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  1. hmmmmmmm ! Now that's a nice dick ! And fem face, ide play with her dick all night, then she'd get my dick in her Ass
  2. I used to get these Ladyboy jibes all the time from work colleagues, when I used to visit Thailand regular, it seems people who have never been to Thailand, seem to assume your just going there to fuck Ladyboys, whether your straight or into lady boys or not
  3. Well i know when i opened a Thai bank account, i had to show my apartment agreement of proof of where i was staying in Thailand, and a copy of my passport, when i opened the account, i told the bank clerk, i wanted to transfer funds, to save me bringing cash with me, i had a bank book within 2 weeks, now that was about 5 year ago, things may have changed now
  4. Wouldn't surprise me, if the laws are changed regarding the sex industry, the government is already cracking down on visas
  5. Has anyone here had a longterm relationship with a ladyboy ? If this has already been discussed on another thread then accept my apologies, and Happy NewYear everyone !
  6. Hmm ! Well I don't think it's that important for me to unload my seed into her mouth, I prefer to fully unload my seed in her Ass !
  7. I can see this ASEAN free movement between different Asian countries becoming like Europe, all the poor Eastern European countries joined Europe, which give them the right to travel and work within the European Union, so all the richer and more stable European countries had a massive influx from these poorer countries looking for work, now how many richer countries are in Asia, Thailand isn't poor, Singapore ide say would be one of the more richer countries, South Korea maybe and Hongkong, and there's a lot of Filipino's in Thailand now, and that's before this ASEAN free movement has started, wonder what it will be like when it does start ??? lets wait and see !
  8. Yes I had this problem on my very first time to pattaya, was in peppermints on walking street, a cutey came over to talk to me, I bought her a drink, been chatting about 2 minutes and some biker guy muscled in, now im thinking ? This guy is twice my size and have my age, do I risk trying to take him on ? Hmm No ! I'm in a foreign country, this girl is not worth the risk of been beat up, thrown out the bar, and possible chance of been locked up and spending the rest of my vacation in some Thai cell, i payed my bill and left, went down to the beach club, and found a cutey there, pattaya is plentiful for GG and Ladyboys, now most people would think that was the cowards way out, i simply took the sensible way, and went on to enjoy my vacation, and discovered the sexual experience with a beautiful ladyboy
  9. Hmm ! Well it appears this discussion is becoming a bit heated !
  10. Well in my opinion, and I could be wrong, I think one of these dating sites, not mentioning the name, is full of girls who work bars, a big give away is their profile photos, taken inside or outside the bar, and you have a valid point pdogg, socializing in bar with girl 1st, you get some idea of their personality
  11. Well Thaifriendly if free to join, basic membership allows you to contact a person every 15 minutes, but most profiles have their personal contact details and even prices, ladyboy kisses you need to pay to contact, as for problems arising, I wonder if anyone on here has had any bad experiences from any social media or dating sites when meeting anyone ???
  12. Well been chatting to a couple of cute Filipino ladyboys who are currently in Pattaya, got a price for short-time of 1,000 Baht, now im out of touch with with the current going rate, can anyone comment as to whether this is good ?
  13. Merry Christmas Everyone !!
  14. Well my views why I think Ladyboys are better than women ! Well I think they give better blow jobs for starters, the sexual experience in my opinion is 100% better, I find them more passionate, they have all the curves and beauty of a normal woman, but with a nice hard dick and curvy ass, you don't have any problems giving them anal, they dress more stylish, they pay more attention to their appearance. ide say you can relate to them better in conversation, no periods, no complaints for leaving the toilet seat up, so basically they sure know how to give pleasure to a guy, I only wish ide discovered this a long time before I did, im sure there's more opinions, but ive covered mine !
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