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  2. Thanks gentlemen. I have many more such memories penned under my old Sargent Shameless alias at the Captain's http://www.third-sex.org/ blog. It is NOT my intention to repost any more of those memories here, so you may want to check them out at the source. I will however, repost here an interview I made with the Captain 10 years ago!!! that I think is interesting for all of us to learn a little more about the man behind the legend. I am the one who drafted the questions and the wisecracking comebacks on the Captain's answers. He answered the best he could and selected the picture
  3. I like the expression of the guy holding the trolley handles. Almost like he is thinking "my god, look at that!"" In fact the 3 of them cannot believe what they are seeing!.
  4. In terms of the actual bush, Talisha had an annoying habit of shaving her pubes. I seldom got a good shot of the full black hairy mass. Despite having a well-earned reputation for gruffness and tempestuous behaviour, she was actually a sweetie when away from the bar and the bright lights. On a couple of occasions I took her around town during an afternoon, getting city shots before we ended up with a conventional shoot, and she was always up for it at a time when, possibly, she may have been happier sleeping. On one occasion I remember, on a stinking hot afternoon, she overheated and we h
  5. I think that's the finest Rom (Sargent) work I have read. Your zest for LB meat is unbridled. I can't believe you didn't take them both and let them run a train in your mouth in the Casanova toilet. The Sith's earlier stories also gave the LB p4p pseudonyms. But I stopped that silly safeguard when I realized a single story on the internet could by a girl a designer bag that year from the extra business the free advertising they got. In terms of Superstars, it doesn't get much better than Taliaha (or Jelisha.....or Schmalisha). She had the hottest Bush of any Ladyboy. And lots of conf
  6. Aye-Aye The-Sith ! With the Captain's prior permission I am going to repost here one of the thirdsex.org blog entries I wrote 10 years ago as Sargent Shameless about the night I fucked BOTH of Casanova's size queens JESSICA and TALISHA. Re-reading it after all this time made me chuckle because I would not have written it like that today. Narrativewise, I would have been more concise ( but the Captain wanted details! "Copious details") and I would not have been so explicit about Jessica's praise of my cocksucking skills or Talisha's sticking of that big bulbous hairy thing in me.. twice! ap
  7. Trump, Trump, Trump. Blah, Blah, Blah. SukiTRANS is hot as hell... https://www.manyvids.com/Video/1844182/school-girl-cum-5-times/
  8. I had been rather disconcerted when Rom emailed me and told me I was dead. I did a quick check of my pulse (one can never be too careful), and was able to reassure him I was still alive. Phew! I don't know how the rumour spread. There was a well-known artist living in Key West who used the name Captain Outrageous, and he had passed away in, I think, 2008. So that was a long time back. Maybe it was because I had stopped updating the site. I had reluctantly come to the conclusion that it was healthier for me to stop, when the military government came to power. They started out with a crackdown o
  9. If something is untrue, demonstrably so, why is it wrong to disallow publication of that lie on a channel owned and managed by a corporation or person interested in truthful publication only? It is up to the owner/manager of the site, surely. I cannot see your logic here, Mr Sith.
  10. Come on, sith, you're smarter than this , no? Don't be a tinfoil hat.
  11. Twitter, and other media were censoring him for many reasons, including his claim that there was election fraud. As dangerous as it is to make that assertion if it's not true, it's SIGNIFICANTLY more dangerous to cover it up (I'm not saying there was election fraud). That's why we have freedom of speech. I guess just like Pence who chose US systems over his political allegiance, I'm chosing US freedom over my political allegiances.
  12. Well said, Rom. Trump is history, you need to worry about his two-faced enablers and the easy lead mob they attract.
  13. WTF @ The-Sith ? The Twitter ban is NOT about censorship... Trump remains free more than any other person on earth to express whatever he wants and be heard ... He can if he wants issue press releases from the POTUS/White House (or as an ex-president from Mar-a-Lago) which puts him above all censorship and he can call press conferences and be on national/worldwide TV at a moment's notice. This is not someone being censored The-Sith! This is a Twitter user being subject to the same rules as other Twitter users and the only thing Twitter did wrong was allowing him to disregard the rules fo
  14. 81 million people voted against President Trump, unless you believe his claims that the vote was "rigged". "Free speech" has always had limits in the USA, and most other democratic countries. When the leader of the country calls for crowds to mass at the capitol building on January 6, and then encourages them to march on the building to halt the process of announcing and confirming the results of the electoral college votes - that is not draining the swamp. Social media companies have made it clear that there are limits on what can be posted - however, I do agree with you the rules a
  15. PS..... Every BM here should also detest discretionary censorship. Right?
  16. As much as I personally despise Trump, it's un-American to censor and block free speech. To me it's very suspicious that he gets blocked when he attacks the system.... but calling for violence against Iran or some other situation is not censored. silicon Valley and 90% of the US media is censoring him and attacking him at every turn and NEVER covering positive things Trump has accomplished......like notabley he never started a war!! Even when he fought for $2000 for American people the media criticized him! There is very real evidence of a coordinated effort to shut up the guy w
  17. I suppose that social media such as a cooking forum or a forum devoted to third world transexual sex workers are akin to a small business. If someone walks into a bakery and defecates all over the hot cross buns they are going to be swiftly booted from the premises. Twitter and Facebook are more like public utilities where the threshold concerning free speech is different than at a Mom and Pop business. I would imagine that many god fearing Americans are uncomfortable with how society has changed and perplexed that the President of the USA could be silenced while the young lady shown b
  18. The terrorist used an alternate potus account after the ban apparently.
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