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  2. It's interesting you said that. Because nationality considerations aside, Miss Netherlands is very much more my sissy type than Miss Portugal. She is taller and skinnier and flat chested and has that you-can-tell-it's-a-boy look I so much prefer. She is also younger. If both were available to me in bikinis in a bar like in Thailand, I would probably go for Miss Netherlands who I can only guess has a harder, longer, hormones free cock than Miss Portugal. But there is something about Miss Portugal that attracts me for the feminine side more than the chick-with-a-dick factor. It's something I feel rarely but sometimes with feminine ladyboys such as Bon Bar's Anny who I am crazy about more than perhaps most mongers would credit her curvy beauty for. In some of the pics Miss Netherlands does not come across so hot, in others she does (see below). Go figure. But I think in the Miss Universe contest if the jury had to pick one trans to make it past the general round, Miss Portugal was the obvious choice based on femininity. As you can see in the pic below, Miss Netherlands looks more manly but Miss Portugal is also not a perfect beauty and seems to have one eye narrower than the other which actually gives her a seductive gaze. Perhaps that's what makes her so attractive: the look of the cute girl next door who happens to have a cock or at least I hope so since she and the press are mute about whether she is a pre-op or a postie...
  3. Based on the pics in the above post I'd order them Portugal, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nepal. But based on other pics I'd go for Netherlands over Portugal. It's close though. Miss Nicaragua must have tremendous grace and style because she certainly does not look like the most beautiful woman in the world.
  4. Well Rom, that's not too difficult for me. Last place definitely goes to miss Nepal. Although she's a pretty face, BBW simply doesn't rock my boat. Miss Nicaragua would earn the bronze spot. Lovely body, but something undefineable is off in her face. But if I had the chance, definitely would do her anyway. Although I'm proud to be Dutch, miss Netherlands would come 2nd. Beautiful tgirl, wouldn't mind a nice encounter with her at all. Miss Portugal is my favorite. Don't think much explanation needed, look at her
  5. Yes Miss Thailand looks more attractive and I am sure many of the other Misses were too but I did not watch the pageant to pick any of them in particular. The winner Miss Nicaragua is very elegant but I don't find her face especially beautiful and it looks like she had some surgery which to me is a turn off. Many of the other Misses also routinely have some surgery, including some say Miss Portugal but I don't really see the evidence of that. Her face is feminine imperfect in some regards and that's to me where her beauty resides. Besides Miss Portugal and Miss Netherlands, there was another outlier: BBW Miss Nepal. Question for BMs: If you could fuck 1 of these 4 contestants in what order would you rank them? Miss Nicaragua the Winner Miss Nepal the BBW Miss Portugal the soft tranny Miss Netherlands the athletic tranny ???? I would pick Miss Portugal without hesitation, but I am biased by national affinity. In second place I think I would pick Miss Netherlands but only because fucking a young non-prosti white European tranny seems like such an impossible treat for me. If I had to pick between Miss Nepal and a beautiful TH or PH tranny, I would pick Miss Nepal because I've had more than my share of beautiful Asian trannies. This means I would definitely pick the curvy Miss Nepal over Miss Nicaragua. BUT if Miss Nicaragua who to me looks like a surgically-enhanced tranny had a dick I would pick her in second place after Miss Portugal? What about other BMs? I realize most might not even be interested in the 2 GGs
  6. Just to update on the outcome of the Miss Universe contest held last night: The Portuguese transwoman made it to the final 20 (the first cut) which was Portugal's second best finish ever. Miss Netherlands did not. The winner was Miss Nicaragua who to me looks more like a tranny than the other 2. Here is a pic of her and 3 of Miss Portugal last night.
  7. Some say not to negotiate with terrorists because it sets a bad precedent. But for the most part other sissies are unaware that you handled the situation cooly and rationally so there is no precedent. It's tempting to get on your high horse due to pride and then have an extremely bad outcome instead of buying you're way out. So I think you handled it quite well especially since it goes against our basic instincts in the moment.
  8. Thanks PG. A trip, any trip, not just a mongering trip, is a succession of events: some good, some bad. With over 12 sex partners on this trip I think I did well. The only fuck I regret was the extortionist sissy in Subic but even that one I feel a sense of accomplishment for handling the situation rationally with money rather than escalate it for the sake of my pride and sense of fairness. I could easily have left that episode and how it upset me out of the TR and just showcased the sissy like a trophy. But I am not writing TRs to fool anyone or make them jealous or to prove anything. I do it because telling my story is a motivator to enjoy the trip even more. For example: when I was shoving fruits and kitchen utils up that lady's ass I was already relishing how much i was going to enjoy telling about it and posting the pics here at LBR. There were other times when things did not go well on this trip and I reported: the Pattaya bar waiter who did not return my change; or when I got a bad flu in Mactan. But other setbacks I left out: like when I got diarrea (2 or 3 times) or had a flight delayed 4 hours. It just did not seem important to the narrative. What I try more and more to convey in my TRs is a sense that it is not all just fun and games for me anymore. There were times when I wondered what the fuck I was doing in remote islands paying to fuck boys in drag and romancing barely literate GGs with whom I have nothing in common other than sex. It's not "lost of confidence" as PG called it. It's more "loss of joy" as I am confronted with aging and a sense of having been there and having done that. I also realize that I am sacrificing other priorities in my life for the sake of chasing prostis... I think most other mongers come to feel like that at some point... All I can say going forward is: Party on! I will continue to try to...
  9. I don't want to comment @Rom's last post, not at all. I guess, this was the last one before answering comments. I appreciate Rom's thorough and diligent description of his choices @Rom demonstrated seriousness and thoroughness in describing his choices and the ladyboys scenes both in Thailand and the Philippines.He has been uncompromising about the rising prices in Thailand and the dwindling number of bars, GGs and ladyboys in the Philippines. I am very grateful to him because it is always challenging to acknowledge failures or problems during a trip. Recently, I was lambasted in a forum by a wealthy old asshole who attended the Motorcycle Grand Prix in Buriram and took the opportunity to visit the ladyboys bars in BKK, paying the experts thrice what was the regular price. He even boasted about paying a BF for only THB 700, etc., etc . Thus, I choose not to pass judgment on Rom's decisions, despite potential areas of discussion. I would appreciate seeing more reviews or trip reports from non-conformist experts capable of providing genuinely original insights. I have also noticed moments when @Rom seemed to show a lack of self-confidence. I'm unsure if he's concerned about his sex performance in terms of health or if the deterioration of the market has made him a bit anxious. I experienced similar feelings when exploring Cambodia, Issan, or Vietnam when I had my empty days. It doesn't make me optimistic about the future. Wishing Rom a well-deserved rest upon his return home.
  10. Jeez how much did she have to drink? It doesn't look as if she moved whilst being impaled with various items, pretty much the same as having sex with the wife. Maybe she was just playing dead and in the morning left thinking 'Im off you cheapskate pervert you've more than had your moneys worth' lol
  11. San Miguel does not have Mango flavored beer which is why Rom had to insert a mango. He also inserted San Miguel Lychee which is not to my taste nor is San Miguel Apple. I do like San Miguel Lemon which is like a German Radler or English Shandy. Has about the same ABV content as San Miguel Zero, 3%, but have never seen it in Thailand.
  12. This post I wrote it already back in Europe where I think I will be staying put for a while and catch up on the things I left undone while chasing sissies and MILFs in SE Asia as reported here. In fact this may well be my most chronological and factual TR EVER despite initially calling it a "Non-TR/Snapshots" and I think I am going to ask moderation to change the title to something that reflects it's as TR as it gets. This last post is an unusual one because it is about a GG who I took my pleasure with in an extra-kinky way. If i did not have the pics you would not believe me, but I have them so I hope you will. As reported, as soon as I got back to Manila I arranged to meet with my sissy crush Mowgli. But we had to wait til her family was asleep for Mowgli to sneak out unnoticed. So we were aiming for 10 PM at Cowboy Grill in Ermita. To make time, I checked out the nearby G-Point live music bar that always has a few freelancers about. Problem is that the young ones don't go there anymore. All are old in their 40s to 60+. But I can't help continuing to go there because in the 2000s up to 2016 some of my best pick-ups EVER were young pinays from there and a MILF one I was totally addicted to. So that night looked like more of the same old pussy, but there was one 33 yo GG who caught my attention because even though she was rather plain looking, I found her attractive especially in her extrovert ways. I bought her a drink and told her I was meeting a friend and would try to be back after midnight (when Mowgli would have to go home). And so I did, having fucked Mowgli in the meantime. The GG was still there and immediately offered to come with me and when I asked how much she said "up to you" and we settled on a very low LT fare. I was not expecting to be capable of sex until the morning, having just fucked Mowgli and drunk considerably, which I continued to do in the company of the GG. Man she got wild in the bar! Taking the mic from the band to sing karaoke, dancing and contorting herself on the floor and I can't believe I had neither my camera nor my phone to capture the moment. When we finally got to the room she was completely plastered and just washed herself (I hope she did!) and went to sleep butt-naked without caring if I wanted sex or not. I laid next to her and quickly realized she was completely conked out. Been there! Done that! I got my camera and started snapping dozens of pics of her completely naked and open. Then I realized I could touch, lick and insert that she did not react. I must have been at it for at least an hour. Good thing I did because when daylight hit a few hours later she just got out of bed and said she had to go home again not caring if I wanted sex or not. I post below some of the pics I took so you believe. You may be wondering if I inserted myself and I am not going to admit to that. Get it? Please don't ask. Here are the pics I consider OK to share and end this TR on a bang. (I was in Manila 2 more days but fucked Mowgli and only Mowgli, who I miss like crazy). Thanks BMs for reading this and Party On! Rom
  13. Since you haven't posted since Manila and posted in other threads, I guess your TR has been over. But I'm still waiting for you to confirm or post a conclusion before adding comments.
  14. so here's what happened in Manila on my first day back there: As I had mentioned, while in Subic, a 20 yo Manila ladyboy I am very fond of and who I code-named "Mowgli" contacted me wondering where I was. She knew I was coming to the PH around this time but I had not told her when I arrived because I would be mongering in AC with multiple sissies and then vacationing with a MILF for 2 weeks. I have developed feelings of affection for Mowgli that make me not want to come across to her as just an old sex tourist and also not want to mess with her family harmony and her school focus for the sake of a few casual sex encounters. That's why I did not have the heart to tell her when I arrived and might not have told her at all, but when she asked I had to tell her I'd be in Manila soon and that I'd like to meet her even if just for drinks. We had slept together a few times when she would sneak out of the house after everybody else was asleep but the last time we did it her mother noticed her absence in the middle of the night and called Mowgli who jumped from my bed and ran home to diffuse the situation. I am too old to be part of such sneaky sex shenenigans and I care for Mowgli that I don't want to be the cause of tensions with her family. So I suggested to Mowgli we meet at the live-music restaurant I like to hang out at. We met there at 10 PM (after her parents go to bed!) and she had to be back home at midnight so I was not really expecting sex. But it was Mowgli who almost immediately asked we go to the hotel and "talk". So at 11 PM we did and once there it did not take long before we were fucking passionately. Her cock is hard as a rock but she is not keen on topping (we had done it once but she is not comfortable with the role reversal) but enjoys being sucked which in her case I do with loving devotion and to full ingestion. Like Cinderella, Mowgli went home at midnight. And like the horny mofo that I am, I went out again and got me a woman LT, but I will tell about her on the next post. Here is a pic of Mowgli who allows me all kinds of intimate pics that I don't want to expose online in her case.
  15. I am now in Manila and contrary to what I had anticipated in the previous post I did not bring the elegant GG spinner from Subic. We slept 3 nights and she spent most of the daytimes with me but she was not as GFE as I like them, rather she was managing me sexwise and testing my potential as an ATM. So on my last day I went off by myself to the floating bar and told her I'd meet her at night at her bar where I took a pizza to dine there it with her and then I just left her there telling I was tired and was leaving early at dawn and was stressed with the logistics. She said she wants to keep in touch and see me again but we both know it's not going to happen. On the way back to the hotel I was thinking of calling another girl I had met that afternoon at the floating bar. She was young and fun but did not show a whole lot of interest in joining me after the bar closed at 8 PM. She said she could come only for an ST. But the truth was that, being my last day in Subic and with the trip coming to an end, my spirits had swung to more of a downer mood wondering what the fuck I was doing there and with my life in general so more sex did not seem all that pressing ... Which made me pass also on a very attractive 20 yo girl with big tits I ran into in the street on the way back to the hotel. She offered herself saying she needed money for a bus fare somewhere and I told her to stay the night with me and we would go together to the bus station in the morning. But she also said ST only and I passed again knowing this one was a rare opportunity in that she was very attractive and more of a sporadic prostitute who I could not find again even if I stayed. Too bad. She was the second such random street opportunity I let slip having previously ran into an attractive my type of older GG I did not want to risk bringing into the hotel right after the sissy fiasco. And speaking of sissy fiascos, I had another mini-one with one of my AC harem sissies who had been texting me all trip saying how she wanted to be with me but I did not have time for her in AC. So I thought of being with her in Manila the final days of my trip and sent her bus fare (like USD 7 only). Then when she was supposed to come she said she wanted to bring a friend: another sissy, cute enough from the pics but I had never met her and honestly did not feel like risking another hostile sissy. So I said no and told my sissy friend to come alone but she did not and kept the bus fare money. But it's OK I had a memorable first night in Manila when I fucked a sissy ST and did all kinds of things to a GG LT. I will report it in a separate post as not to make this one too long. I just want to report also that Subic currently only has one floating bar (Kokomo's off Baloy beach). It used to have 3 but the Arizona's and the double-deckered Blue Rock's closed even before covid. Floating bars were a great way to spend the day in Subic with the girls frolicking in and out of the water, which is very sexy. Plus I used to dive and swim with them (this time I did not) and once in the water do all kinds of hugging and touching conducive to no barfine LTs starting after the bar closed. This time there were younger dudes their age in the bar, so the cuter ones were not giving me much attention. Plus I had gone there once with the elegant spinner and they seemed to remember that. Here are some photos from the last of the floating bars.
  16. It's delightful to hear about your trip, particularly the changes in Subic's nightlife scene. While it's disheartening to note the decrease in bars, girls and ladyboys, I commend your subtle observation of this evolving trend. I also noticed your tendency to prefer girls to ladyboys since the resumption of activity after covid. In a TR, you spoke of "redemption" or "rehearsal", as if after this crisis, recovery had to involve a return to the GGs. Are tired of sissies/ladyboys for some reasons. Having thought I read something between the lines, I seem to understand the reason. When I first saw this GG's pics, I thought of a ladyboy I knew in Cebu whose name's Goldie (pic here above). What's amazing is that her body looks like a ladyboy's body. I don't think your post is too much off topic. We ladyboys punters also enjoy having sometimes sex with GGs.
  17. I'm still unAble to give your posts likes (on my phone) so the conspiracy continues. I'm very sad that the sissy has derailed your holiday in such a way you've now become gay for single mothers. Also I don't understand your above post. It is clear that you have got a shocking perversion for saggy titted grannies so it doesn't make sense that you would find the above situation to be "sadly". Your confused friend. Hopefully see you in Lisbon (if you haven't been abducted and Stockholm syndromed by some fat old lady)!
  18. This is 2 days later from my previous post and it looks like I found the love of my rest of the trip: a very attractive 25 yo GG, possibly the most attractive spinner in Subic and she wants to stay with me 24/7…. To recap: I had a bad experience with a sissy who made a scene at the hotel, which made me decide no more sissies while I am here in Subic, where I intend to return to this hotel and don’t want to be cast as a potentially problematic guest into ladyboys only. So I reverted to my early PH mongering days of the 1990s when I barhopped for women until I barfined one for the night. But back then there were more bars with far more women and the barfine was fixed for all of them and was LT by default. I remember paying 700 pesos at the bar and anything above that in the morning would be strictly tip. Now in Subic it’s no longer like that. The women are free to go or not with a punter and to ask the price they like. And some quoted me 5000 pesos, which is like 90 USD. Seems in some bars they have to give some to the bar, in others they don't. The GGs are also no longer required to wear bikinis, some do but most choose to wear vaguely sexy everyday clothes. And sadly most are older and chubby. That’s just the way it is now and it will only get worse. There are no more than 12 GG bars left in the Barrio Barreto highway stretch in Subic and I can think of at least 5 or 6 that used to rock with dozens of cute girls and are now closed. And some of those 12 bars left have no more than 3 or 4 girls on duty. I believe I still have the edge to score me a decent fuck, but the pickings are few and not so enticing and I have to be prepared to pay more than I do to the sissies. The only upside is that not many foreigners bother to come here anymore, so there is not much competition in the bars that seem to be mostly frequented by local expats. It’s a vicious circle of less girls - less mongers until there will be no bars left. Unlike in AC, the Koreans don't bother to come here and I haven't seen any. As reported, after my first night out I came back alone, but 2 chubbies joined me in the morning. Not bad, but not worth repeating despite one of them texting me she wants to. Then on the second night I bar hopped a few more bars and came close to barfining a BBW who offered to lick my ass but I passed. Then I entered another bar and by chance sat down next to one of their spinners who happened to be very elegant. She was not pushy and we chatted and somehow I got her to be interested in me as she gave me a very low rate when I asked. Then I saw her go on stage and dance and I realized I had hit paydirt. She was indisputably the most elegant, attractive woman I had seen in the 2 nights I was in Subic. She is also an extrovert strong personality and when I walk with her into a restaurant or back to the hotel she makes me look good and feel like I am the alfa king of Subic. Even though she is a single mother, there is no trace of motherhood in her firm skinny body which I have spent the last 2 days enjoying. She says she loves me and is clearly playing the snatch-a-daddy game. But it feels good, even if it is just an illusion and I will play that game as long as she wants… maybe bring her with me to Manila for the last days of the trip…
  19. I'm surprised you find K-Pop so impressive. you still seem to be shocked today as if you had feared a real danger. She seems to be as light as a fly though. Does she have such a big mouth ?
  20. thanks gentlemen. I had prior experience with this kind of situation and handled well my part of getting the prosti out of my room once things soured. Then as she stood there outside my door I called security and thought it was a matter of minutes until he would be kicked out of the hotel. But whatever the ladyboy was yelling worked for him and kept the hotel staff at bay. I could have stayed in my room indefinitely hearing the shouting but came out and paid to get it over with and not compromise my standing at the hotel. The hotel reassured me the prosti was thereafter banned (big deal!) which is likely to happen to him in more hotels until the police puts him out of business which is only a matter of time. But he is dangerous and might hurt some punter. If PY had not just banned me again I would post a warning with the pics in their AC section. If anyone wants to do it please go ahead. That's the kind of information that is more valuable than all the banter. Expectedly, the stress and embarassment of this episode put me in a aprehensive mood and I stayed in the room the rest of the day and decided not to bring any more ladyboys to this hotel this stay. At night I hit the bars and actually met 2 attractive sissies and might have arranged something, but did not. Walking back to the hotel, I also met a 40+ MILF in the street that I might have tagged if I was on a more libidinous mood. She basically offered herself to sleep with me for "whatever I wanted to pay her". But after what happened with the other one I could not risk any more pay "misunderstandings." So I slept alone but wished I had brought the MILF. At dawn I looked at my phone and saw I had a 2 AM message from a bargirl who had offered to come by after her bar closed. I replied I had not seen the message and texted her to come after 9 and then I went back to sleep. Sure enough she made plans to come and brought a friend. They stayed for 2 hours. We mostly went through the motions as they clearly had set their roles in advance with one going all the way and the other doing the minimum possible. The "all-the-way" one was more willing to let go and enjoy and when I was licking her pussy she actually prevented me from stopping pinning my head to her pussy with her left leg until she came. They both resisted me taking pics and I was too cautious to insist because I did not want to risk another scene. They also dodged when i tried to buttfuck them and again I was too despondent to insist and just stuck it in the pussy while I still had an erection. All in all I got back on the saddle but I still feel shitty. Not sure what i will do tonight. Maybe track the MILF... To mess my head further: during the 3sum, Mowgli contacted me. She is my sissy crush from Manila and now knows I am in the PH and did not tell her. I probably have more feelings for her than she has for me and did not want to mess with her this trip. I invited her to come to Subic knowing that she can't because of her family and school. Probably will see her in Manila before I fly back to Europe. here are some pics of the 2 fatties. it's the best I could do. Hardly Rom standards...
  21. Very much enjoying the TR both yourselves and Snoop have superlative writing skills. It's a shame that you don't have a wider audience to appreciate it As for Cantona, would it not have been especially satisfying and funny if you'd been made an AM and then revealed yourself if you wished to.
  22. I'm sorry to read about your severe flu. I experienced one myself last year after my trip. My COVID test came back negative, and a doctor I consulted for a prescription mentioned that they had encountered various virulent viruses since the end of the pandemic. I'm also sorry to read about the incident with K-pop. It's easy to criticize in retrospect, but I wouldn't have enjoyed to have to drop money to make her quiet. I had a similar deception a few years ago in Cambodia twice with the same ladyboy. She was to tight to be fucked on our first meeting and I had tried again a couple later in vane. The double ST prices had costed a bit less than 5,000 PHP but given time and inflation and bla bla bla... That was the same price. The thing is that I had paid her since we had agreed on an hourly rate. I had been disappointed and I had promised to myself, i would bring her to a shopping place if I managed to fuck her. I had noticed she had relinquished the belief in her success and was merely putting up a façade of effort. Seen from this angle you had paid a fair price. However, her behaviour is quite shocking. One can't let a ladyboy extort money by creating a public scene. I just wonder how much you gave her before she asked for more money. As above mentionned, it's easy to criticize upon reflection, but each time I had an issue with a ladyboy (if I had the feeling she made no effort), I would start yelling and put her out before yells at me. I admit this is intimidation or a threat but I used it twice, once in Phuket and the second time in Saigon. I Thailand I split the difference and I had paid the price in VN, but I had put her out without her phone and throusers (I knew she wouldn't call the police. If I had been in a ST hotel, I would probably just have gone.) Perhaps youshould have given her 2,500 PHP, what remained a fair price given what happened and make her go. What concerns me is that it appears you're facing challenges when trying to find high-quality ladyboys who provide a delightful service in a calm and inviting atmosphere although you're an experienced monger. There might be explainations. You described K-Pop as "one of those sporadic prostis ... [who] was not known to any of [your] regular sissies so [you] did not get her to join [your] swimming pool and orgies group". Given the law level of business in AC, she might be an occasional prosti going there to scam customers and vanish till the last vistim goes. Perhaps she didn't enjoy you didn't invite her with the other sissies. Perharps she'd been surprised you wanted to fuck her. Had you spoken of sex before she followed you to her room ? I had noticed that Pinoy ladyboys sometimes believe that canos must give them money since Christian principles require us to share with the poorest, which is fitting, given that they are the ones in greatest need, regardless of sex. Last but not least, she had invested money to go from AC to Subic, a small trip for you but a real "investment" for a broke sissy prosti. She might have been stressed not to get paid. Did you pay her back her bus fare when she arrived ? I hope you slept it off and feel better when you wake up today.
  23. If you're a guy who has over 1000 notches on his belt then a couple bad apples will sneak in. I reckon the key is to get out of the situation without anything too bad happening. Getting the police involved is generally not a good idea. Often swallowing one's pride and paying to resolve a problem is probably the best course of action. If it was me, I'd reset. Head to Manila. Hope you don't let it ruin the rest of your holiday Rom.
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