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  2. A good array of photos. Must have been a good night despite not being with Fang. Who is the girl standing in front of P-------e in New Bar?. In the black outfit.
  3. Hi Bumblebee. There are definitely more bars with ladyboys than I recall even before covid, especially more GG-mostly bars with a ladyboy or 2 on staff. I'd say it's the case of like 1 out of 4-5 of the bars of Myth Night Plaza and Soi Chayapoom. I also saw what looked like new to me all-ladyboy small bars on sois Honey and Diana and north Buakhao ... and everywhere there are more than ever ladyboys among the GGs sitting outside the legit massage parlors ... and in the barfine bars you will find many imports from Cambodia and Laos. The scene is evolving although with fewer young cute femboy ones like we used to get spoiled with 10-15 years ago. Last night was my last and I thought of spending it with the sissy who was for me this trip's revelation-- Pattaya's most beautiful and sassy Fang who I had spent a couple nights with at the start of the trip. But I botched it and then double-botched it with the Pattaya's most beautiful runner up sissy Lily. I wanted to see the football matches and went by Bon Bar at 8 PM to grab Fang but the sissies hadn't arrived and it seemed too eager to stay there and wait for Fang plus miss the NL-Poland match that had just started. So I went to a pizza joint i like on soi Lengkee, got me a pizza and some garlic bread to eat at CS2 while watching the second half of the game there. Lily was without a customer when I got there but did not come join me for a drink despite me looking her way and waiving at her. It was her payback for the previous night when I had barfined her bestie Fa who, in contrast, was all over me the moment I got there further alienating Lily. So I bought Fa drinks and would have bought for other sissies but none came to the table to hustle me. It's something I noticed at CS 2 is that the sissies leave the customers alone and mostly chill with each other. The times I went to CS2 I noticed punters just sitting there by themselves, finishing their beers and leaving without as much as talking to a sissy. Was it their intention? Or were they too shy to call one to the table? Fa was being super-affectionate to me in front of everyone and when the game ended I had the bright idea of LT barfining her and taking her to the ST room upstairs for the one-hour interval before the next game. And she really took good care of me giving me a sumata massage (cock on cock masturbation) with me just laying there belly up for half an hour and letting her do all the friction until I ejaculated. I had briefly fucked her just to mark territory and put the stiffy to use before it went away, but I am glad I held out the spurting for the sumata. I then reciprocated by licking her balls and pinching her nipples while she finished jerking herself off. Another plus of this kill-time session is that she allowed me all the pics I wanted and as I snapped and checked the pics I realized that with her hair pulled back she really looks more like a regular tall skinny young dude than a girlie one. After we came back downstairs Lily never again as much as looked my way despite the fact that she was just sitting there under the TV farangless. It seems a foregone conclusion that she has blacklisted me and I will have to revert that on a forthcoming trip with charm and currency. If I still think she is worth it. I watched the first half of the Slovenia-Denmark game while Fa chilled outside with Lucky and another one of the house sissies but towards the end of the first half I thought I had seen enough football and left with Fa to head back to the hotel via Myth Night Plaza. On our way there we passed Bon Bar and Fang was touting right in front looking more beautiful than I even remembered and we greeted each other and I wished I had not hooked up with Fa, sumata or no sumata. When we walked past New Bar one of the pool tables was free and we stopped there for a few games, in which surprisingly I held my own against a much more assiduous player like Fa. After 4 games rather than go for a tiebreaker that I did not want to win or lose, I handed my cue stick to one of the New bar sissies and she continued playing with Fa while I watched the end of the SI-DK game. Petesie came over to chat me a bit and we kept it courteous refraining from mentioning my cruxification at PY. As is the case here in the board, I could not bring myself to say the name of the other board but did not want to say PY either to Petesie's face (btw PY is now being used by several BMs there at least when they talked to me) so I would pause and say "... your board". After the game ended we came straight back to the hotel. A little suck-suck fuck-fuck but I was spent and we just went to sleep. As happened with all the sissies this trip, she left in the morning even though we had talked about her sticking around and accompanying me to the airport. I will come back with a couple more posts on my Pattaya logistics and general impressions. Some pics from last night.
  4. Some of the new bars that weren’t around when I was last there. Looking forward to locating them when i eventually get back :)
  5. The absence of mass marketing, unlike Thailand, is a significant advantage for me. I have been tired for a while of Thailand : prices inflation, frustration marketing (as far as ladyboys are concerned in sin cities), service deflation etc ... I can guarantee you I'm not about to scheme to become a client of Lily in Pattaya. The ocean is full of fresh fishes not to meet the one so many advanced mongers already shagged. I don't try to promote China but find it interesting to share beautifull pics that I sometimes find. It's hard to find reliable information on China, so I only post what I have when I'm confident in its accuracy. I was had been happy of my 4 trips in Vietnam. Needless to criticize. I had the feeling that VN ladyboys could interest a fistfull of smart sex tourists before Covid. I had great pleasure to travel there and I will go back to Vietnam even if it's tougher to find ladyboys and even I don't try to meet one. I have so much to do over there as a simple tourist. I don't regret exploring Indonesia. I had much more fun discovering Jakarta without finding ladyboys than rotting away in Pattaya. Sorry if I bothered you sharing information. @snoopdawg After you've sobered up from your weekend rounds, you can try to have a look this thread and this thread as well.
  6. Oh god. Why did you have to include a photo of the bald headed prick in the blue shirt???
  7. I am confused. I thought you had taken Beauty. Maybe a slip of the tongue! On the matter of Lily. Going by the photos Fah looks better than Lily. Maybe Lily had a hard night?
  8. I am the OP and last night I wanted to watch the Euro 2024 matches. So I started out having dinner at Gordie's (?) the multiple TV screens sports bar across the street from Treetown while watching the 2nd half of the Hungary-Switzerland match and then killed the time for the next game having a beer with a hot GG MILF that grabbed me in the soi. At 11 PM I went to Cindy's to watch the Croatia-Spain there in the company hopefully of the Cambodian sissies I lust for. This time Lily was unhitched but it was Fafa/Fa Fa/Fah Fah/Fã who jumped me and installed me legs stretched with the best possible view of one of the 2 TVs showing the game. Obviously I bought Fã (that's how she writes it in her FB) a lady drink and also Lily who was sitting unfaranged right across from me under the TV. I would have bought Lucky one too but she was too busy playing killer pool and strutting her balls hanging out of the sling bikini. Both Lily and Fã were playful and touching me, but only Fã was asking me to spend the night. In fact she proposed that I not barfine her and wait for her to come to my room at 4 am after she partied with some friends her age. Or maybe she was already going to ST another dude who knows? Lily was too proud to show interest in coming with me. And I was too proud to just pay her barfine and drag her out of there without her saying she wanted me to. But I did not want to reject her even more blatantly by taking Fã 2 nights in a row, especially since Lily was available that night. So i took neither. In the meantime Spain was clobbering Croatia up 3-0 at half time and I figured the game was over and I'd just less attentively watch the 2nd half at Delirious and walked there. Unlike Cindy's that was having a good house with a table full of PY cliquers, Delirious had just one other farang and not even Herbert or Som were there on a Saturday night. Pepsi was lady-drinking with the other farang so I sat with my Delirious regular of many years ago: Beauty who had sat with me and Fã the night before with much grace and fortitude in view of the fact that I was with Fã not her. So I knew the Rom thing to do was to barfine Beauty or risk really making her loose face (and fondness for me) and as soon as the game ended we were out of there without even discussing the LT fare for the night... once in the room Beauty knows what I like and immediately jumped into action making me ejaculate using my props and despite all the butt play she went to sleep without being buggered which I consciously postponed for the morning when she cunningly dodged it again saying she had to shit. So I sucked her rock hard cock again, she sucked mine and she was outta there at 8 am, which is something I regret about Beauty that in all these years she never once stuck around for breakfast. Some pics from last night below. Tonight is my last night.
  9. Not trying to be pedantic, but I think our common denominator's name might be spelt Fah Fah. She is good. Very friendly. My memory is of her more or less grabbing my hand and heading for the door as soon as I mentioned going for a ST!
  10. Hi barforth. I am old school and for me hair down under is a plus whether with the sissies or the GGs... it gives more texture for the tongue to explore and something for the teeth to nibble and pull at. Also like how it tickles my nose when I 69 ... cheers! LOL. You are starting to cramp my style, but I guess it shows you have good taste. Yes Lily is a more special compelling sissy to be with. Fa Fa was more pornographic... going forward I will try to reconquer Lily, but she may now have re-assigned me to Fa Fa. Read below. Lucky is the one that got away on this trip... I would have taken her rather than Fa Fa but she did not make herself available when I approached her. And yesterday I wanted to buy her a drink along with Lily and Fa Fa but she did not as much as smile at me. She is a total little sexpot walking around the bar practically naked in those loose-fitting sling bikinis... Hi Hard1. It's not explicit it was you, and if it was THANKS, and either way BIG THANKS for posting to say I deserve the likes. It gives me the motivation to continue to TR the best I can. Try calmly and with a steady hand hover over the heart-shaped icon at the bottom right of the post until the full strip appears with the smiley face and the upwards arrow icons and then firmly click once (and only once) ON the one of your choice ... does your computer have touch screen? if not, try to use one that does as it is often easier for a beginner to use a finger than the mouse... it could also be that you did not update yet your OS to Windows 11... did you? I am always glad to assist less IT familiar BMs and hope this helps... seriously bro: you have given me so many likes ever since my first TR at PY that it's like they are given already when I post. Thanks for taking the time to post to say you tried to give likes but it did not work. Party on! Thanks flintarcher. Hope it inspires you to write about your own experience or plans. We could use it... For the most part TH remains a paradise of "prosti-friendliness" and "value for money" compared to all other Asian countries I visited except perhaps the PH. It's true that this trip to Pattaya I did NOT hook up with any who latched on, but they all (I repeat: ALL) spent the night. A couple of them came visit me in the afternoon. I can't imagine it being more friendly anywhere else in Asia and nothing that you wrote about China, Vietnam, Indonesia makes me think it is better there despite being less mass-marketed than TH. Separate post below with yesterday's developments...
  11. Thanks for reminding us about this "detail". When I was a newbie in the scene, ladyboys sometimes still had a friendly approach during meetings, which almost completely vanished by the mid-2010s. Now, it's all about the money, and often the main focus is on how to manipulate their client to make easy money. I can feel it in your TR, which reminds me of the frustrations that led me to explore other countries. This is the first time I see a ladyboy who's not obese with a face full of pimples at Kim Piggy Wiggly's. You made a great find at least for her look. But she probably landed there a good reason : birds of a feather fly together. Now, I understand why you fond her in the crow's nest. The issue ain't from the forum. If you spent more time at LBR and less at PY, perhaps you wouldn't have the issue. perhaps, the issue has another origin. I noticed that zero ladyboy in VN = zero like in the forum. Better luck next time you go to Saigon.
  12. Well no more likes from me as it looks like the issue with the forum has returned...
  13. BIG THANKS to whoever BM was binge reading the TR while I was drafting this and gave so many likes to sequential posts. Rom, your writings would have deserved even more "likes"
  14. I actually found Lucky to be quite a find. Had a good chat with her in my wind down period after being with Fafa. Unusual eyes.
  15. Ah ha, but it was Fafa that i went with on the night Lily double booked!!!!!!. Thats when I got the stinkeye. So my exploration preceded you! To top it off I had Lily and Fafa as a 3 some the following night!!!!. No, thats a lie. But it was Fafa I took as a filler. Very good, but not Lily!
  16. Instead of lychees take Fa Fa some Nair, not romantic I know but that ass is too hairy.
  17. Thanks DM & PG for the reality check. When I started mongering in TH in the 1990s the guys back home would ask me what was so special about the Thai prostis and I would tell them they were so good at being prostitutes they made us farangs think they were NOT prostitutes. Times have since changed and the default is no longer like that but there remain instances of such prosti magic and Lily makes me feel such magic in the many little things she does when we are together: like how she holds my hands in the soi making me feel like the stud-king of Pattaya; how she reminds me I was her first ever customer in TH (by chance!) and how nice I was to her that first time; how she presses her body against mine all night and open mouth kisses me like she means love; how she makes herself available for unsafe sex and any pic I want, and how we don't talk money anymore and she accepts without looking what I give her in the morning... Too bad I pulled a Woodie on Lilly last night and may as well be dead in the water to her. Yesterday I got stressed over some e-mails and calls I had to make in anticipation of my return to the real world and it took me all afternoon when it should not have taken me longer than an hour or 2. Pattaya has a way of accustoming a man to pleasurable leisure and self-gratification and shunning the harder things that need to be done. I only got out of the room at 21:30 and headed straight to Petesie's New Bar where I've had their top producer (name Tong picture on the left) in the cross hairs since I got here. She is a very tall elegant sissy always dressed in kinky outfits making her look like a bondage mistress. I bought her a drink and she resisted my attempt to take casual photos of her (never a good sign!) and when I mentioned "LT" she reacted like I had just asked her to transplant to me one of her kidneys... check bin and went to eat a farang kind of burger at McDo as after 2 weeks of eating only Thai food I am getting sick of it delicious as it may be. After McDo I decided to go bar hopping and went straight to Cindy's to pursue Lily again after being there the previous night only to see her being courted monopolized by another old white dude. Same exact story last night. She was with a chubby bald white dude who kept buying drinks and playing pool with her. Unlike the previous night that Lily managed to come over say hi and smile at me, the chubby bald dude commanded her full attention and Lily did not as much as flirted with me from the distance. Call it wishful thinking, but I felt she too was disconcerted she could not be with me. I was hoping the fat bald guy would finish his drink and leave but he just kept ordering more drinks and then i decided it was time for me to also pull a Woodie on Lily. I offered to buy a drink to one of the other sissies I had messed with the previous night (name Lucky also Cambodian) but surprisingly she declined even though she was alone. Did Lily admonish her for getting too intimate with me? If she did she is going to be even more cross with the sissy I picked instead: Fafa not just another Cambodian, but Lily's childhood friend from the same town in Cambodian. According to Fafa they went to grade school together and crossed the border together to come work for Cindy. Fafa sure knew how to seduce me saying she remembered me from Cindy's BKK and wishing every time that I would barfine which I never did. Just like Lily, Fafa is 1 metter 77 tall and rai skinny with a tight little butt that fits the palm of your hand. Check bin with barfine and I took her to Delirious where we drank with my local mia nois Beauty an Pepsi. Once in the room the sex was outstanding and i'd be too embarrassed to tell everything we did. So you see Woodie unless you also barfined Fafa there is no way you can top me in Lily-busting by barfining another sissy closer to her heart than her childhood friend and current roommate. And I am thinking of raising the Lily-busting another notch by going back tonight and barfining Fafa again. My professed aim is for the 2 of them to catfight over me... Some pics from last night.
  18. You guys still believe that this prosti ladyboy was fond of you. She's a prosti and also follows rules as such: first customer paying first customer served. She probably also prefers a customer whose payment is certain rather than one with an indefinite LT and uncertain gratuities. It could also damage her reputation to abandon a client during work. It's unclear what kind of clients she deals with when you're not on vacation in Pattaya and what she likes in customers after money. No one knows either how much money she had bargained with this one. Stop thinking you are the Don Juan(s) of Pattaya ladyboys.
  19. Actually @Rom and @Woodie, your stories make me smile. I won't deny Lily is a great piece of work. But having said that, she's also a working girl and quite good at it. Money comes first, second and third. If a monkey came walking in with 10k THB she would leave all of us behind
  20. Actually I feel bad for you. I had a similar feeling about Lily after we both fucked up. She by double booking and asking me to wait a few hours, and me by spitefully taking her friend instead, as there was no way I wanted to go seconds that night. To top it off, the double booking guy,(who was there when I arrived), was a "very", strange looking dude. I guess money is king. Not a good outcome and as the old saying goes," if looks could kill", when I returned to the bar with her friend. Thing is, you can't undo something like that.
  21. Funny guy. Hi Woodie, you are probably gonna like this post in that I may have struck Lily out and not be with her again. this trip.. read on... So yesterday Lily had left mid-morning and I went to Tukcom (electronics mini-mall on South Pattaya road after the street market) to buy me a memory card USB adapter as the cable port on my 10+ year old camera is no longer connecting well. The reason I am sharing this is that in the process of shopping the adapter I took the memory card out and then must not have put it back properly, so ALL THE PICS I TOOK YESTERDAY WERE NOT SAVED. And all I have to beef up this post are a few casual pics I took with my cell phone. The rest of my daytime was non-eventful; Lily never messaged me as she likely slept all day in her dingy shared room right above CS2 only to come out when her shift started. After our wonderful night together and her expressed wish to repeat again, I thought I was on to a premium GFE with a sissy Diva so I just went straight from my hotel to CS2 must have been around 21:30. I love lychees and this is the time of the year when they are cropped so I've had them in my room and Lily also likes them and eats them when she is there with me. So to be sanook I got more fresh lychees that are sold tied together by the stems in a bunch and carried it to CS2 upside-down like a bouquet of flowers to offer Lily like a proper suitor would to his beloved. So when I got to CS2 Lily was taking her shot at killer pool and when I handed out the bouquet of lychees to her it got really awkward with her just laughing it off. Since she was playing pool, I had not realized that she was already with another old white dude that had bought her a drink likely with a view to barfining her. Faces had to be saved so I put the lychees on a table for all sissies to help themselves and bought one of them a drink. My choice was Lucky-- CS2's eccentric little sissy that walks around with her hanging parts spilling out of a loose fitting sling bikini. Moreover she got herself a pointy farang nose job and she looks a bit like a 3-D cartoon. I took some pics of her cock right there in the bar but as mentioned they were not saved... In the meantime, it became clear to me that Lily was not about to finish her drink, thank the other dude, and join me. All she managed was to tell me to come back later presumably after STing the other dude or multiple ones... I probably should just have taken Lucky there and then but I knew Lily would resent it so I moved on to other joints. I had planned to take Lily out for a nice dinner so I made a new plan to hang out at Buakhao and return to CS2 for Lily but ONLY IF SHE MESSAGED ASKING ME TO. She never did! And I was not going back to CS2 and look like a lovestruck fool again if she was gone or still sitting on the other dude's lap. Perhaps that's what she wanted that I show interest without her having to show interest to me... if so, she waited for me all night ... I have a good mind to go there tonight and barfine Lucky or one of the other very attractive skinny sissies working there. This is a good time to note that IMHO CS2 has currently the best line-up of the Pattaya sissy bars I visited and I visited them all. So what I did was buy me a calzone and some garlic bread sticks at soi Longkee (parallel to Chayapoom) to eat at Delirious with a nice dark Lao beer. Herbert is back and we chatted for a while. It was a quiet night, only 2 other farangs. I bought Beauty drinks and she massaged me and wanted to LT again but I was waiting for Lily to message me. So I left Delirious and went to a new sissy bar down the street named Jie Jie which is an extension of the same name GG bar next door. As far as I can tell it is a relatively new bar and the sissies there seemed the eager kind. One caught my attention but I did not catch hers and I did not try to as I was still giving Lily the chance to call me. After half an hour there still no news from Lily. Fuck her and her popularity! This is Pattaya and it is me the old moneyed farang who can get me a sissy or GG LT in a matter of minutes, not some peasant boy in frocks who is going to slow me. But I was not feeling the motivation. The thought of sleeping alone for a change actually felt welcome, so I decided one more beer and then back to hotel. As I mentioned in yesterday's post I had by chance run into an old sissy fuck I was tapping 8-9 years ago. The name is Anne (Ann? An?) she is now pushing 30 and looks more like a grown boy than a femme but she has kept her skinny figure and added 2 perfectly hemispherical implants. So I decided to have my last beer at Sensations and see if she was there. She was and I bought her a drink and she was very unassuming and resigned it seems to her status of aging ladyboy working at a lesser bar like post-Scott Sensations has become. Which was actually not as bad as when I passed there last time. I counted 7 sissies none of them knock-outs but at least there were 7 of them, including Paeng that has become matronly but still a compelling sissy to gawk at. OMG how time has passed... 15 years ago she was a scrawny little thing with an upwards pointing cock when I first barfined her from the original Pook. That was even before she and Scott met. But I digress... There were 2 other farang customers both closely engaging 1-on-1 with a couple of the bar's sissies. So Sensations was not the wasteland I had deemed it to be from biking by and never seeing anyone. Ann was sweet and she did not expect me to barfine her even after she said she would come with me for free. I handed her 1000 to pay for the drinks plus her barfine and she brought me full change for the drinks only, so she was ecstatic when she realized I had intended to barfine her... to avoid misunderstandings I told her I'd give 1000 in the morning... we had a wonderful night of old lovers reunion celebrated with a 69 that lasted over half hour til I spurted from her coordinated hand-mouth exertions. Ann has a lovely meaty extremely hard cock and I held it all night as we slept in a spooning position. In the morning I fucked her... to my surprise it was strenuous to get it in there as she wriggled in pain but once inside it quickly became enjoyable for her as well. I spun her around into different positions and she came lying backwards on top of me with my hand tossing her cock that spurted copiously after only a few jerks. I did not come and was hoping to later in the day and would have if she had stayed but she did not. I tipped her nevertheless. She asked me to barfine her again tonight and perhaps I will. But maybe Lily will call. Or Fang. Chances are greater my focus will shift elsewhere... Here are some pics of Anne ... not so great but the better ones (including XXX) were not saved by my camera's misinstalled card...
  22. You do realize that she was on loan to you?. She actually contacted me to make sure I was ok with her going out with you. I said yes knowing that she will always compare other BM's to me. So nothing to worry about. Good photos apart maybe from the one in the lift. Elevator to those septic tanks. ps, I think you will have a hard job trying to convert other BM's to using the term sissy. To me anyway, less than flattering.
  23. Thanks Dan. And well done barforth for tapping Nati before I did... Yes our kissing was awkward I think because she was self conscious about having a bit of facial hair stubble. And so was I when I felt it against my own... so thereafter kissing was mutually avoided and our tongues probed elsewhere... cheers. I think we had this discussion here in the board before and it ended with an active BM self-martyring himself into a lurker to protest my casual use of "sissy" in reference to the young Thai and Philippino transgendered women also known as "ladyboys," which like "sissy" carries an element of deprecation to said transgendered women. Personally I use "sissies" for non-masculine males in general, not just the Asians, and in the context of my TRs I believe it gives the narrative a more irreverent, engaging flow. The-Sith uses "traps." Most BMs still use "ladyboys" but I have lately seen some also using "sissy" here and there. It just rolls right out of the tongue once you start using it. On my previous post I mentioned how CS's Lily was back from Cambodia and had texted me and I was on my way to see her but in biking past Old no 7 I spotted a sissy I had had in the cross hairs since last week and grabbed her. Lily never knew about it and the following day (yesterday) she texted me again very dryly! and I knew if I ignored her 2 days in a row she would cut me off the GFE. So I went to CS2 at about 9:30. There were no other customers and Lily was still getting ready so I had to wait while having a beer and watching the other sissies play pool and marveled at how great a line up CS2 currently has. Young flat chested Cambodians for the most part and a few more curvy Thai ones. I could see myself spending 2 weeks in Pattaya just barfining from there. When Lily finally joined me she looked awesome (see pics below) and I knew she expected to be barfined which I immediately proposed and paid for. But because it was so early I was the one to suggest I'd come back later so she could stay in the bar and fulfill her role as main attraction. I had 2-3 hours to kill so I went to eat something at Chayapoom and ended up at a bar called The MILF bar where I hooked up with a 40-a-lot yo momma with tits bigger than my head. She was otherwise a very plain looking overweight woman with what I assess to be a big saggy belly gut. I don't remember exactly how my bargirl banter degenerated into anal sex but it did and she said she had never done it and would like to try it. With me! I warned her of my equine dimensions but that only made her more interested in learning from me. Moreover she offered herself LT at a price so low i had to tell her so. If I had not already barfined Lily I might have gone for it even though other than her huge saggers the rest of her was not very alluring. But I kept thinking about it. So much so that this morning when I was buggering beautiful Lily's skinny ass I fantasized it was the homely MILF's big fat allegedly-virgin ass I was pounding. I then was walking past the New 69 bar and I heard a voice screaming at me "I LIMEMBA YOU". Luckily I also remembered her: a sissy I had hooked up with about 8 years ago and had not seen since. At the time she worked at Sensations and now she is back there as a freelancer. She has inevitably aged in a less girlie way but has kept her skinny ass figure enhanced by a set of bolt-ons. She was there at 69 with a farang who had brought her along with another sissy and I asked the farang if I could buy Ann (her name) a drink and he did not object. After the drink I resumed my bar hopping and there is a chance I might go look for Ann at temptation if ever the supermodel looking sissies let go of me... As to Lily we had a lovely time. I took her to Walking Street: the Stone House, followed by Lucifer which gave Lily a chance to shine among boys and girls closer to her age. It was Lily not me who suggested we go home as I would have continued to party with her in Walking Street where I felt like the man walking hand in hand with such beautiful creature. Once in the room she came to bed wearing one of my T-shirts which is what GFs tend to do rather than present themselves naked. We kissed for a while and held each other tight and we both knew not to say anything and just let ourselves fall asleep like that me first. I woke up around 6 AM thirsty as hell and then when I got back to bed Lily snuggled frontally to me, which she had never done rather presenting her skinny ass for me to spoon around. So from 6 AM to 10 AM I just let Lily sleep with me holding her tight as I knew that if we had sex she would leave right after which eventually happened and was totally GFE with us fucking in the roasted chicken position and her coming 6 or 7 spurts on my belly and hers... It's a no-brainer that I will be barfining her tonight even if this is all an illusion, but if so I want to remain in the matrix. Some pics of Lily last night to complete the post. Sorry I won't be posting any more cock pics of her. It's part of the illusion and I think BMs understand it and would actually disapprove of me if I did.
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