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Next livestream: Wed 21st July... Emmy's birthday special!

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well well well... you thought that you couldn't be there... But now you can, on the net anyway. If you are lucky Emmy might well smear a bit of cake on the camera for you...  if you are even luckier Teya could possibly smear another sort of cream.....

i do believe that the birthday party bit will livestream at 7pm thai time... you can watch the kittens eat...and eat...and eat..

the main livestream will start from 10pm.

but... emmy's birthdays don't happen very often, so, all you people in the world at 19.15 thai time, get out on the street, or wherever and shout as loud as you can, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMY!!... don't worry, people might think that you are a bit strange but they'll soon forget about it...

It'll be a world event bigger than Live Aid.

talking of which, QG..after shouting Happy birhday Emmy, you can break into a cowpoke song, Bumberbree can join in too! i been a-hearing that he might have cowpoke blood... so together boys...sing!

'A hoss is a hoss of coss of coss.

and no one can talk to a hoss of coss

unless the hoss is

the famous Mr Ed..

you may even make the nightly news! Emmy will be proud of you.



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