g welcoming 69 new members with a 'hello thanks for joining' [okay in the early days i didn't do that] also about 20 posts with music vids to kick off the bar music thing. also the weekly or bi-weekly notification in the livestream tab. Yes, i know that i'm recognised as the Emmy club man... but pestering? in reality most general posts in the Emmy club are from Emmy herself followed by QG. just thought i'd tell you.. bit of a nonsense post really, feel free to hoover if you want to. no worries. But i can assure you Kendo or LBP will probably be never mentioned in the Emmy club... hopefully! regs.
  4. No nomination for Valar Dohaeris then? That would be interesting Personally Rom, up2you if you want to induct Kendo. But locking the thread would of been acceptable if there was a parallel thread for comments/reflection on this matter.
  5. Though I'm not high esteemd, or legend, I did not turn on you. I don't think it's anyone business to tell others what to post and not. We can have an opinion alright. Theres room for everyone here except for something that is racist and rhymes with bound. Hell, everyone who had an opinion about your Kendo legend post is either banned or have a bad case of PY brownnose.
  6. Siiiigh,.... This has been a rough couple weeks for me here at LBR... First fenton, then duke, now 1-by-1 more BMs who I held in high esteem are turning on me, right here at the Romscars Club where they are all my guests. @BBG who cast the first stone: how would you feel if I or another BM posted " I didn't join this forum to be constantly pestered" about Emmy's Bar ? that gets mentioned by you BBG far more often than I mention PY/Pyongyang... (for the record: I have nothing against Emmy's Bar and having followed the livestreams I plan to barfine them all first thing when I get back to Pattaya). This is the Romscars Club and it is named after the peer recognition awards I made my mission to contribute with to the online ladyboy lovers community... I know a lot of you think that's conceited of me but it's a harmless endeavor and some BMs seem to like it. To me it's important the Romscars and the Hall of Legends be perceived as credible exercises, not as a personal settling of scores or rewarding of pals, so that's why I have agonized over not having Kendo in the Hall of Legends, for which he is a no-brainer induction. To deny him his rightful place makes me look bad; not him. So please let me do my thing. I locked the nomination thread because I know I am skating on very thin ice on this one, which is why BMs coming right back at me by posting in another one of my threads what i tried to prevent them from posting may crack the ice right under my feet... do you get what I am trying not to say ?...I haven't hoovered any posts, but I may have no choice if you keep pushing the limits of my patience and the ADMINS'... 'nough said... Having made sure that BMs had a chance to record their Ayes & Nays through the emojis, at this stage the only one who can stop Kendo's induction into the Hall of Legends later this year is Kendo himself if he speaks up. You may think I am a sucker for honoring someone who messed with me in the past, but I am only too pleased to welcome at the Hall of legends someone of his ladyboy monger caliber who turned his back on PY... Vayan con Dios, rom
  7. I second you BBG. We appreciate Rom's effort to try to build legends. I did enjoy the way he defined LBP as PY too. It's right to make fun at their own expense. BUT, Rom seems to be stuck in a policy sometimes focused on to revenge and sometimes on to impossible reconciliation. Why not assume once for all that PY are idiots leaded by a fistfull of bastards and turn the page ? Turning the page doesn't mean that we forget or forgive. this means that we'd better spend most of our energy exploring new fields. @Rom Why not create your own "teahing" of Pinoy ladyboys ? You're one of the most advanced experts of ladyboys in the Philippines. You could try to create your hall of legend of Pinoy ladyboys. You could also try to explain how to find interesting contacts in the 7,107 islands.
  8. Ive just noticed in the mirror its says "Made in China" on my arse.
  9. Well said bbg, I do think Rom could have added another option for his voting system though, for example using one of these (below) for a 'I couldn't really give a fuck' Btw... I also gave you a 'like' mate
  10. for god's sake Rom, you have just posted a locked topic About...wait for it.... Kendo and of course LBP. Can't you just forget about both of them? just for a while? speaking for myself i didn't join this forum to be constantly pestered with either of the two aforementioned. look.. if you want to induct Kendo into your legends thing... just feckin' do it and shut up about the prick.
  11. When I started the Romscars Hall of Legends it was evident some fellow mongers were already proven shoo-ins for induction. One of them was Kendo the UK TV face of farang ladyboy chasers and PY moderator extraordinaire who made PY into the online hub of the ladyboy world. But in the process, he cracked a lot of fellow monger skulls (including mine) which made him a controversial choice for the Hall of Legends without much peer support when I asked last year. My take on Kendo is that notwithstanding him standing side-by-side with the goons running the show at PY, he is way smarter than them not just in terms of wits but in recognizing BM effort over attitude. I don’t think he liked me too much, but he respected my contributions and I heard from good source I would have been PY-banned a lot sooner if it weren’t for him standing in the way. I also heard from the same good source that last year (2020) he slammed the door on PY due to “management tensions” and, whether he has or not, the FACT is that he has not made a post, given a like, or recorded a log in at at PY in almost a year. BMs there keep asking about him but, in good North-Korea fashion, the official explanations are vague and dismissive. I take such distancing from PY by Kendo, even if only temporary, as an act of redemption that washes away the bruises he inflicted on so many fellow mongers, including myself. And I HEREBY NOMINATE KENDO FOR THE 2021 INTAKE OF THE ROMSCARS HALL OF LEGENDS. I am sure Kendo will see this or be informed soon enough and if he objects, he can contact me here at LBR where he is already a BM and I will promptly withdraw the nomination. I am not going to put this one to a vote, nor allow a discussion that could turn into an intrusive dissection of Kendo. So this thread is LOCKED right with this OP. But if you think Kendo deserves to be in Hall of Legends pls give this post a If you don’t think he does, give it a If you don't care either way, give it a I think I am doing the right thing. Rom
  12. well, well, well,... this thread started with me getting sucker-punched, then with me showing what a considerate sucker indeed I am, but now has taken a turn for the constructive---my favorite topic: nude sissies. Here are some pics and vid clips of one such sissy who just swindled me out of 10 bucks, not realizing how much she could have milked me for if she joined my AC fan club... she is a white-pinoy mestiza who thinks she is above the Fields ladyboys and can only be found at the Megadance where she plays hard to get. She does have a big soft ass like a white woman and there is nothing she won't let you do to it... salad tosser extraordinaire... big juicy caucasian cock way fatter than that Cartoon floozie I fucked before she got the bolt ons... 'nough blabbing, Here's RUN from AC: video-1630322928.mp4 video-1630492239.mp4 video-1630299884.mp4
  13. Now that is nice , really nice!. Also takes the mind off the bickering.
  14. Hopefully we can get some more old photos of lbs posted. They're kinda hard to get by.
  15. Here's a pic of sexy Cartoon! Dukey posted this awhile back.
  16. Not like the CARTOONS I remember growing up ... more thread fucking Should we have a thread fucking thread .?
  17. Meanwhile, no one has nothing new and interesting to post about the ladyboys scenes.
  18. Did I miss anything? Been playing golf all day, now catching up.
  19. Vayan con Dios hombres ... you shall not be missed... it's my bed time here in Europe and I am still wondering whether my new pet troll is the PY Fenton or not? At first I thought it was him and welcomed him; then I thought he was an impostor when he started trolling me; but now I think it may really be him... I thought that by asking him what English football team I support, he would answer correctly regardless of his intentions, but now I am starting to think he does not remember... ( It is Forest, Nottingham Forest FC, I came of age to football when they were tops ) The question then becomes why would the real Fenton have switched from a trusted pal and ally at PY to a backstabber here at LBR even as I welcomed him with open arms ??? There had to be an explanation and something he posted in the Chess thread made me connect the dots. And I quote: "... ROM, you are already in the service of a clique handler somewhere else arent you 555" At first I did not understand what he meant, but now I think the "clique handler" is this other PY BM who together with Fenton and one of the banned PY BMs started in 2018 a by-invitation-only mini-Board where the 3 of them were the admins (btw with Fenton joining LBR, all 3 of them are BMs here now). I was one of the first PY BMs to be invited to that mini-Board and a couple months down the line Fenton had a disagreement with the root admin over a new BM prospect and Fenton abruptly quit. The root admin offered me Fenton's admin slot which I accepted only to help out and with the POSTED caveat that if Fenton returned I would immediately give the admin slot back to him. I had absolutely nothing to do with Fenton's departure and perhaps he sees the fact that I accepted his admin slot as a betrayal of sorts that warrants the hostility he has been displaying here at LBR towards me. The "clique handler" would be that root admin with whom Fenton had been pals with long before I knew either of them... If that's the explanation, it's a mistake on Fenton's part but I don't think he is in a mental state to recognize it and stop trolling me. The irony is that in the process of trolling me he made pals with one of the uberCliquers at PY who never once posted there a word in Fenton's defence unlike me who used to do it all the time. Fenton's trolling style at PY was the overactive posting kind and he is LBR moderation's problem now. 0n a personal note, I would again like to express my gratitude for the Club feature of LBR that allows me to protect my painstakingly crafted content from the 2 threadfuckers du jour... Your Club CHAIRMAN Rom
  20. Same Same with me, I really don't want to waste another second of my life reacting to the likes of the Chairman of this Club or his disciple
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